Senate Meeting Minutes :: 10.24.19 :: Week 5

Minutes of the SCU Senate Meeting October 24t​h​, 2019

Members Present:

Senate Chair:​ David Warne Senate Chair Pro Tempore​: Cat Bick

Parliamentarian:​ Eduardo Ruano

First Year Senators: Christina Abudayeh Cole Brunelli Theo Lassen Ariel Perlman Meg Wu

Sophomore Senators:​ Abby Alvarez, Justin Chan, Carmen Ocazionez, Raul Orellana, Luke Paulson

Junior Senators​: Kyle Andrews, Amber Wang, Zachary Meade, Juliana Monela-Teter Senior Senators:​ Cam Bick, Rhaghaav Kanodia, Vidya Pingali

Career Development​: Emi Bellwood

Ideological Inclusion​: Allie Bare Health and Wellness​: Melanie Sam

Greek Relations​: Duncan McDonell

Diversity and Inclusion​: Ifeanyi Ifediba

Commuter/Transfer Students​: Mika Philip

Members Absent​:

Erik Echeona

Christian Phillips

1. CALL TO ORDER Senate Chair David Warne​ called the October 24t​ h​, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Student Senate to order at 7:00pm in the Benson Parlors B&C.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ to recite the invocation.


Pro-Tempore Cat Bick​ took roll at 7:00pm.

3. APPROVAL OF THE PREVIOUS MINUTES Senate Chair David Warne​ asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting’s minutes and requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the minutes. At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ motioned to approve the minutes and Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​ seconded the motion.

4. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA Senate Chair David Warne​ asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Junior Senator​ Kyle Andrews​ motioned to approve the agenda and At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​ seconded the motion.


Guest Speaker​: Jim Lyons

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited Jim Lyons – Vice Provost for University Relations – to speak in front of the Senate. His presentation is summarized succinctly below:

  • It is a privilege for a number of years to come and speak in front of the student Senate. I have a great appreciation for what you do. I have been working at SCU for six years.

  • I am responsible for fundraising, development, as well as University marketing, communications, and alumni relations.

  • We are working on a comprehensive campaign which is a development operation recognizing that SCU has many needs centered around students and faculty resources. This is an eight year campaign and we are five and a half years in. We have raised about 650 million dollars to date out of our 1 billion dollar goal. This puts Santa Clara on a national level. Our goal is to help the University become a national and global university. We recently changed our classification from regional to national.

Senate Chair David Warne​ thanked Jim Lyons for his presentation and opened the floor to any questions.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: What ethical structures have you put in place to figure out how we are going to accept money and deal with that money? Jim Lyons: I think the question comes around to the Coke gift. That gift, first, it doesn’t happen over a period of weeks or months and there has been a lot of vetting. The University went back and forth a lot, especially since we already have a Center for Innovation and Leadership, but it does need the funding. We have been looking for that funding for a number of years. So, the Ciocca family came to us and said they would like to give a gift to name the center after them. They partnered with the Coke family and bells went off. Does this fit with the mission of Santa Clara University? Independent of their view on climate change, we wouldn’t have accepted this gift five years ago. They used to want control over hiring and such. We had to look and see if there were any red flags around control. We had lawyers look at it and found that there aren’t. They have zero control over faculty or anything else. As a result of that gift, we now have gift acceptance guidelines. We have a committee in place which includes the Vice Provost and myself and we have gone back and redone that protocol. The Executive Director for the Markula Center, Don Heider, was added to the committee as well as a student.

At-Large Senator ​Emi Bellwood​: So, a lot of universities on the national list, have a huge

emphasis on research. At SCU, we love the fact that professors know their students names, and we have small class sizes. With moving ranks, will research start to take priority? Jim Lyons: No, we are not putting more emphasis on research. We recognize that research is important for faculty but we place an emphasis on joint research between faculty and students. We aren’t going to shy away from it, but we are not going to do research like the D1 schools which is mostly theoretical. We want to do applied research, which can help society today. Many of our faculty are helping with issues of sustainability. At the end of the day, we all go to a school like this because we like that type of personal interaction.

At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​: I am curious as to if the university has plans to address the city legislature trying to limit the number of people living in houses on campus? Jim Lyons: At the time they proposed it, we were adamantly opposed and we continue to be. That is an issue between the landlord and the student. We have been fortunate enough not to have many problems. We have close relationships with the mayor Santa Clara and San Jose and we haven’t heard of them going back and looking at that.

Jim Lyons: My office is in Loyola Hall if you ever want to come ask me about something. My door is open and I’m happy to talk.

Confirmation of the First-Year Senators

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited the new First Year Senators to the front of the room and asked them to introduce themselves to the rest of Senate. Theo Lassen: I am from Oregon and I’m an Econ major. Meg Wu: I am from Cincinnati and I am a Computer Science Major.

Ariel Perlman: I am from D.C. and I am majoring in Political Science.

Cole Brunelli: I am from Boston, also a Political Science major.

Christina Abudayeh: I am from Walnut Creek and majoring in Business.

The candidates were sworn in by ​Chief Justice Emily Yekikian​.


New RSO Presentations

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited the representative from Red Cross Club to present their RSO to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • Goal: American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

  • Help all people affected by disaster across the country and around the world receive care, shelter, and hope.

  • Education when it comes to fire drills and earthquake drills.

Senate Chair David Warne ​asked the representative for their presentation and asked if

there were any questions for her.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: I understand it is a cool organization. We do have blood drives through SCAAP. Have you talked to them? Isabel Hernandez: No, I have not. But it will help to combine forces.

Junior Senator ​Juliana Monela Teter​: How does it work with Red Cross classes? Where are they going to be held? Isabel Hernandez: We coordinate with Red Cross. It is probably going to be on weekends so more people can attend.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited the representatives from the Kindness Campaign to present their RSO to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • This is an organization by the students for the students.

  • Goal: To bridge the gap between homeless students and higher education

  • TKC will promote peace of mind and access to various resources on campus

  • Host workshops designed to encourage friends (and their parents) to discuss

their needs.

Senate Chair David Warne​ thanked the representatives for their presentation and asked if there were any questions for them.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: Is this campaign larger than just at this school or something you guys are starting? Representative: It is something we came up with. I was a homeless student here last year and the school helped me finish my education with certain resources. I want to help other students with that. I want to tell them what I did and what resources I took advantage of.

Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: How many interested people do you have?

Representative: About 15.

Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​: By parents, what do you mean? Do you expect to talk to their parents directly? Representative: If we do come in contact with their parents, I do want to educate them on how to fill out forms. For my situation, my parents did not know how to look for scholarships or fill out the forms. By getting the parents involved, the pressure is taken off the student. I want them to have that support.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: Is this program only for students who are first gen or all students experiencing homelessness? Have you reached out to LEAD?

Representative: So this organization is not just for the homeless. Any students experiencing financial hardship. I was a LEAD scholar and they helped a lot so I plan to be in contact with them.

Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​: Are you an officer of the club?

Representative: I am just the founder. They are the officers.

Confirmation and Swear-In of Sophomore Senator

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited candidate Carmen Ocazionez to the front of the room to introduce herself.

Carmen Ocazionez: I am from Sacramento and a Political Science major. I want to be a liason between the students and the administration. As a CF for a place that strives for civic engagement, this is a way to have access to both.

Senate Chair David Warne​ asked if there were any questions for the candidates.

Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​: What things are you involved in?

Carmen: As I mentioned earlier I am a CF as well as involved in different RSOs.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: Any projects in mind? Carmen: I want to bring new perspectives to ASG by reaching out to different parts of campus like MCC and Res Life.

Senate Chair David Warne​ hearing no more questions or concerns, asked the candidate to leave the room. Following her departure, he asked the Senate for questions, comments, or concerns regarding the candidates.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: Is she going to be a Sophomore Senator?

David Warne: Yes.

Senior Senator ​Cam Bick​: Did you guys pick through a pool of applicants? Are we confirming your appointment? David Warne: Yes.

At-Large Senator ​Emi Bellwood​: Why did you pick her? David Warne: She really shined in her interview. She is involved in a variety of things.

She is a CF and has continued to be involved.

At-Large Senator ​Ifeanyi Ifediba​: I worked with her over the summer. She has a phenomenal attitude and she is a joy to be around.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: I have also worked with her and she brings a lot to the table. She brings new perspectives and wants to build relationships between MCC and clubs who do not see ASG as a support place right now. Her coming in would bridge the lack of communication.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: I have done a variety of projects with her in class. She is a very committed student and always does a good job.

Hearing no more questions or concerns, ​Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to vote. The motion to vote was given by Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​ and seconded by At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​. ​Pro-Tempore Cat Bick​ took roll and the

candidates were confirmed.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited Carmen Ocazionez back to the front of the room to be

sworn in by ​Chief Justice Emily Yekikian​.

Confirmation of UPC Committees

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited the candidates to the front of the room to introduce themselves.

Sydney Altobell: I am a senior with a major in Computer Science, and minors in Italian and Math. This is my third year on UPC. One problem I’m focused on is the policy surrounding alcohol, especially for RSOs.

Representative for Sophomore Dining Committee.

Sam Bailey: I am running for the Academic Advising Committee. This will be my first time on the committee.

Senate Chair David Warne​ asked if there were any questions for the candidate.

Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​: Does the Dining Committee do any work for the Benson workers? Representative: Not really.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: What are you trying to make different for the alcohol

policy? Sydney Altobell: I am the current officer of another club. We tried to get alcohol and it was extremely difficult. I interpreted the policy one way and the administration another way. I want to clarify that and make sure that everyone is on board and can serve it in the correct way and extend it to RSOs.

At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​: What do you want to change about Benson?

Representative: I was on it last year as well. I think we did a great job changing the menus. I want to keep that going and I have a lot of good working relationships to make that happen.

Senate Chair David Warne​, hearing no more questions or concerns, asked the candidates to leave the room. Following their departure, he asked the Senate for questions, comments, or concerns regarding the candidates. Hearing none, ​Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to white ballot. The motion to white ballot was given by At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ and seconded by At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​. Senate Chair David Warne​ then asked for a motion to vote. The motion to vote was given by Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​ and seconded by Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​. ​Pro-Tempore Cat Bick​ took roll and the candidates were confirmed.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited the candidates back to the front of the room to be sworn in by ​Chief Justice Emily Yekikian​.

Confirmation of Court Clerk, Assistant Bronco News Editor, Creative Development First year Co-Chair, Assistant to VP Finance, and Office Manager for Finance

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited the candidates to the front of the room to introduce themselves.

Cassidy Block: I am going for the court clerk on the judicial branch. I am looking to help uphold the government here. I did student government in high school and I’m so excited to work with you guys and do what needs to be done to uphold the bylaws.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: What grade are you?

Cassidy: Freshman.

Judith: I am going for Assistant Bronco News Editor. I think this position is a good way for

me to serve the student body and community. I like to work with new people and students.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: Have you had any experience?

Judith: Yes, in high school I built microfilm.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: Do you have an interest in news or film?

Judith: Yes I took photography and I want to spread the news to other people.

Alec: I am going for the Creative Development First-Year Co-Chair. I want to act as a bridge between the SCU campus and ASG.

Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: How do you think you can improve school spirit?

Alec: I want to do a newsletter highlighting events that are happening in the community

and on campus.

Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​: What would be the first event you plan and what would you name it? Alec: It would be based around mental health and self-care. Maybe call it Self-Care with Santa Clara?

Michaela: I am going for the Assistant to the VP Finance. I want to be involved in ASG because I was involved in student gov in high school and it was a good part of my experience. I like the intersection of all the branches that comes with Finance.

Kevin: I am going for the Office Manager for Finance. As a freshman I want to get involved. I think it's beneficial to see how it works.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: What position are you applying for?

Michaela: Assistant to VP Finance

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: What got you guys interested in finance?

Michaela: I plan on applying to the Business school so this will help. Kevin: I am a business major, so I’m going into either finance or accounting.

Senate Chair David Warne​, hearing no more questions or concerns, asked the candidates to leave the room. Following their departure, he asked the Senate for questions, comments, or concerns regarding the candidates.

Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​: Will they all be coming to retreat?

David Warne: Hopefully.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: Michaela is my resident. So that would be cool if she was on ASG.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: Alec is my resident so.

Public Relations VP​ ​Cecilia Fan​: For the position of News, Judith was much more

talkative in her interview. She was on student council in high school. She also has film

schools. She is an assistant, not producer, because I think she has potential. Bronco News is not very popular and I really need someone. I will help her, I just need someone.

Parliamentarian Eduardo Ruano​: I am in digital photography class with her and she is very enthusiastic and amiable. She is good at working in groups and with other people. She’s also good at photography. I have seen her work and what she can do. We should validate what Cecilia is saying.

Hearing no more questions or concerns regarding the candidates, ​Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to white ballot. The motion to white ballot was given by At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ and seconded by At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​.

Senate Chair David Warne​: All in favor of confirming candidates on the white ballot, that

was the motion to vote. The Ayes have it. That was a voice vote.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: I like the idea of having an amendment to voice vote if people have a problem for a specific candidate.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: We should really make sure there isn’t any opposition to the white ballot aspect.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Note taken.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited the candidates back to the front of the room to be

sworn in by ​Chief Justice Emily Yekikian​.

Hyundai Challenge Presentations

Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​:

  • What is it?

  • Challenge to promote sustainability with reusable water bottles

  • Competition between SCU, LMU, and Pepperdine

  • Each school will be given a certain number of Cupanion reusable water bottles (approximately 3000)

  • Water bottles will be distributed according to how facilities dictates

  • Everyone with a Cupanion water bottle must download an app and log in through their .edu email

  • Scan the water bottle at most 4 times a day with at least 10 minutes in between

  • School with the most scans after the competition wins 100k for sustainability

  • When is it?

  • October 28-November 1 is the water bottle distribution

  • November 4-9 is the actual contest

  • Engagement Activities

  • Ride and Drive: Testing Hyundai Cars

  • Waste Art Exhibit: Make SCU logo sculpture from recycled material with waste material artist

  • Food Trucks

  • Shuttle service to Santana Row, San Pedro Square, etc

  • Tailgate before basketball games with music, food, dancing, and Bucky

  • Prizes

  • gift cards to local restaurants

  • gift cards to Lyft, Nike

  • Yoga mats, sunglasses, backpacks

  • Sustainability Event

  • Hyundai offered to sponsor a merge event during the week of November 4-9

  • If anyone is interested in hosting a sustainability event, let me know

  • Why?

  • Raising awareness

  • Bragging rights

  • Hyundai is sponsoring all the marketing and funding o 100K in sustainability funding

  • Solar panels

  • Water bottle refilling stations

  • Other projects we want to do

  • What next?

  • Tabling

  • Hype up the competition and events

  • To all the new senators and first-years, this would be a great project to get you introduced to ASG o #FillItForwardSCU

Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​: So, for all those events, were those ideas from Hyundai or facilities? Vidya: I don’t know exactly. They already had these ideas when I went to the meeting.

At-Large Senator ​Ifeanyi Ifediba​: So, this is going to happen. Vidya: Yes, it is going to happen. If you want to get involved, suggest it.

Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​: Is there a specific budget? We have connections with RSOs and can incentivize it. Vidya: They are paying for all marketing and the entire event.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: So, I remember we attempted to try and fund Cupanion

crap. I only say that because they are plastic bottles. I am curious because we discussed

whether or not we could purchase stickers and put it on cups we already use. Vidya: I suggested that, but they want the Cupanion logo. I’m not sure how that would work.

Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​: I will send an email after Senate trying to summarize it. Let me know if you have any questions.


Cecilia Fan​ for ​Public Relations

● I am Ceci8lia if you don’t know me. Same last week. I created a google groups. The first one says ASG, so that is all the branches. The second google group is only for Senate with Tedd. For the google calendar, only exec can edit so let us know if you have an event and we will put it in. You can find internal PR request form on the ASG website. Also, send your headshots in.

Emily Yekikian for ​Community Development ● Educated Partier Program. Last lecture is coming soon so reach out to Tarren if you

have a favorite professor. Men’s basketball game is November 12t​ h​, go represent. She is very excited about our first year chairs.

Nick Neihaus​ for ​Finance VP ● Welcome to the new members, Michaela and Kevin. For drivers, I will send out

reimbursement information. I’m excited for retreat.

Emily Yekikian​ for ​Chief Justice ● Me, Kyle and Mika had a productive talk about bylaws and RSOs. Reach out to me if

you want to chat and get coffee.

President Sahil Sagar

● Following the diversity forum, I wanted to meet up with MCC and talk about collabs. Shoutout to Vidya and Erik for taking on the Hyundai Challenge. Shoutout to Duncan for leading an awesome Greek Like Summit. ASG currently is entering the rechartering process, it is setting a plan for the next seven years of ASG.

Vice President Charlie Douille

● Freshmen elections were a success. We have five new senators. Retreat is this weekend and I will send out an email tomorrow with car assignments. Desperate for drivers. I would love to know who can drive. Don’t forget to bring a pen and notebook. If you sustainability as an interest for projects, reach out to me.


Amber Wang​ for ​SEC​: ● Allie is working on Java with Jesuits early next quarter. Emi has had multiple

meetings with the Career Center and they are working on an LGBTQ+ panel. The Center for Sustainability Project is moving forward. Duncan just finished the first Substance Abuse Summit for Greek Life. We are talking with the MCC about potential projects.

Raul Orellana​ for ​CUIC​:

● Erik couldn’t be here

● The Benson Boycott, Claradise Celebration, and Diversity and Inclusion forum were


● For CUIC and FOC Hyundai Challenge we need volunteers

● Red Cup Pickup is November 3r​ d​ at 10am

Vidya Pingali​ for ​FOC​:

● Welcome first-years. We have the Scavenger Haunt next week. You can sign up but have

non-ASG members on your teams too. Ellie and I are signing the scroll at City Hall. Cam and Luke are tabling next week for the Scavenger Haunt. Raaghav is working on bringing pool tables to Benson. I am working on the Hyundai Challenge.

Kyle Andrews​ for ​SAC​:

● Welcome first years. Mika updated the bylaws with Emily. Justin, Melanie, and Christina

are going through historical data to find funding trends.

● Regarding the new RSOs, we recommend postponing Ski Club because we are waiting to

see if it is a conflict of interest with the Icon Pass thing. We also recommend postponing the Southeast Asian Student Association because we are waiting to hear back from APSU and MCC. Also, postponing SCU Vibes for consideration with leaders at retreat.

Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to white ballot postponing these clubs. The motion to white ballot was given by At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ and the motion was seconded by Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​.

Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: Can you clarify Icon Pass? Kyle: One of the club officers who worked for Icon Pass talked about a discount. We want to make sure he is not requiring all members to buy it.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: We are postponing the white ballot? David: No, we are voting on a white ballot to postpone the clubs that are on the white ballot.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Any issues with the white ballot? Amendments to the white ballot? The motion to vote on the postponement was given by Senior Senator ​Cam Bick and seconded by Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​. The Ayes have it.


Welcome Committee

Senate Chair David Warne​: We had to find a lot of people to take positions. It might be nice to have people welcoming us into Senate.

Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​: Are we talking about Senator of the week again?

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: So I had this idea, shoutout to Ciara, who was a Senator last year. I was talking about how we should have a committee so students don’t feel like they are thrown into ASG. There is a problem with the retention rate, a lot of people have dropped I want to welcome students into ASG and help them figure out what these different things are. I was to help them with the procedures and what ASG does. Senators and other branch members know what they are doing and have a support system. Older members, if you are interested in joining the committee and meeting regularly, and helping people know the procedures then reach out to me. Hopefully, some new members join so you can express what you are confused about.

Retreat Information

Senate Chair David Warne​: Anything to add about retreat?

Vice President Charlie Douille​: Any questions?

At-Large Senator ​Ifeanyi Ifediba​: What time are we leaving? Charlie: We are leaving at six. When I send out schedules, you can coordinate with the driver when and where to leave.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Can we have one car leave later in case we have people who need to leave later? Charlie: No one contacted me about that.

First-Year Senator ​Theo Lassen​: What are we doing at retreat? David: It’s a secret. Charlie: It is a combination of aligning ourselves, so we understand the objectives. Also, we have guest speakers and a lot of bonding. Also, pumpkins.

Diversity Forum

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: So the Diversity and Inclusion forums happen quarterly. Students talk about issues with the administration. I am the vice-chair of the Committee. We helped form a new structure rather than just the student-led panels. We saw that in the past, administrators were taking over control. So, we had four different hot seats so students would be face to face with administrators. A lot of people have said that this format is better than the Q and A where questions are thrown around. Many of the discussions can get heated and uncomfortable. This way we can get answers from the administration. After learning about the reasoning behind decisions, then they were able to better understand the reasoning behind the administration’s ideas. We are having another one in January and April and having a meeting with Father O’Brien in the coming weeks about it. It is great to see ASG out there because MCC expects their members to come as well. I think that if ASG showed up, it would mend our relationship with them. We talked about the Coke center funding, mental health resources, and relationships with Native American tribes. If you guys have ideas for what to talk about we will bring those up.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Now that we have a fuller Senate, we are going to reintroduce Senator of the Week or Nickname of the Week. Also, short senate next week in the California Mission Room then we are moving to my house for a Halloween party.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: Examples of Senator of the Week or Nickname. If you put on a good event for instance. Rowdy Raul was given to me last year.


Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Adjournment was

approved by At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ and seconded by Junior Senator ​Amber Wang​. Senate Chair David Warne​ called the October 24t​ h​, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to a close at 8:35pm.

11. ROLL CALL Pro-Tempore Cat Bick​ took roll at 8:35pm.

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