Senate Meeting Minutes :: 12.05.19 :: Week 10

Minutes from the SCU Senate Meetings December 5​ , 2019

Members Present​:

Senate Chair:​ David Warne Pro Tempore​: Cat Bick

Parliamentarian: Eduardo Ruano

First Year Senators: Christina Abudayeh, Cole Brunelli, Theo Lassen, Ariel Perlman, Meg Wu

Sophomore Senators:​ Justin Chan, Carmen Ocazionez, Raul Orellana, Luke Paulson

Junior Senators​: Kyle Andrews, Zachary Meade, Amber Wang Senior Senators:​ Cam Bick, Erik Echeona, Vidya Pingali

At-Large Senators: Allie Bare, Ifeanyi Ifediba, Mika Philip, Christian Phillips, Duncan McDonnell

Members Absent​:

Abby Alvarez, Juliana Moner Teter, Emi Bellwood, Melanie Sam

1. CALL TO ORDER Senate Chair David Warne​ called the December 5​ , 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Student Senate to order at 7:02pm in the Locatelli Student Activity Center.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited Senior Senator ​Cam Bick​ to recite the invocation.


Pro-Tempore Cat Bick​ took roll at 7:02pm. A quorum was present.

3. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES Senate Chair David Warne​ asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting’s minutes and requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the minutes. At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​ motioned to approve the minutes and Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​ seconded the motion.

The motion carried by voice vote.

4. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA Senate Chair David Warne​ asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a​ motion to approve the agenda. Junior Senator ​Amber Wang​ motioned to approve the agenda and Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​ seconded the motion.

The motion carried by voice vote.

5. EXECUTIVE UPDATES Cecilia Fan​ for ​Public Relations

● Happy Week 10!

Tarren Kramer ​for ​Community Development ● There is midnight breakfast tonight and bagels and greenbooks tomorrow! Come out!

Nick Neihaus​ for ​Finance

● Receipts, I need them.

Emily Yekikian​ for ​Judicial ● Same as last week. Make sure that you keep your mental health in check while you study!

Vice President Charlie Douille

● I sent everyone an email about a sustainability event at the start of next quarter. Please sign up for tabling if you can help. We are also helping with a swap for good. Consider bringing stuff that you don’t need from your homes for the event.

President Sahil Sagar

● Rechartering is going well. You guys are going to have a survey winter quarter about the next seven years of what ASG should look like. I want to let Theo talk about the Lyft program.

Theo Lassen​: Basically, I have been talking with the people from Lyft and we are making a model for students. It will most likely be from Santa Clara to Santana Row from 10pmish to 3am. This is also a sustainability project because the carbon neutrality that Lyft is leaning towards with reduced emissions would go towards SCU’s efforts.


Amber Wang​ for ​SEC

● Nothing much from us. Good luck on finals. Yay winter break! Erik Echeona​ for ​CUIC

● For anyone who didn’t get the update, the Hyundai Challenge party is tomorrow at 11:30am in the California Mission Room. The four of us will be accepting a big check.

Vidya Pingali ​for ​FOC ● Come to tomorrow’s Hyundai Challenge party. Ellie and I got to present our scroll to the mayor on Tuesday. It really caught on and City Hall wants to make a time capsule or frame it somewhere.

Kyle Andrews​ for ​SAC

● Happy Holidays! Our members are working on different projects.

● We have two +$1000s to approve. We recommend 28.26% for NSBE and we recommend 42% for Global Medical Brigades.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Any questions for Kyle? Can I get a motion to white ballot? Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​ moved to white ballot and Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali seconded the motion. Ok, we are going to do a voice vote.

Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​: Can I get a roll call vote actually?

David Warne: Yes.

The motion passes.


Senate Chair David Warne​: I am going to send out a survey for how you think Senate has gone. Please be honest on it and we will take your suggestions to heart. Now, I will toss it over to Justin.

Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​: Splash has been going pretty well. Tomorrow will be our interest meeting. If you are interested in helping organize, as this technically is an ASG thing, but less than 50% of the people helping are ASG so kind of a problem. Please fill out the form.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Also, I should let you guys know why we switched rooms for Senate. A couple weeks ago, APB said they had this room reserved while we had the CMR reserved and they asked if they could switch. So, it’s all about about building relationships across CSOs.

8. ADJOURNMENT Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion to adjourn was given by At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​ and seconded by Senior Senator ​Cam Bick​. ​Senate Chair David Warne​ called the December 5​ , 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to a close at 7:20pm.


Pro-Tempore Cat Bick​ took roll at 7:20pm.

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