Senate Meeting Minutes :: 11.14.19 :: Week 8

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting November 14th​, 2019

Members Present​:

Senate Chair:​ David Warne Pro Tempore​: Cat Bick

First Year Senators: Christina Abudayeh, Cole Brunelli, Theo Lassen, Ariel Perlman, Meg Wu

Sophomore Senators:​ Abby Alvarez, Justin Chan, Carmen Ocazionez, Raul Orellana, Luke Paulson

Junior Senators​: Kyle Andrews, Zachary Meade, Amber Wang Senior Senators:​ Cam Bick, Erik Echeona Vidya Pingali

Ideological Inclusion​: Allie Bare

Career Development​: Emi Bellwood

Health and Wellness​: Melanie Sam

Greek Relations​: Duncan McDonell

Diversity and Inclusion​: Ifeanyi Ifediba

Commuter/Transfer Students​: Mika Philip

Members Absent​:

Juliana Monela Teter

Christian Phillips

Eduardo Ruano

1. CALL TO ORDER Senate Chair David Warne​ called the November 14​ , 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Student Senate to order at 7:01pm in the Willman Room.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​ to recite the invocation.

2. ROLL CALL Pro-Tempore Cat Bick​ took roll at 7:02pm.

3. APPROVAL OF THE PREVIOUS MINUTES Senate Chair David Warne​ asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting’s minutes and requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​ motioned to approve the minutes and Sophomore Senator ​Luke Paulson​ seconded the motion.

4. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA Senate Chair David Warne​ asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana motioned to approve the agenda and Senior Senator ​Cam Bick​ seconded the motion.


Guest Speaker​: Renee Baumgartner

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited Renee Baumgartner – Director of Athletics to the front of the room to speak in front of the Student Senate. Her presentation is summarized succinctly below:

  • I’ve been the Director of Athletics for four years and I am excited about everything that has transpired. I’ve worked at the University of Oregon and Syracuse and I was a student athlete and have coached. I have my masters and PhD. My dream was always to become a Division I Athletic Director when there was only one female director at the time. When the SCU job opened, my brother was a bronco, he played college golf in the 80s, and I fell in love with the campus because it's an amazing place with great people

  • I want to develop school spirit. I went down to the weight room with my daughter, walked down and realized that they didn’t have treadmills. Within a few months, of course, we had a treadmill. We had to do a lot of heavy lifting. We had to change how everything was done in our sports medicine area. I had to fire six or seven coaches. But every single student athlete has thanked us for helping them achieve their goals.

  • We have great facilities, and every program at this point in time has a winning record which hasn’t happened since I’ve been here. We do have challenges, Gonzaga and everyone gets better but we are also improving. We have an amazing new athletic center being built.

  • We don’t have any traditions. We have a freshman and sophomore class that want to change things and start traditions. For the baseball team, they started doing Bronco Jacks and did it at a volleyball game. I said this is the tradition that I want to go viral for Santa Clara. I need school spirit. If we are going to have a better basketball program, I need you guys to come. On November 19, 22, and December 7​ at 2pm. We play Cal at 2pm, a power five school. Then we don’t have a game until January 18​ when you guys are back. We’re super excited and we’re excited that you guys are excited. You guys have helped with tabling for our games and you have done the bronco corral. I know we can have some tremendous synergy. We’re having $2 beer night to try to do something to bring you guys in.

  • Any questions, comments, concerns? What can we do to help energize you? We want your student athletes to support you and for you to support us. I really want us to work together. And I want you guys to get the sections up and screaming.

Senate Chair David Warne​ thanked Renee Baumgartner for her presentation and opened the floor for any questions.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: Two committees were tabling outside basketball games can we do that again for the November 9​ game? So, we have everyone who goes in scan. Renee: Absolutely. I need you to email me and I’m going to get the people in charge taking care of that.

At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​: When are the $2 beer nights? Renee: I know the Cal game has $2 beer and I’ll make sure they have the $2 hot dogs as well. It should be online, but we’ll do a better job making sure you guys know that.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: Are you guys keeping the drinking isolated to one section? Renee: So you get a wristband when you show your ID. We have security everywhere and the wristbands are very evident. We haven’t had any issues. If it's going to generate spirit and get you guys there. The point is to get you guys to come to the games.

At-Large Senator ​Melanie Sam​: I know that we do have students who want to go but are not financially able, are there any opportunities? Renee: Email me, let’s talk about it.

First-Year Senator ​Ariel Perlman​: Will the new gym be open to everyone? Renee: This gym that is closest to Malley will be closed off and that gym will be run by rec. But the rest of the facility will not be available, only to student athletes.

Sophomore Senator ​Luke Paulson​: So you mentioned traditions and cultivating culture and making a special place. Is there anything specific you have in mind about creating a vision for the coming years and how you want energy on campus around going to games?

Renee: I’d like it to be very similar to Gonzaga. They all have it on their calendars. I think we are going to do it where you don’t have to get a ticket. The ruff riders deal is probably the best Santa Clara has. But I’m willing to allow everybody to come. I want them to come because they know it’s important to us and I want our basketball team to win. This has got to be a collective effort from alumni and students. We are 25 years behind, but we have a chance. In our conference, Mark Few at Gonzaga was threatening to leave. We said if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. We are all trying to talk positively about our conference. On media day, he says that other administrators have been stealing from us for years. Ok, we just got our facility approved. So, I put a full page quote in the Gonzaga magazine with his quote and the fact that our new building coming. He knows that Herb Sendek has turned around every program he has coached. You better watch out Mark Few, the Broncos are coming for you.


Standing Rules Ad Hoc Committee

Senate Chair David Warne​ called Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​ to the front of the room to present the Standing Rules Ad Hoc Committee.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: This is the question I wanted to put to you all upon my appointment, whether you guys wanted to work on evolving from our current state of procedure to a more formal and consistently applied structure. I really wanted to answer why we want to do this. Why would an organization want to improve procedural efficiency and fluidity? Procedural effectiveness has been a part of our country since its founding. It should not just be subject to David’s will, but regularity be preserved. Procedure helps us to create a sense of legitimacy and dignity. When order and rules are applied consistently, the sense of the public is that our decisions aren’t made by prejudice. We can pick and choose but the rules are a set of tools we can use to make our meetings run more smoothly. This Senate has the opportunity to improve in these ways. It shouldn’t sacrifice good procedure for the sake of efficiency. I thought the best way to start this is to create an ad hoc committee. An ad hoc committee is one that is formed for one purpose. This committee would dissolve once its purpose is served. It would be to seek out research and come up with ideas on one topic. What are standing rules and orders? These would be unique to our Senate. It would be able to preserve the rights of the majority and minority and the right of the entire body to deliberate thoroughly on any given question. There are a ton of areas of priority that I would like to emphasize for the Senate. We need better rules regarding debate. We need to make sure that any minority voice in the group be heard. This is also culturally significant in the United States. We need to have better procedure on how we vote on things. We should take a roll call vote on things of importance. We need more rules around how motions are made. We should have a document centered around how we do these things. New members could then access it. Lastly, different administrative procedures, creating a set of guidelines or rules which set how agendas are put together. When we have a nomination we should have information about that committee and nominee. I would like this to pass, we already have interest from senators who want to join this committee. Hopefully by the end of the process, we can make Senate better.

Senate Chair David Warne​ thanked Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​ for his presentation and opened to floor to any questions.

Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​: So when do you expect it to dissolve? How long do you think this will take? Zachary: That’s a good question. Ultimately it would dissolve as soon as it’s done with its work. I would like to have it done over the winter break. Sorry, over winter quarter.

Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​: Also, did you resolve the conflict?

Zachary: Yes. The document was edited after that.

Senate Chair David Warne​: We are out of time for this. We are just introducing it. We will vote on it next week. Zach, how do you want to choose people?

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: So traditionally, the chair appoints members of the committee after it is passed. We can talk about that later.

ESO Bylaw

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​ to the front of the room to comment on his proposed ESO Bylaw.

Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​: A couple of minor changes made to it. The 300 dollar is depended on showing up to quarterly meetings. A few transparency things. You will know before and after they are approved. We also added a condition that allows us to adjust the prorated amount. If there are some that come in winter that apply, then we can set it down so that all ESOs that apply winter quarter will get 200. This is so our budget will stay on track. Besides that, nothing else has changed. I sent an email, hopefully that cleared things up.

Senate Chair David Warne​: So we can discuss this, let’s strive not to say the same thing over and over.

Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​: Also, there are two minor changes to changing budget plans and such.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Let’s keep it to the discussion about the ESO bylaw.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: I was wondering if other members of SAC could talk about how they feel about this?

At-Large Senator ​Melanie Sam​: So, how this would work is that it would speed up the process. There are quite a large amount of RSOs who just are RSOs to have the name and use the spaces on campus. All the other RSOs who would prefer to stay as an RSO wouldn’t change until we change to a different tiers program. It is a great way to be more efficient and allow more freedom for organizations.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: I would like to add that I know one concern was that if they have to be pushed to a Senate vote. It is really important that you could become an ESO at any quarter but to be an RSO it is week two of every quarter. It is a good idea that they become an ESO because then they can apply to become an RSO and try to move up to the next tier. It is also good that they start as an ESO so they can start having events immediately and build membership.

Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​: Also, we talked about this, all of SAC is on board for this.

President Sahil Sagar​: So, if this were to pass, would all RSOs that are there now, would they be grandfathered in as RSOs? Kyle: As of now, they would still be an RSO.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Raise your hand if you are comfortable voting. Good. Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​ gave the motion to vote and Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez seconded the motion.

Senate Chair David Warne​: We are just voting on the ESO bylaw. Let’s talk about the other minor change.

Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​: When RSOs submit an application for over 500 dollars, they have to submit an application but it provides us with zero usefulness. So we want to change it to be at the discretion of SAC. We have no need for it and it will probably go away anyway.

Senate Chair David Warne​: We are going to do a voice vote, not a roll call. All in favor of approving this addition? Ok, the ayes have it.

Parking & Transportation and Prevention of Unlawful Harassment & Discrimination Task Force Committee Appointments

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited the candidate to the front of the room to introduce herself and state why she is interested in the positions.

Nicole Jacobus: His name is Nicole Jacobus. I got an email saying there were open spots. I was a commuter for the last two years. It is so hard to get a parking pass, and they have increased it by $75 over the last four years. That is insane. And also the way that the parking passes are given out is super confusing. The parking services sold one of my friends a pass from the year before and he kept getting ticketed. There needs to be a much better process and I feel that I have actually thought these through. Then for the prevention task force, we want to create a policy for those who want to report sexual assault. I have many friends who have been assaulted and haven’t reported it. The office is hard to find, etc. People don’t see a clear answer. I am a WGST major and I feel that I am equipped to make a policy about it. It is my last year, it would be nice to do something for the school.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: Is there anything you want to propose?

Nicole: One of the biggest things is, when you get a pass, you shouldn’t have to display it on the front of your car. What if when they type in the license plate, it would pop up clear when they are planning to ticket you. The campus safety officer said it will tell us if you have a pass when are trying to get a ticket but you can’t stop the process.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: You mentioned you were on high school student government, what were your positions? Nicole: I was president my last year and on the spirit commission.

Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​: Are you going to work on the student side or the agency side for harassment? Nicole: I think there should be a combo. The school is so disorganized so I think there should be a combo so students know they can be walked through the process.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: How do you feel any potential workload might affect your recovery for your concussion? Nicole: I have taken so many incompletes. But I only have three classes to take so it’s not too much. All last quarter I took 23-27 units.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: I wanted to add that the parking and transportation committee only meets once a quarter.

Senate Chair David Warne​, hearing no more questions, asked the candidate to leave the room. Following her departure, he asked the Senate for questions, comments, or concerns regarding the candidate.

Hearing no comments or concerns, ​Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to white ballot. The motion to white ballot was given by Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​ and seconded by Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​. The motion to vote was given by At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare and seconded by Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​.

Senate Chair David Warne​: All in favor of approving Nicole for both committees, say aye. Ok, it passes. Let’s welcome her back in.


Cecilia Fan​ for ​Public Relations

● Fill out the merch form.

Tarren Kramer​ for ​Community Development ● Come hang out with us at the Democratic watch party.

Nick Neihaus​ for ​Finance ● I’ve eaten almost all the goldfish.

Emily Yekikian ​for ​Judicial ● Bylaw things in the works. Nothing major, it will probably be presented in the coming weeks.


Amber Wang ​for ​SEC

  • Allie is working on Java with Jesuits. Ariel will no longer be in our committee.

Raul Orellana for ​CUIC

  • We are going to be doing tabling tomorrow from 11am to 2pm. I have been doing a lot of res life marketing and promotion in Benson. If you guys could help me out with that. I am going to bake more tonight. We are also going to do a scan raffle. Abby has been working with Boycott Benson and Bon Appetit. She is also working on faculty Senate resolution. Christina and I are working on Christmas Charity toiletries. We will deliver them to St. James park or possibly the LGBT+ center. If you guys want to help out, let us know. My dinner with Father O’Brien got moved. That is probably going to happen early winter quarter. Erik and Exec are working on getting beer in the Bronco.

Vidya Pingali​ for ​FOC

  • Welcome Ariel. Next Wednesday, come out to Mountain Mike’s for free pizza and discounted beverages.

Kyle Andrews​ for ​SAC

  • Our next goal is to start drafting up the new ESO changes.

  • We recommend postponing Southeast Student Association and the Developer Student club.

  • For plus 1000s, everything was the same for APSU except for supplies and other because SAC doesn’t fund those things

  • LatinX Student Union, overall pretty well-funded request

  • At-Large Senator ​Ifeanyi Ifediba​: Could you go back two slides? The funding request doesn’t add up for Intandesh.

  • Kyle: I believe the right-hand side is correct.

  • Society of Women Engineers: It is so low because they asked for food for an off-campus event which we do not fund. If they did an on-campus event they would have received more.

  • At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: Would it have been feasible for them to do this on campus? They are going to the schools. Is there any other wiggle room?

  • Kyle: No, because it is off campus. The supplies aren’t for their own club.

  • At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: Also, a huge amount of that was gifts which we don’t fund.

Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to white ballot on the postponement and approval of funding for the clubs mentioned by the SAC chair. The motion to white ballot was given by At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​ and seconded by At-Large Senator Mika Philip​. The motion to vote was given by Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​ and Senior Senator ​Cam Bick​.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Ok, we are going to do another voice vote. All in favor of approving, say aye.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: I want to remove the SWE++ from the ballot.

Senate Chair David Warne​: The ayes have it.


RSO +1000 Presentations

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from SCU Own It to present their proposal for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • SCU Own It! is SCU’s only women’s summit, a space for women to join together and share experiences.

  • Today’s purpose is to have a space for male and females to join together and hear 12 speakers

  • For our fundraisers, we have done Mendocino Farms and Rocko’s Tacos, we are also going to do Taplands and Asadero.

  • We are requesting 8,033.09

  • Our large request is for entertainment which will be Molly Blume. We have bargained her down from 25k to 5k.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from the Chinese Student Association to present their proposal for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • Our goal is to bring excitement, entertainment, and a greater appreciation of Chinese culture to the SCU community and greater public.

  • The date is February 8, 2020 and the location is Locatelli Student Activity Center

  • Our total expenses are 4,063.30


President Sahil Sagar​: So, ASG buddies, they are all due tomorrow by midnight. You need to cc me on the email.

Senate Chair David Warne​: We are going to adjourn in a second. Be sure to grab your name cards.


Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Adjournment was approved by At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ and seconded by Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​. Senate Chair David Warne​ called the November 14, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Student Senate to a close at 8:15pm.

12. ROLL CALL Pro-Tempore Cat Bick​ took roll at 8:10pm.

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