ASG Elections Spring 2016

Do you want to make a change on the SCU campus?  Consider joining ASG for the 2016-2017 school year.  There are opportunities for people interested in all majors and niches.  

Come to one of the information sessions to learn more about ASG.  It is required to attend one session in order to apply for ASG.  If you cannot make it email 


Open Positions

* = This position is applied and interviewed for.
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Senior Sentors (5)

Junior Senators (5)

Sophomore Senators (5)

At Large Senators* (8)

  • LGBTQ Inclusion Senator

  • Commuter and Transfer Student

  • Diversity and Inclusion

1. Do I have to run for a position?

No.  ASG has a multitidue of positions that you can apply for and then go through an interview process. 

2. Can I apply for multiple positions?

Yes! You can apply for up to 3 positions.

3. Can I run for multiple positions?

No! You can only run for one position.

4. Can I run and apply for positions?

Yes! You can run for a position and apply for another.  For example, you can run for senate and apply for a Senior Chair.  If you win the election at that point you will be contacted to choose your preference.

5. What is the difference between running and applying for a position?

Running for a position is when you run a campaign and get voted into ASG by the student body.  Applying for a position your application is reviewed and a possible interview process in order to join ASG.  

6. Do I have to go an information session? What if I am busy all of the days?

Yes it is mandatory to attend one of the information sessions.  If you are unable to make it contact ASAP for furture steps.  

6. Do both the president and vice president need ASG experience in order to run?

No.  Only one person in the ticket needs at least one year of ASG experience in order to run.  Check out the Senate Skim to find out more information

7. Are there rules when running for an election?

Yes! Check them out here!

Election FAQs


Online Application for Appointed Positons