ASG Election Candidates Spring 2020

Learn about the candidates and their platforms.  Vote on Monday, April 27th 2020 using MySCU portal. 

President and Vice President


Ciara Moezidis and Ann Codiga

Hey Broncos! We are thrilled to be running for ASG President and Vice President! Inclusivity, transparency, efficiency, and accountability will guide our leadership next year. Your platform is our platform, and we plan to use our power to make the SCU experience better for all Broncos.


Senate Chair


Justin Chan

I’m Justin and I’m running to be your next Senate Chair.  My priority as Senate Chair is to make the Senate a more effective and productive organization that responds to the needs of all students. My platform Revolves around the Acronym C.O.A.C.H.: Communication, Outside-the-Box, Action-Oriented, Collaboration, and Honesty. 

Robbie Nunes

My name is Robbie Nunes, and I am running for ASGSCU Student Senate Chair. If you want effective, impactful, and compassionate leadership and assurance that the Student Senate will provide a voice for all Broncos at SCU, I’d be honored to have your vote!  

Raúl Orellana

Action, Integration, & Representation: 

Through Raul’s AIR platform, he will hold himself and senators accountable to address student issues with administration and foster a community of action-based initiators on campus, integrate projects that promote cross-collaboration with other student organizations, and stand up for and with minority groups at SCU.

Luke Paulson

My name is Luke Paulson, I am a sophomore double majoring in finance and anthropology, and I am very excited to be running for senate chair! I am currently a sophomore senator in ASG, President of SCU Vibes, and a member of College Catholics.


Sophomore Senator




Hey class of 2023! My name is Christina Abudayeh and I‘m running to be your Sophomore Class Senator. Having served as freshman senator, I hope to bring my experience, energy, and commitment to ASG. I will represent your voices to promote inclusivity and environmental sustainability around campus. Go Broncos!

Cole Brunelli

I am excited to hopefully be able to represent the Class of 2023 again as a Sophomore Senator! As Senator I hope to bring campus awareness to the 2020 Presidential election, increase Bronco spirit, and bridge the gap between ASG and the student body. Thank you for your continued support!

Kaylen Chase

As a member of a Registered Student Organization (RSO) I understand the need for senators to advocate for the needs of these organizations. I also see a need for representation of students that goes beyond the Diversity and Inclusion Senator At-Large.

Elizabeth Chimalpopoca

My specific goals are taking better care of students’ well-being, improving the community among us with great events, improving diversity and inclusion, and increasing school spirit. I will voice the comments and concerns for my fellow students of color and be an ally to our LGBTQIA peers.

Izzy Dachs

Hello everyone! My name is Izzy Dachs and I am hoping to be your next Sophomore Class Senator! I am a driven leader and I am dedicated to bringing the student body together. I am focused on getting the student’s voices heard and accomplishing goals together. Thank you!


Shivani Kharbanda

2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year. Your current First-Year Chair. Future Sophomore Senator. I’ll make sophomore year the best by improving the SCU experience for you! I will work towards a more fun and inclusive SCU and making sure the coronavirus doesn’t change the *vibe* of our sophomore year!  

Theo Lassen

Hey class of 2023! I’m Theo Lassen and I’m running for sophomore class senator! I currently serve as a first year senator and hope to win your vote again so I can finalize getting Lyft discounts for SCU students, increase support for the MCC and help build our Bronco spirit!


Angel Lin

After spending this year becoming involved within the MCC, I realized that a change in leadership was necessary! I am committing to being an advocate for the needs of underrepresented students, students of color, and first-generation students within ASG! Vote Angel Lin because I’m Lin it for Us! 


Ariel Perlman

I am honored to have the opportunity to continue my commitment as 2023 class Senator. I will pursue projects such as improving options in Benson, holding events to boost our community and strategic plans that ease student burdens. If elected I will uphold my pledge to advocate for your needs.


Meg Wu

My name is Meg Wu, and I am rerunning to be a class senator because I have enjoyed serving on ASG and want to continue to have the opportunity to represent other students. Some areas I would like to focus on if reelected are sustainability and mental health.


Jordan Yaldaei

Hey Class of 2023! My name is Jordan Yaldaei, and I am running to be your Sophomore Class Senator! With my adaptable and committed work ethic, I am dedicated to opening communication, improving the food we eat, and supporting overlooked groups. Go Broncos!


Junior Senator


Abigail Alvarez

Abigail is currently a sophomore senator and the program coordinator for Advocacy for Workers Campus. As an activist on campus, she decided to center her platform on four main policy areas: (i) social justice, (ii) health and safety, (iii) student voices, and (iv) sustainability. 

Diego Ardila

My name is Diego Ardila, I’m hoping to be elected as junior senator. Currently I’m secretary for LSU. My platform includes Unity, Transparency and Adaptability. I want to Include LEAD and the MCC, cultivate school spirit, make asg accessible for the student body, and improve campus during an unexpected time.

Ifeanyi Ifediba

Hello! My name is Ifeanyi Ifediba and I am running for ASG Junior Senator. I want to be on student government because as a black first-generation college student our experiences on campus should be represented in our student government.

Vanessa Metti

Hello, everyone!! My name is Vanessa Metti, and I hope to be your Junior Senator! Reflecting on my time here at SCU, I have realized that our university has many holes within its community that I hope to help pave for the better of our class and classes to come!

Carmen Ocazionez

I’m running on the platform of community, innovation and action. If elected, I will continue to advocate for the MCC and work towards making ASG more accessible to the student body. In the midst of COVID-19, I hope to make more resources available to help students navigate these uncertain times.


Ángel Macías

As Junior Senator, my goal is to uplift the voices of all students and foster an inclusive community. I will hold people accountable and take action in the best interest of students. I promise to provide and demand transparency.


Senior Senator

Emma Laurits

I am Emma Laurits. I am a junior (major mathematics; minor economics) and I want to represent our class so we have a voice. Given the COVID-19 situation and how quickly we have adapted, let’s take full advantage of the opportunity that lies ahead and embrace the future.

KJ Lee

My name is KJ Lee, and I’m running for senior class senator. I want to improve the university in any way I can. I am currently involved in a lot of organizations all over campus, and if given the opportunity, I will try my best to represent them