Senate Meeting Minutes :: 02.20.20 :: Week 6

March 9, 2020

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting February 20th, 2020


Members Present:

Senate Chair David Warne

Pro-Tempore Cat Bick

Parliamentarian Eduardo Ruano

First-Year Senators:

Christina Abudayeh

Cole Brunelli

Theo Lassen

Ariel Perlman

Sophomore Senators:

Abby Alvarez

Justin Chan

Raul Orellana

Luke Paulson

Junior Senators:

Kyle Andrews

Ann Codiga

Zachary Meade

Juliana Monela Teter

Amber Wang

Senior Senators:

Cam Bick

Erik Echeona

Helen Kassa

Nicole Jacobus

At-Large Senators:

Allie Bare

Emi Bellwood

Ifeanyi Ifediba

Duncan McDonnell

Mika Philip

Obasi Lewis


Members Absent:

Megan Wu

Carmen Ocazionez

Vidya Pingali

Melanie Sam



Senate Chair David Warne called the February 20th, 2020 meeting of the Santa Clara

University Student Senate to order at 7:00pm in the Willman Room in the Benson

Memorial Center.


Senate Chair David Warne invited At-Large Senator Allie Bare to recite the invocation.



Pro-Tempore Cat Bick took roll at 7:02pm. A quorum was present.



Senate Chair David Warne: Can I get a motion to approve the previous minutes?

Junior Senator Amber Wang moved to vote and Sophomore Senator Raul Orellana

seconded the motion.


The motion carried by voice vote.


Senate Chair David Warne: On the question of approving the previous minutes, all in

favor say aye, all opposed, nay.


The motion carried by voice vote.



Senate Chair David Warne: Can I get a motion to approve the agenda?

Junior Senator Amber Wang moved to approve the agenda and At-Large Senator Ifeanyi

Ifediba seconded the motion.


The motion carried by voice vote.


Senate Chair David Warne: On the question of approving the agenda, all in favor say

aye, all opposed, nay.


The motion carried by voice vote.




Guest Speaker: Phil Beltran


Senate Chair David Warne invited Phil Beltran – Director of Campus Safety to the front

of the room to speak in front of the Student Senate. His presentation is summarized

succinctly below:

  • Thank you for this cup. I have been here for 17 and a half years, this is my first cup. I am Phil Beltran, let me tell you about myself. I am the campus safety director. We have a department of men and women that are here 24/7. Some like us, some don’t understand us, but we have good people who protect this community. We are after the people who come to do us harm. So, I have dedicated young men and women who are here during Christmas, when we’re all home, they’re here. We’ve got a committed group, there are 38 people who work for campus safety. We wear the black uniform. We are committed. Don Mattei is my emergency manager. He is the guy who is studying the Corona Virus right now. Influenza is actually a bigger issue. Well, that office is also under the campus safety umbrella. So, we have our hands in a lot of spots.

  • Let me tell you about my background which will tell you what I demand from my people so you can understand us. You will understand why we do what we do. It kind of starts with the director. I won’t ask my staff to do anything I won’t do. I am there for them. So, I was born and raised in this valley. I wish my parents had the money and I had the smarts to come here. I went to SJSU, spent time with the San Jose Police Department. I am retired, and let me tell you, you never even think about retirement. I was 52 years old and my wife would not let me stay home. Then, my friend Charlie who was the chief of Santa Clara retired and happened to be my academy mate and said, hey would you be interested in Santa Clara? 17 and a half years later Charlie has left and now I am the chief. It is fulfilling to be here. Being a policeman had its ups and downs, I was a cop during tough times. Being here is like a dream come true. I am not a sworn officer, we are part of the Santa Clara community. My daughter went to LMU but came back here to get her masters. My wife was an adjunct. We are committed to this university. Now I am totally committed after 17 and a half years, I am still here and still love coming to work.

  • That is what I require of my staff. No matter what we do or wear, we are not part of the police narrative in the nation. We don’t make arrests, we’ll protect you with our bodies to make sure that you get out of a building, if there is a fire. We have over 250 cameras. We are watching everyone. What we are watching for is the bad people who come steal our stuff. I look at those every day and somebody is taking some of our stuff. What I require of my people is that dedication. So that’s who we are. You will see us 24/7. And yeah, we do handle students who have been drinking too much. We aren’t looking to put them in jail we don’t want them to get hurt further and get assaulted. We have an understanding with the police, we will handle it if we can. We don’t want to lose any students.

  • Come on by campus safety. We have fun, it is a business office and we are serious about what we do, but we have fun too. We have had people come to us and say hey, come help with this project. Come interview us. That is who we are. Campus safety, we are part of a consortium of other campus police officers. We have some retired police officers, other professions, a waitress, a former teacher, ups drivers. We are looking for public service and people who can do that. We are important because we are the last line of defense. We are out there and if you call us, we will be there. I challenge you to find something we can do better and let us know. We are wide open to things. They are looking for some friendly competition with the students in the dorms. We tried soccer and some guy pulled stuff. We are a fun-loving group. I want to open it up to you because you have constituents who have questions.



Senate Chair David Warne thanked Phil Betran for his presentation and opened

up the floor for any questions.


Senior Senator Nicole Jacobus: I know a few people who have parking permits and they

will still be ticketed. I am wondering, is there any way to automate that process? It

would eliminate the time spent of people having to go to the office if they do have a



Phil Betran: Our director is really dialed into that. We are looking into license detection.

It isn’t as simple as adding it. All your information is in that computer system and can get

hacked. We would like it too, we would drive through a parking lot and the computer

would tell us, hey that car doesn’t have a permit. What we are really trying to do is get

everybody out of cars. Parking is shrinking here. We hear you on that and we are trying

to remedy that. We are constantly in a balancing act. LPR is coming and then you will be

able to do things like put that you have two cars and could list both cars. It is a tough

thing. We only have so much parking and we have people that are trying to park here for



At-Large Senator Allie Bare: I am a CF in Swig and one of the things we have faced a lot is

students not understanding our role. I was wondering what is the biggest takeaway you

can have from campus safety’s presence?


Phil Betran: It is tough because a lot of stuff happens in the dorm. CF’s are a vital group

of people that help us. We have found that it is a problem in all of the state in colleges.

We are trying to be supportive but the university has told us that you are the adults in

the room. EMS comes in and they say to go one way. What I want my people to do is talk

to the CFs and find out what is going on then maybe get the senior staff involved.

Drinking is a tricky thing. What you don’t know and what scares us is the person going

up in sobriety or dropping? That is the tough call. The CF’s have been a real blessing to

us and that is why we are trying to understand each other’s roles. That is why we are

trying to get people in the residence halls together. We appreciate you.


At-Large Senator Emi Bellwood: This is more of a suggestion. I used to live on Bellomy

and I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable. Now I live on Locust Street and that same level

of comfort is still there but maybe less so. But a lot of my female friends who live on

Poplar feel really uncomfortable walking home at night or faraway to their cars. I don’t

know the scope of campus safety but I guess my suggestion would be adding a couple

more drive bys at night especially near poplar. It is really unfortunate to hear my friends

say that they can’t walk home at night.


Phil Beltran: That was my biggest thing with my daughter when she went out. When she

lived in San Francisco and was talking on her phone while walking home. Our officers will

patrol but I get four or five at night. We are asking you to look at the RAVE app that we

are coming out with. You are going to see some ability to get ahold of us, and in the

future, we will be able to track you. What we would really like to do is be able to track

you. You call our campus safety office, triple 4 is our 911. A lot of it has to do with if you

think it is late and night and you don’t feel safe, we will get you home.


At-Large Senator Mika Philip: This is just one thing I have heard from constituents.

People who live in the dorms if there is emergencies, they say some officers are

respectful of the situation but others are abrasive or not considerate. So tell your

officers to be aware of them or they won’t address the issue.


Phil Beltran: Your CFs are really good at letting us know if someone needs a little bending

of the behavior. That way we can bend their behavior. Our goal is that we want the

professional officer to go out there. We hired two more female officers so we can have

that in situations where you are more comfortable to talk to a female. Let us know, we’ll

take care of it and that is another part of my commitment. I ran a girls volleyball club for

years, so I dealt with abrasive coaches. Give me the specific complaint and I’ll make that

coach change his ways or change his club. 


Senate Chair David Warne: Ok, thank you so much for coming.




New RSO Voting


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: We approved another ESO last week. So we have Chill

Club who has decided to become an ESO as well as Bread Lovers and Bowling Club who

have decided to be ESOs.


Senate Chair David Warne: Are we ready to vote on Every Vote Counts from last week?


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: We did that a couple weeks ago. We are postponing

Student Developers and Best Buddies. At SAC we decided to do all the +1000s together.


Sophomore Senator Abby Alvarez: What is the reason for postponing Best Buddies?


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: We have to talk about something with Tedd.


Senate Chair David Warne: We blew through that agenda item. Let’s move onto the

+1000s presentations.




+$1000 Presentations


Senate Chair David Warne invited representatives from the LatinX Student Union to

present their request for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is summarized

succinctly below:

  • LSU Culture Show on May 16th on the Alameda Lawn.

  • Student performances from Ballet Folklorico as well as many food trucks.

  • 1970 estimated cost, 1420 requested.


Senate Chair David Warne invited representatives from MENA to present their request

for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is summarized succinctly below:

  • April 18th, 2020

  • 250 expected

  • Fashion show, poetry, playing musical instruments, receiving cuisine from Sajj catering.


Senate Chair David Warne invited representatives from Igwebuike to present their

request for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is summarized succinctly below:

  • Igwebuike spring retreat.

  • Held off campus at KOA Santa Cruz campgrounds.

  • Each member pays a participation fee.


Senate Chair David Warne invited representatives from NACC to present their request

for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is summarized succinctly below:

  • 2nd annual Santa Clara powwow.

  • 9600 requested.


Senate Chair David Warne invited representatives from VSA to present their request for

+$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is summarized succinctly below:

  • 250 estimated attendance, 50 participants.

  • $6783.43 expenses, $6412.47 requested.


Senate Chair David Warne invited representatives from JSA to present their request for

+$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is summarized succinctly below:

  • Matsuri, Japanese for festival with food, games, and performances.

  • 300-400 expected attendance.

  • $3589 expenses, $2642.30 requested.


Senate Chair David Warne invited representatives from Hipnotik to present their

request for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is summarized succinctly below:

  • Prelude Urban Dance Competition Series in Las Vegas.

  • $4600 expenses, $2645 requested.



Erik Echeona for CUIC

  • Late-night Benson options and a safe-walk program.

  • Ifeanyi is doing a Black History Month Igwe Love Jones Photo Booth.

  • Abby is doing a late night teach-in.

  • Raul is working on an ASG/SCAAP LGBTQ+ pride.


At-Large Senator Allie Bare: What is the labor rights teach-in?


Sophomore Senator Abby Alvarez: It is talking about the Benson worker situation and

talking about what has happened since the boycott.


Senior Senator Helen Kassa: What is the black history month photo booth?

At-Large Senator Ifeanyi Ifediba: There will be a photo booth at Love Jones for Igwe.


At-Large Senator Obasi Lewis: For the pride festival, do you need any help for it?


Sophomore Senator Raul Orellana: It is an ASG and SCAAP pride festival that is going to

be a campus-wide festival. I am meeting with different departments at the moment. So,

I am still figuring out the logistics for all of it. For SCAAP, there is a Q&A department

coordinator and we were talking about our updates for SCAAP and she mentioned she

wanted to do it and so I got her on board last minute. Once I have logistics down, I will

get more people onboard. More updates to come. It will be sometime in May. I know

the dates when all the culture shows are happening now, so it won’t overlap. But most

likely May 2nd or May 9th.



  • There is hot water about the Hyundai Challenge.

  • We will show you all the RAVE Guardian app.

  • The Town Hall will be March 5th from 7-8pm.


First-Year Senator Theo Lassen: What do you mean hot water?


First-Year Senator Cole Brunelli: It’s a long story.


Senior Senator Helen Kassa: I had an addition to the FOC updates. So, for my VTA

project, we are working on an app and I officially have a team of COEN students. It will

be at the Hackathon so we will have a prototype at the end of the hackathon.


Amber Wang for SEC

  • The buddy mixer is tomorrow so if you haven’t emailed buddies, please do. Then cc Meg on the emails.

  • Duncan’s mental health summit is next week.


At-Large Senator Allie Bare: I was wondering about the tablings. Are we doing one

tabling this quarter?


Chief Justice Emily Yekikian: One tabling. One tour of tabling and then the buddy mixer

also counts as an office hour. They are different things, but they are both an office hour.

But also, we just encourage you to go to your buddy mixer.


President Sahil Sagar: If you already tabled, we still encourage you to go to the buddy mixer.


            Senior Senator Nicole Jacobus: What if we go but our buddy doesn’t?


            Junior Senator Amber Wang: It still counts.


            Kyle Andrews for SAC

  • No updates that I haven’t mentioned already.


Senate Chair David Warne: Tedd, do you know when we will hear back from the budget



Tedd Vanadilok: There is a budget meeting on March 5th, it will probably be sometime

closer to spring break.


President Sahil Sagar: They told me we would be getting it sooner. When talking to

people it will most likely be the same or a little bit higher.


At-Large Senator Allie Bare: When is your next meeting?


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: Wednesday, 1-2pm.


Senate Chair David Warne: The Senator of the week is: Parliamentary Procedure Zach.




Senate Chair David Warne: I have a couple things that I wanted to bring up. I understand

some people are uncomfortable with cutting off of the RSOS, the reason is because we

tell them early in the week that they have a time limit and we are strict with it. A lot of

clubs stay within that time limit, so if they don’t, we want to stay fair. I am open to

changing it and lengthening the time. Any questions?


Sophomore Senator Raul Orellana: A comment. So, I would suggest moving it at least to

four minutes. I think a lot of clubs do stay within that time limit, but they do struggle to

make it within that time limit. They already feel pressure being up there. Also, it's only

8pm and I remember last year we would stay until at least 8:30, so if we did two or three

questions, it wouldn’t be a bother to add an extra minute.


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: So, background with the three minutes. To all the clubs I

send them a template to use and some of them go off it. We just need the numbers. If

they follow the template, then they should easily fit within the three minutes. It doesn’t

help us out if they go off the template because they miss a lot of stuff. If they follow

what we have set, then they would fit it.


Senate Chair David Warne: So, straw poll, who is in favor of either lengthening or having

an opportunity for questions?


At-Large Senator Allie Bare: Can we discuss this?


Sophomore Senator Justin Chan: If we are going to extend it, I don’t think it would be

the difference between 5 or 10,000. I do think we should have time for questions. How

many of us really email Kyle?


Sophomore Senator Abby Alvarez: I feel like people probably use as much time as we

give them. I think we should keep the time but then maybe motion for more time.


Senior Senator Nicole Jacobus: I was literally going to say the same thing. Give the

option so that one of us could motion to extend it by one minute. If we had the option,

then I don’t think that was for the club but to help the presenter.


At-Large Senator Obasi Lewis: I would actually disagree. In the order of consistency, we

want everyone to get an equal chance to say their piece. But we should add some

questions time.


At-Large Senator Emi Bellwood: I feel like we should add at least a minute or two for

questions. But I think it is important that we let them finish the slide that they are on.


Junior Senator Zachary Meade: I hear the sentiment of trying to treat the presentations

equally but not every presenter is similarly situated. I think that is an interest that we

might want to address. It is not so much about the time but about the content of the

presentation. It is better that we hear what they have to say then cut them off in the

interest of our own time.


Sophomore Senator Luke Paulson: First of all, having time for questions and trying to be

respectful of people. Also, I think that it is important to have pictures and describe their

events beyond the numbers. If it was just the numbers, SAC could do that or we all could

look at it on our own. I am watching and seeing all the different cultural events on

campus and that is the beauty of ASG on campus.


At-Large Senator Mika Philip: I think one way to compromise so that we could have

equality is if we could get a timer? So they could see how much time is left. Then they

are not cut off. Kyle doesn’t want to do it obviously. He is doing it because he wants to

be respectful of the other clubs.


Sophomore Senator Raul Orellana: Luke kinda touched upon it. It was responding back

to my other point. I think the content of the pictures does make a big difference. If an

RSO is new and presenting for the first time, I think it is important for them to show

their distinction. I was looking at all of these numbers and it could make the difference

from giving one culture show funding to another.


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: What I meant by pictures, I use an example of excessive

description, not pictures directly.


Senate Chair David Warne: One thing I could do is send out the presentations to you all

the following day.


Sophomore Senator Justin Chan: So, it seems like most of us are on board with

questions and we need to be smart about it. When we used to have questions, some of

them didn’t help the discussion. I do have to warn that not all questions are equal, some

are going to be more pressing than others. How can we ensure that the good questions

get asked?


At-Large Senator Allie Bare: I think that in treating everyone the same, in allowing us to

extend time we would be treating everyone the same.


Senior Senator Erik Echeona: I have a proposal. As of right now, we do three minutes cut

off and send Kyle questions. I think we should do a five minute total with however many

minutes the presentation and the questions take.


Senior Senator Helen Kassa: One thing that kind of confused me is how much wiggle

room do we have to give to clubs?


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: So for SAC’s purposes, we look at event attendance. With

that, we don’t look back at these presentations. It is based on past funding for the club,

there are no emotions. It is how often you do requests and how much do you request



Chief Justice Emily Yekikian: So, what I was going to say is because we get these

presentations in advance, we can put them in a folder on the shared ASG folder in

advance and people can look at them before or after so if they have any questions the

presentation will be there.


Senate Chair David Warne: That is an insane amount of work for Kyle.


Chief Justice Emily Yekikian: I mean just to put the presentations into the google drive.


At-Large Senator Allie Bare: I feel that in the past that sometimes the termination from

SAC, if they have requested too much or if you felt the quality wasn’t good, that has

affected it. I wonder how much the presentation is part of that.


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: To answer for SAC, we don’t look at the presentation. They

have a form that they will fill out. For quality wise, SAC usually gives less funding if they

put it in the wrong categories, etc.


At-Large Senator Mika Philip: A suggestion I have for questions is maybe bring it up

before roundtable, and then ask it out loud so other people could answer it.


At-Large Senator Duncan McDonnell: So I enjoy the presentations but I wonder if it

would streamline the process beforehand if we could look at it before and maybe they

just come in for questions from us.


Sophomore Senator Abby Alvarez: I like the idea of the google drive but what Allie was

saying is not so much what they were saying but that they might go away feeling



Senate Chair David Warne: So, show of hands who wants to keep it the way it is. Ok, so

that is a good indicator. Some ideas we had tonight. I am going to group increases

together and the potential for questions in one category. Who is in favor of an increase?

Ok, you guys want either more time or time for questions. So, I can hear very concise

ideas about what kind of increase people would prefer.


Sophomore Senator Raul Orellana: So I kind of want to go back to Erik’s point. If you give

everyone five minutes and encourage them to present in three to four minutes, then we

aren’t necessarily cutting them off.


Junior Senator Ann Codiga: I like the idea that they can choose how they want the the

time instead of having a limited number of questions.


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: So, going back to my first year on ASG, we had five minute

presentations. But we had Senates that went to 9:30 to 10pm. I caution doing a ten

minute thing. I think we should keep it to three minutes but with the opportunity for

people to motion for more time.


Senate Chair David Warne: My worry for motioning for more time is that clubs might

realize that they all can go over the time and they will all prepare for more questions.


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: But I will always say three minutes in my email.


First-Year Senator Theo Lassen: I was going to say I like Erik’s idea but maybe doing four

minutes instead of five.


At-Large Senator Allie Bare: I was going to suggest something similar, one minute to five

minutes though. If we do 30-seconds that would be equal to the amount of time of their

mind getting back on track after we vote on it.


Sophomore Senator Raul Orellana: I was going to say that you and Kyle already pretty

much run the presentations efficiently so if we do the five minute presentations it

wouldn’t run that much over.


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: So, those Senates were solely +$1000s.


Senate Chair David Warne: So, we have a lot of people in favor of some kind of overall

time limit. Who is favor of either a four or five minute limit, unstructured. Ok, that is

majority. Alright, show of hands, who would prefer a four minute limit? Ok, that is also

majority. So this isn’t in our bylaws so I don’t really think we need to vote. Moving

forward, Kyle can you ask the remaining five RSOs to prepare four minutes?


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: I just feel bad for the RSOs who already presented for

them to have an extended time period.


At-Large Senator Ifeanyi Ifediba: I don’t want to cut people off, it’s very rude. They are

being vulnerable already coming here to ask us for funding.


Senate Chair David Warne: I have a proposal. How about in the interest of fairness, we

have a timing for the rest of the RSOs and then we put in the bylaws or standing rules,

we can put rules for presentations and come back to this conversation.


At-Large Senator Allie Bare: I was thinking that it seems like we want to fix the cutoff

issue now. Can we implement the four minutes now and then assess for next quarter.


Chief Justice Emily Yekikian: I would caution against putting something in the bylaws

because as you saw this is something that can be changed.


Senate Chair David Warne: In the interest of being fair, we are going to keep it under the

three minutes for the remaining +$1000s so we don’t have to cut them off. Also, in our

Ad Hoc Committee we can include rules for presentations. I have met with Robin

Reynolds and a guy named Harvey and a woman named Jessica. We talked about having

a dinner night in the Adobe Lodge. So, a sit-down restaurant, not a buffet. WE talked

about having a student jazz trio there. I am going to reach out to her again. Hopefully,

get this pilot program going. Additionally, can you all raise your hands if you do not have

ASG apparel? Ok, Cecelia is there stuff left? Ok, they are in the office. TedX is next

Thursday and so is senior night so I was considering cancelling Senate.


Junior Senator Kyle Andrews: We can’t.


Senate Chair David Warne: So, we can have a short Senate.


First-Year Senator Theo Lassen: I had a meeting with Tedd and some people from Lyft

and we are trying to schedule more meetings. Part of it, because the program is a

discount for students using Lyft, and currently with Santana Row, are there any other

places you think students might want to go?


Senior Senator Erik Echeona: San Pedro Square, downtown San Jose.


Senate Chair David Warne: Other comments for roundtable remarks? Let’s keep it in

order here.


At-Large Senator Duncan McDonnell: Just out of curiosity, would people be open to

having an earlier Senate?


Senate Chair David Warne: Who could make it if we have it at 5? We are not going to

change the time because we have constituents who know we have Senate at 7. Kyle said

we can do it in 15 minutes.


At-Large Senator Emi Bellwood: Ok, so the woman from LinkedIn has not gotten back to

me so I am looking for project ideas that people would like to see in the spring. I want to

help marginalized communities with career opportunities.


Junior Senator Juliana Monela Teter: For late night Benson, if you guys had suggestions,

I would love to know that too. If you want something specific to be open like the salad

bar? Email me.


First-Year Senator Theo Lassen: I was going to say I know a lot of kids don’t like the

weekends because there aren’t a lot of options.


Senior Senator Helen Kassa: I just had a question for Theo about the Lyft project. What

was the idea behind it? Just to give students discounted passes?


First-Year Senator Theo Lassen: The idea behind it is a five dollar discount for month or

per quarter for students. There is a sustainability and safety emphasis on this. It would

offset carbon emissions which would help Santa Clara become a carbon neutral school.


Sophomore Senator Raul Orellana: I was going to ask, what was the discount?


First-Year Senator Theo Lassen: We haven’t decided.


Sophomore Senator Raul Orellana: I have updates.


Senior Senator Helen Kassa: I feel like that is counter-productive to sustainability since

the buses are running and you can get a free shuttle to the library. I would to discuss it

with you further outside of roundtable.


Sophomore Senator Raul Orellana: Two things, Theo asked earlier what is the hot water

with admin in reference to the Hyundai challenge? We were supposed to meet in March

but we want to move our meeting time sooner. We are supposed to meet sometime

before then to discuss what to do and more transparency. We weren’t informed that

they had already decided to do with the money. And a lot of students expressed that

they didn’t think this was a sustainable project. We want to discuss that further.


Junior Senator Amber Wang: What was the project?


Sophomore Senator Raul Orellana: They proposed to do three or four water bottle filling

stations. $60,000 would be going to solar panels and the rest of the money for solar

panels would be coming in a reserves thing. We are trying to advocate for student

voices. The second thing, so, we are planning the town hall for week nine. I talked to

CUIC about this and a few exec members. It will be a rundown, only an hour from 7-8pm

and have an intro for every branch. And in the breakout sessions everyone will have the

chance to talk about projects. It is just ASG related, not collabing with CSOs. I just want

to get quick feedback on the title: hot seats with ASG. I don’t know if you guys like that



At-Large Senator Allie Bare: I think that making sure in the description, town hall, should

be in there.



Senate Chair David Warne asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. At-Large Senator

Allie Bare moved to adjourn the meeting and At-Large Senator Duncan McDonnell

seconded the motion. The motion carried by voice vote. Senate Chair David Warne

called the February 20th, 2020 meeting of the Santa Clara University Student Senate to a

close at 8:45pm.











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