Senate Meeting Minutes :: 11.7.19 :: Week 7

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting November 7t​h​, 2019

Members Present​:

Senate Chair:​ David Warne Senate Chair Pro Tempore​: Cat Bick

Parliamentarian:​ Eduardo Ruano

First Year Senators: Cole Brunelli, Theo Lassen, Ariel Perlman, Meg Wu

Sophomore Senators:​ Abby Alvarez, Justin Chan, Carmen Ocazionez, Raul Orellana, Luke Paulson

Junior Senators​: Kyle Andrews, Zachary Meade, Juliana Monela Teter Senior Senators:​ Cam Bick, Erik Echeona, Vidya Pingali

Academic Improvement​: Christian Phillips

Ideological Inclusion​: Allie Bare Health and Wellness​: Melanie Sam

Diversity and Inclusion​: Ifeanyi Ifediba

Commuter/Transfer Students​: Mika Philip

Members Absent​:

Christina Abudayeh

Amber Wang

Emi Bellwood

Duncan McDonell

1. CALL TO ORDER Senate Chair David Warne​ called the November 7t​h​, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Student Senate to order at 7:00pm in Locatelli Student Activity Center.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​ to recite the invocation.


Pro-Tempore Cat Bick​ took roll at 7:00pm.

3. APPROVAL OF THE PREVIOUS MINUTES Senate Chair David Warne​ asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting’s minutes and requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​ motioned to approve the minutes and At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ seconded the motion.

4. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA Senate Chair David Warne​ asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the agenda. At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​ and Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona seconded the motion.


Guest Speaker: ​John Ottoboni

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited John Ottoboni – Chief Operating Officer to the front of the room to speak in front of the Student Senate. His presentation is summarized succinctly below:

  • I’ll give you all a background and tell you what I do. I’ll try to save some time for questions.

  • I was put on the Board of Trustees as a recent alum

  • I graduated from Cal Berkeley where I went to law school. I was primarily a trial lawyer. Then, in 2001, they decided to ask to become the outside general council for the University.

  • A year and a half ago, they asked me to become the Chief Operating Officer. It is a bit like a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Senate Chair David Warne​ thanked John Ottoboni for his presentation and opened the floor for any questions.

Senate Chair David Warne​: You mentioned it is like a jack of all trades, how do you prioritize the duties you have? John Ottoboni: If there is a big fire, I go to that one first. I try to schedule according to what really needs to get done and according to what happens if it doesn’t get done timely.

At-Large Senator ​Melanie Sam​: You oversee housing for faculty, do you also oversee housing for students? John Ottoboni: For long-range planning, we are trying to see what needs we have. Many of the projects by private developers will have an impact on students. We are also trying to increase the size of the student body.

At-Large ​Mika Philip​: You’re working with faculty housing, do you know if the pricing is going to be based on their salary or affordability? John Ottoboni: We have a piece of property across the street from Schott Stadium. We have asked the city of San Jose to allow us to build housing. It is not considered residential but we want to use it as below market housing for faculty and staff. The city up until May was not allowing a change to residential. So we went down and made a pitch to allow us to continue the process because we got turned down. The City Council allowed us to move on. We made a decision to spend the money to go ahead with the design and got everything ready because we intend to go back down there. Ultimately, we have to go to the city. We are looking at approximately 290 units. The actual formula is to make so that it is below market and affordable housing for faculty and staff. We may make some housing available for Bellarmine and other schools. We would like to put an accelerator on it. There is a real need and we did a survey and around 200 people indicated they would be extremely interested.

Senior Senator ​Cam Bick​: How is the financing of the housing project being divvied up? John Ottoboni: We will be responsible for it. We have some opportunities where we may issue bonds, low-interest bonds. We looked at partnering up with somebody. The biggest problem is the construction. The market for construction in this valley is very difficult.

John Ottoboni: You are always welcome to come see me up in Walsh. Thank you for inviting me.


Confirmation of Comm Dev Position

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited the candidate to the front of the room to introduce herself and state why she is interested in the position.

Karlize Loza: I am going for Scholastic Chair. I feel like I have seen the kindness on SCU campus that can move off campus as well. I want to bring those two groups together.

Senate Chair David Warne​ thanked the candidate and asked if there were any questions from the Student Senate.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: What events do you have to plan to fulfill your role? Karlize: I am working with Justin right now, creating a proposal for Splash Event. It brings surrounding schools onto campus. I also plan on contacting specifically high schools in the area to help with college applications or FAFSA.

Senate Chair David Warne​, hearing no more questions, asked the candidate to leave the room. Following her departure, he asked the Senate for questions, comments, or concerns regarding the candidate.

Senior Senator ​Cam Bick​: What are her responsibilities? Tarren Kramer: The Scholastic Chair works to create better relationships with the student body and schools nearby.

Hearing no more comments or concerns, ​Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to white ballot. The motion to white ballot was given by At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ and seconded by Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​.

The candidates were sworn in by ​Chief Justice Emily Yekikian.

Confirmation of UPC Candidate

Senate Chair David Warne ​invited the candidate to the front of the room to speak about the position.

Kyle Andrews: The committee oversees the funding from the Ciocca gift.

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​: What is a major priority of yours? Kyle: I want to represent all students and check to make sure there are not any hiccups or other ties with the gift.

Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​: Any concerns about the Koch Foundation? Kyle: As long as it is not connected to political ties, then I don’t think there should be an issue.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: When you think about your position and identity, how do you think you will be able to represent all students?

Kyle: I feel I represent a good middle ground and am open to hearing all perspectives. I want to foster the student voice and see myself as a liaison between students and faculty.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: You don’t see this role as scrutinizing the University decision? Kyle: They have already accepted the money, moreso the role is so that there are no ties to political decisions.

Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​: Since your role is oversight, are you aware of the Koch Foundation’s history? Kyle: The main I am looking for is that money isn’t used in a way that involves political views.

Senate Chair David Warne​, hearing no more questions, asked the candidate to leave the room. Following her departure, he asked the Senate for questions, comments, or concerns regarding the candidate.

Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​: How many students are on the committee?

David Warne: I don’t know.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Tedd, do you know how many students are on UPC?

Tedd: I think there are three total.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: Is there any way for other students who are interested to still join? David Warne: I don’t know how additional candidates are chosen.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: Is it Tedd or Charlie who has information about the committee? Tedd: Let me see if I can look it up and have Eduardo put it up on the board.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: I want to know about red flags and if the same red flags would be applied.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: Their decision is that they are still going to take the money. The oversight is just to make sure they are using it for the purpose they stated. The discussion about whether it was ethical or not is over.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Our focus is to see if Kyle should be on the committee. Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​ gave a motion to vote and Senior Senator ​Cam Bick seconded the motion.

+$1000s Request Presentations

Senate Chair David Warne​: For all the RSOs who are presenting tonight, you have three minutes to present. There will be no questions asked tonight.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from Ballet Folklórico de SCU to present their proposal for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • Create safe space for LatinX students

  • Main source of funding has been fundraisers – don’t get paid too much for on campus performances

  • Help spread cultural awareness and appreciation for dance

  • Main expenses are dance instructor and outfits

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from LSU Gala Latina to present their proposal for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • March 7t​h​ in Locatelli

  • Dinner, dancing, student and alumni speakers

  • Strengthens personal student relationships with LatinX alumni

  • Asking for just above $7,000

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from Society of Women Engineers to present their proposal for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • WE20 Local Conference

  • SCU SWE members have the potential for job/internship opportunities and to grow leadership and professional skills

  • Goal is to bring 22 SWE board and general members

  • Requesting $4,050 dollars from ASG

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from Hawaii Club to present their proposal for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • Annual Ski Trip

  • 8,921 RSO balance

  • First time many of the members have seen snow since they are from Hawaii

  • Expense request: $2,871.30

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from SWE to present their proposal for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • SWE++

  • SWE program to teach middle school girls how to code

  • SWE++ is a free nine-week program to introduce middle school girls to the basics of computer science

  • $2,597.60 requested

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from SCU Women in Physics Club to present their proposal for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP)

  • Professional conference for undergraduate female and female identifying physicists

  • Aims to help women in a very male dominated field with their professional and

personal goals

  • Food, hotel, and registration covered by conference

  • Requesting $1,435 which will cover the travel there

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from Igwebuike to present their proposal for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • Igwebuike’s Annual Culture Show

  • Annual performance accompanied by a dinner that celebrates, and educates about, black culture

  • Plan on holding a culture show February 15t​ h​, and this year the theme will be Black History Museum

  • We are selling T-shirts and stickers to fundraise for the event

  • Requesting $2,281 from ASG

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from Intandesh to present their proposal for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • Annual Tahoe weekend retreat

  • Brings community together through bonding activities

  • Selling samosas outside Benson to fundraise

  • Requesting around $2,000 to keep prices of tickets low

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from APSU to present their proposal for +$1000 to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • Night Market

  • Showcase of diverse cultural foods in the style of the Taiwanese night markets

  • Free admissions, food, games and performances

  • Voted best MCC event of 2018-19

  • $2,067 requested

ESO Bylaw Presentation​:

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​ to present the ESO Bylaw to the Student Senate.

Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​: The current RSO process is kind of long and inefficient. This year we are redoing the whole RSO process. This is part one. We are defining a brand-new category of RSOs: Express Student Organizations. This would apply to clubs that just want the SCU funding and a place to meet. They aren’t asking for any funding. ESOs are given a front loaded amount of money for the year, around 300 dollars. The big difference is that they don’t go through Senate but just through SAC. Additionally, when they apply to become ESOs they will go through SAC instead of Senate. However, since there have been issues in the past with RSOs, if an ESO is affiliated with an outside organization, they must come to Senate to present. If any SAC member is not comfortable, they can be pushed for a full Senate vote as well. They can apply throughout winter quarter not just by week two as it is right now. All the other things are the same.

Senate Chair David Warne​: With that funding they have to use it or lose it, does their budget decrease? Kyle: It resets. SAC decides what they need for the next year. ESOs will all be the same.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: It resets every year, not quarter?

Kyle: Yes.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: So you said ESOs or some RSOs now could be qualified as ESOs now, are there any that would be bumped?

Kyle: As of now, no RSOs will be moving down to ESO level. However, you may reach out to certain clubs and see if they would want to move down in status. At the end of the year during the renewal season, any ESO can apply to become an RSO.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: What incentives do they have to drop down to ESO status? It seems to me that ESOs and RSOs have the same requirements for how they get approved? Kyle: So, the big incentive is that it is a quicker approval process and there is less paperwork. Additionally, they have 300 dollars to use at their will, and don’t have to submit funding requests. Also, many of these clubs are the non-controversial ones like book club or cook club.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: As far as transparency, will it go through your updates during Senate or will we have a recording of SAC meetings? Kyle: So in my updates the week prior, I will bring up the ones that have applied. Then I will update the week following, the ones that have been approved.

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​: So, basically what it sounds like is that they can switch to become an ESO, and that would be for financial convenience. I did have also the issue of SAC transparency. We do need to establish language for that in the bylaw. Would it not make more sense to put out all the steps for the new RSO process at once?

Kyle: Currently, clubs ask for percentages and that is how they ask for funding. We are still trying to figure out what club to qualify in which category. We want to do a tier system. The reason why we are starting with the ESO, is that it is the easiest level. It doesn’t have a big impact on the RSO system and contains a rough outline of what we want to do with the rest of it. Then we can see what is working and what is not working.

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​: So assuming this bylaw goes through, will we be using RSOs as a general term for clubs and each club has a particular tier? Kyle: Yes.

Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​: If ESOs get pushed to a Senate vote, they are facing the same scrutiny and guidelines as an RSO. Why wouldn’t they want to be an RSO if they are pushed to Senate to vote anyway? I don’t see an incentive for controversial clubs to be an ESO. I think there should be more of a differentiation. Kyle: The main reason that we push to the Senate here is because of Jeannie Rosenberger and for transparency sake. For ASG and Senate as a whole, the same standards have to apply.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: Do we know exactly what the application to renew an RSO would look like? Kyle: Renewal to stay as an RSO will remain very similar to how it is right now. For an ESO, it will most likely be an application to say why they should be RSO status. Do they have financial reason to get RSO title, etc.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: Wouldn’t that be an important part of the tier to have included? Kyle: It’s still flexible. That will come when we do the full thing. It allows for a lot of flexibility to redesign and we will make sure to touch on that before renewals happen in spring.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: Is it possible to enumerate now? Kyle: I’m worried about doing too much because that part we still don’t have down. And in case it changes again.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: Motion to end discussion.

Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​: Are we being asked to vote on this before we have parts two and three? David Warne: We are voting on this next week. So yes.

Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​: What if we vote on this and don’t approve two and three.

David Warne: It works as a stand-alone.

Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​: It is a very simple change and I think there will be a lot of interest in it.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: Will there be an issue with having 300 per club? Is that enough money? Kyle: I believe there will not be. In future years, it will be based on historical spending data.

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​: This would be the lowest of the three tiers?

Kyle: Yes.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: Would the ESO renewal be much easier?

Kyle: It would be the same that clubs go through now.

Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​: So, it seems like we are creating ESOs to get RSO votes out of the Senate agenda. I don’t see the need for ESOs if the only difference is 300 dollars. I don’t think we should create this whole ESO thing and maybe change it later. Kyle: The whole process will be modeled off it. But that may be all RSOs. We don’t have that part down but that is an easy change.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Raise your hand if you want to keep the discussion going.

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​: We should get an action plan if we want to change a bylaw in any way. I think we should codify the transparency of it.

At-Large Senator ​Ifeanyi Ifediba​: To answer Justin’s questions, for certain clubs having 300 dollars would be more helpful than having to get 100 a quarter. The point of Senate is to approve clubs, how do you handle just SAC approving clubs? Kyle: I can also provide you with the application of each club if you guys would like to see that. It is the same kind of things we now with SAC recommendations.

Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​: Is this your bylaw or a SAC bylaw? SAC keeps asking questions, so I don’t trust it as much if you guys aren’t on the same page. Also is there something in the bylaws which says what an ESO is. It just says what it should do in the bylaw.

Kyle: This is the part that will be going into the definition of ESOs. This follows the same format. It is a SAC bylaw. We have been working on it.

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​ gave a motion to end the discussion and Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​ seconded the motion.


Cecilia Fan​ for ​Public Relations

● Fill out the Merch form!

Tarren Kramer​ for ​Community Development ● Come to distract free throws next Tuesday at the men’s basketball game. Text me and we will add you to the list. Last lecture is also coming soon. November 20t​ h​: Democratic Debates Watch Party in Dunne.

Vice President Charlie Douille

● UPC is ongoing. Sahil and I are going to check in once a quarter on your committees. I am working with the student sustainability advisory board on an event about food waste.

Nick Neihaus​ for ​Finance VP ● Leave reimbursement forms on my desk. Eat snacks, they’re there.

Emily Yekikian​ for ​Chief Justice ● I recommend reading over the bylaws (generally parts that are relevant to your position). Email me if you have questions about current bylaws. And as always, reach out to me if you want to chat.

President Sahil Sagar

● Keep working on the Hyundai Challenge. Erik and Vidya, you guys are killing it. Email your ASG buddy. We still need everyone to email them and CC me on it. Charlie and I are working on meeting with different student groups to see what they need as constituents. If you are interested in the Lyft program reach out to me, I really need someone to help me with this.


Allie Bare for ​SEC ● I am working on Java with Jesuits. Emi is working with the Career Center. Amber is working on potential Res life, the sustainability project is a no go. Duncan is planning the next Greek like Mental Health Summit. Ariel and Meg are working on the ASG buddy mixer.

Erik Echeona​ for ​CUIC ● Ifeanyi is working with Vidya on the Hyundai Challenge marketing. Make sure everyone you know is scanning! Come join Red Cup Pickup this Sunday at 10am. Abby is having a follow-up Benson Boycott Bon Appetit meeting. Raul is organizing an event for Christmas Charity toiletries. Raul is also trying to have Senate in Finn spring quarter. He is having a dinner with Father O’Brien. I am also looking into bringing alcohol into the Bronco.

Vidya Pingali​ for ​FOC ● The Scavenger Haunt went great. The scroll was also a big hit at the City Hall so we are going back to present to the mayor. We have a potential bake-off with Comm Dev. Send me marketing ideas for the Hyundai Challenge. There is a shuttle all day Saturday.

Kyle Andrews​ for ​SAC

● Mika updated the bylaws with Emily. Justin, Melanie, and Christian are going through the data.

● Southeast Student Association has decided not to become a club. We are still waiting on legal for the Developer Student Club.


Mental Health Day and #BroncoPosi

Melanie Sam: From 10am to 3pm we will be tabling about mental health. ASG is invited to help. We are going to promote Bronco Posi. If you guys could help me table that would be great.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: Will you guys be using the same covers?

Melanie: Yes, we don’t have new ones.

Senate Chair David Warne​: First year senators, come see me after.

Parliamentarian Eduardo Ruano​: Someone reached to me and asked if we would table at a college fair at Lick tomorrow. I was wondering if any of you were free to join me?

President Sahil Sagar​: I’ll be there.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Me as well.


Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to adjourn. the meeting. Adjournment was approved by At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ and seconded by Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​. ​Senate Chair David Warne​ called the November 7t​h​, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to a close at 8:50pm.

11. ROLL CALL Pro-Tempore Cat Bick ​took roll at 8:50pm.

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