Senate Meeting Minutes :: 10.17.19 :: Week 4

Minutes of the SCU Senate Meeting October 17t​h​, 2019

Members Present:

Senate Chair:​ David Warne Senate Chair Pro Tempore​: Cat Bick

Parliamentarian:​ Eduardo Ruano

First Year Senators: Christina Abudayeh Cole Brunelli Theo Lassen Ariel Perlman Meg Wu

Sophomore Senators:​ Abby Alvarez, Justin Chan, Raul Orellana, Luke Paulson

Junior Senators​: Kyle Andrews Senior Senators:​ Erik Echeona, Rhaghaav Kanodia, Vidya Pingali, Owen Weir

Career Development​: Emi Bellwood

Academic Improvement​: Christian Phillips

Ideological Inclusion​: Allie Bare Health and Wellness​: Melanie Sam

Greek Relations​: Duncan McDonell

Commuter/Transfer Students​: Mika Philip

Members Absent​:

Cam Bick Ifeanyi Ifediba

Amber Wang


Senate Chair David Warne​ called the October 17t​h​, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Student Senate to order at 7:00pm in the California Mission Room.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​ to recite the invocation.


Pro-Tempore Cat Bick​ took roll at 7:01pm.


Senate Chair David Warne​ asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting’s minutes and requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​ motioned to approve the minutes and At-Large Senator Emi Bellwood​ seconded the motion.


Senate Chair David Warne​ asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Junior Senator Kyle Andrews​ motioned to approve the agenda and At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare seconded the motion.


NEW RSO Presentations

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited representatives from the Santa Clara University Ski Club to present their RSO to the Senate. Their presentation is succinctly summarized below:

  • Goal: to provide students with the necessary tools in order to ski or board. Additionally, to connect students with a passion for outdoor winter activities.

  • Helping college students enjoy traveling and exploring the nearby regions at a reasonable cost.

Senate Chair David Warne​ thanked the representatives for their presentation and asked if there were any questions for them.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: How do you plan to fund your club?

Representative: So, members would pay and then we would also ask the school to subsidize part of the trip. A house in Tahoe costs around 200-400 dollars each weekend. If the school could subsidize then we could bring the cost down to 150 a student.

At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​: I would advise you guys to make a waiver just in case people get injured. Representative: Yes, skiing is a dangerous thing. When members join, we will definitely have them sign a waiver. Also, we will encourage members to wear helmets and engage in safe ski habits.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: Would your organization still plan and execute ski trips even if you are not approved as an RSO? Representative: Yes, but we could get more people interested. Right now, it’s mostly people who know each other. We could turn this into more of a community-based trip. We’ve been doing this for the two years that we have been at SCU and seen how difficult the logistics can be. So, we have the

experience necessary to manage this club.

New Bylaw: Chief of Staff

President Sahil Sagar​: So, everything else is pretty much the same except we changed executive staff to chief of staff. From what I heard, there are a lot of questions on how this position will be used, why it is there, what is the point. So, me and Charlie are here to answer any questions.

Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​: I don’t think the name Chief of Staff makes sense because they don’t have a staff that they are the chief of.

Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: We were having a debate as to whether or not you guys need a third person to help you. So, my opinion would be to wait out this quarter and see how the workload is, and then maybe we can look at it in winter quarter?

Sahil: So, the time commitment in the bylaws says 30-40 hours but it really is all the time. I feel that it is necessary because there are a lot of things Charlie and I have to do. We are always in meetings and responding to emails. This person can help plan events and logistics and allow us more freedom to be creative and do projects with you guys.

Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​: Can you give an example of something you are working on right now and what you would delegate to the Chief of Staff?

Charlie: For instance they could help work on committee appointments which I have been doing with Tedd. He suggested that is somewhere we could put the Chief of Staff to help compile the information.

Sahil: Also, they could help update the google calendar and keep it fully updated.

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​: When this first was proposed it didn’t make sense to me, but I’ve definitely come around, especially after working on the election committee with Charlie. We probably spent around 10-20 hours just responding to emails and stuff. So, I think that the other branches have wider support groups to rely on and it does make sense to add one to you guys as well. I don’t think they should be stipended though and we should change the name.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: I also think one of my major concerns is making sure that they aren’t overworked. I want them to get credit, so I was wondering if there was something you could put in the bylaw that would have limits? Sahil: What do you mean put something in? Allie: Could we put a number of hours to limit the amount of potential hours they could spend?

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​: Also, maybe put specific responsibilities?

Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​: I don’t see a huge need for this position. The past administrations handled it just fine. Exec does have a full cabinet as well as senators.

At-Large Senator ​Duncan McDonnell​: I also agree with that. I don’t think this is necessary. I think it needs to be a stipend position and it seems we can’t do that. Is someone takes on the work you guys are doing, then they should be rewarded.

Sophomore Senator ​Luke Paulson​: I think if Sahil and Charlie think this would help them, then I think there isn’t a downside to doing it.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: Are you guys full-time students for these three quarters? Sahil: Yes. Charlie: Yes.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: Being a full-time student is a lot of work. And this is a full-time job, so I see the need.

Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​: Does this have to be an entirely separate person? What if we put someone within Comm Dev? It feels like they are just a worker. Sahil: To say that, what is your role as a senator? Your role is to represent the constituents.

Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​: There is a lot of information. Who would you hire? Do you have someone in mind? Sahil: Well we can’t just appoint them. We would get application and follow the process that is already in place.

Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: So why do you think that previous presidents and vice presidents didn’t come up with this? You have been in this position for a month, but they have been in it for an entire year. Charlie: The last two presidents have mentioned blue light on bellomy but haven’t actually been able to move forward with it. They are always been pulled in different directions with different projects so they can’t get that done. It would be a shame if that happens again. Sahil: Past people have talked about this. Tedd brought this to our attention. Other execs have thought about this, but they have thought about it too late.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Ok so we have done ten minutes of Q and A. Do we want to continue the discussion?

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​: I think we have exhausted this. Why don’t we come up with a specific action plan and then proceed to vote?

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: Related to Justin’s question, if this person has any ideas, could they bring them to you guys? Charlie: They have the closest accessibility to the president and vice president. Sahil: They aren’t completely out of the loop. If they have any ideas, we would still listen to them as we do when you guys come to us with ideas.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: It seems to be that this name is sort of a problem. It doesn’t make it sound like the position is assisting the president and vice president. We addressed this at CSU East Bay. Our board decided to create an internship program and called all of the first year’s interns. They created it so that first year interns could access student government and assist the president and other members of the board with projects. It was limited to five students who are first years. Instead of creating a single position that honestly should be paid. If its someone who is going to be full time helping you guys out, then it could instead be a variety of students who could say they helped.

Senior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​: So, it would be all the people who lose the first-year election? Then that would be a complicated thing. Could you scroll down? Is this an appointment or application position? Sahil: It is an appointment position.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Straw poll: Who would like this more if it had an hour limit? Ok. Do you guys want to vote?

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: What is it for senators? What are the average hours do you know?

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​: I think we should change the name. There are at least a handful of positions on ASG that are called assistant. I don’t think it is exhaustive to call it assistant.

At-Large Senator ​Christian Phillips​: I think that if we want to entice people to take the position, we need to give it more clout. I like the name.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: I think that it is cooler and one of the big things about our organization is that it copies the U.S. government and it would be cool to continue that.

Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: So, to Christian’s point, how do you attract

people? It would be great if they could work on individual projects. Then they could put on their resume, for instance, that they worked on blue light on bellomy.

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​: I personally think that executive assistant sounds great. Executive staff is also good. But Chief of Staff implies that there are people below them.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: Can we make a poll for what names you guys prefer? For the interest of time?

Vice President Charlie Douille​: The name is irrelevant at this point.

Senate Chair David Warne​: The majority of the people preferred Executive Staff. Charlie and Sahil, can we send out a form to senators to deal with the name and then deal with the paying situation next week? Sahil: Of course, we would love to pay everyone, but we can’t.

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: I think I have also come around, but it is still a little ambiguous. Going off of the pay or not paid, I think keeping the hours to 5-10 is more considerate. If it’s only that, they shouldn’t be paid. But if it becomes more hours, then we should look at whether or not it is paid. I think a year in this role should be necessary.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Can I have three hands with ideas for what to put on the google form poll?

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: Executive staff, Executive assistant, Chief of Staff. And then add the hours or not, whether it is 5 or 10 hours.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: Including the responsibilities would also be important.

Vice President Charlie Douille​: The only thing we are left debating is the name. It is not feasible to make it a paid position. So, I want to know if there is any way we can vote on this with the contingency of reassigning the name if it is approved.

Senate Chair David Warne​: I’m not comfortable doing that. Can I get a straw poll of who is willing to vote on this with the name Executive Staff? If it fails and it turns out the name is the problem, we can bring it back next week.

President Sahil Sagar​: Do we need to talk more about responsibilities? That is definitely going to come up. It is just going to be about assisting us where they can.

Junior Senator ​Zachary Meade​: The problem is that the current description is so vague. I think if it is more specific then it will help hold the Senate more accountable. If we say that we are figuring this out as we go, then every time we add a new responsibility, we have to have a 2/3 vote.

Sahil: If you look at the description of president, that is also extremely vague.

Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: Do you have anyone in mind for the position? Sahil: Like we said, we need to take applications.

Senate Chair David Warne​: We can’t say estimated hours per week 5-10 hour limit. It’s inconsistent.

Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​: You should put two separate sentences. Estimated

hours and then below it says 10 hours limit.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Straw poll, who is ready to vote?

Chief Justice Emily Yekikian​: For hours, all the other positions don’t have the limit. It just says estimated hours per week. Sorry that’s just a consistency thing. So, can you just put 5-10 hours?

Hearing no more questions or concerns, ​Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to vote. Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​ motioned to vote, and Junior Senator ​Justin Chan​ seconded the motion.


Confirmation and Swear-In of Junior Senator position:

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited the candidate to the front of the room to introduce herself and state why she is interested in the position.

Juliana: Hi my name is Juliana. I am a transfer from Foothill college. I am from the East Bay. I didn’t know what this area was going to be like, but I see lots of diversity in the room. I am Filipino and half Italian German. Also, I am the coach for a water polo team. I can give back to the community through these ways. I want to be a junior senator because I want to be involved. It is hard to find ways as a transfer student, so I wanted to come in and hit the ground running. I thought student government was a great way. I also want to become the voice of students who have been here longer than I have.

Senate Chair David Warne​ asked if there were any questions for the candidate.

Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: How can you represent the junior class when you have only been here for a month. What is something you can change?

Juliana: I think the hardest thing for people I have met is finding a voice. Being able to represent the community would be great. All of my friends are transfers so I am also able to talk to them and represent them. I’m also in LEAD so I’ve been able to talk to those students and get their experience.

At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​: Do you have any projects in mind? Juliana: No. My sister went to Santa Clara too. She was a transfer student and it was difficult for her. I met Raul and we have collabed and shared our experiences and what we like. So hopefully what I have learned can work with the other junior senators.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: How long have you been playing water polo?

Juliana: Since I was a freshman in high school. I wanted to play at Santa Clara but being a full-time student, I didn’t have time. It is nice to give back to the sport. Also, the program I was in had core values and changed a lot about my characteristics.

Senate Chair David Warne​, hearing no more questions, asked the candidate to leave the room. Following her departure, he asked the Senate for questions, comments, or concerns regarding the candidate.

Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​: She seems green about stuff.

At-Large Senator ​Mike Philip​: It’s great to have another transfer student.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: I like that she is playing water polo.

Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: I think that this is the last transfer student we should have. Just kidding.

Hearing no more comments or concerns, ​Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to vote. The motion to vote was given by Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona and seconded by Sophomore Senator ​Abby Alvarez​. Pro-Tempore Cat Bick took roll and the candidate was confirmed.

Senate Chair David Warne​ invited the candidate back to the front of the room to be sworn in by ​Chief Justice Emily Yekikian​.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Ok let’s move right into updates. The bylaw did not pass.

Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: Will we be voting on the bylaw again next week?

Senate Chair David Warne​: Moving into exec and committee updates.


Emily Yekikian for ​Public Relations

  • Cecilia couldn’t make it. Let her know if you didn’t get an email to be added to the google group. Now we have a calendar for all the events you guys are planning. Exec can edit it and all of you can view it. Also, the first-year candidate page is up.

  • Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​: When are elections?

  • Emily: The 21s​t​.

Tarren Kramer ​for ​Community Development

  • For this quarter, the educated partier event is on Monday, October 28t​h​. When you take part, you are on a list with the city, so they know you are in constant communication with people. They give party packs with water and your potential first fine is waived. The last lecture is also coming soon. So, any professors you want, send them my way.

  • Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: What is last lecture?

  • Tarren: We invite a professor to lecture to the student body and the topic is if this were their last lecture, what would you tell students?

Nick Neihaus​ for ​Finance

  • Nothing has changed – we still need three office helpers.

Emily Yekikian​ for ​Judicial

  • It’s awesome that people have been reaching out to me about bylaws. Support ASG events, there are awesome events going on by awesome people. Reach out to me if you need to talk about life, I’m always a resource.

Vice President Charlie Douille​:

  • ● So, everyone here should have received an email regarding retreat coming up. I’m expecting a response by tonight at the latest. Please respond with dietary restrictions, and if you are able to drive. Reach out to me if you want to get coffee or have ways to support the student body together.

President Sahil Sagar

  • So, retreat is next weekend. We are waiting for the first years to come in for the ASG buddy system. The diversity forum is this coming Monday. If you guys need help with current projects, ask me to help. Contact me whenever you need me. We are trying to set up a meeting with Mayor Gillmor for the Blue Light project. We are also working on the Unit Increase with Emi and Christian and presenting to UBC about the Lyft program.


Allie Bare for ​SEC​:

  • Amber isn’t here. We are working on Java with the Jesuits

  • Emi Bellwood: I am the current development senator. I am meeting with the career center people if you have any ideas, panels, or networking things, that would be awesome.

  • Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: How interested are people in Java with Jesuits?

  • Allie: we are planning on changing it up this year.

  • We are also trying to get CRB cans in residence halls

  • Duncan McDonnell: It is no longer called the Substance Abuse Summit.

Now it is called the Substance Misuse Summit. It is on Monday and Tuesday. I don’t know if additional people can come because we have Greek organizations coming in Locatelli. I am going to ask if additional people can come but now it doesn’t look like it.

Erik Echeona​ for ​CUIC​:

  • We are skipping this weekend but doing the one after for Red Cup Pickup.

  • Raul Orellana: This Saturday, we are having the Father O’Brien Birthday

Bash part 2. It is from 2 to 4 this Saturday. There is lots of free food. The Diversity Forum is also on Monday. I hope most of you can come. It is a great way for ASG leaders to connect with the Admin. There are also going to be lots of different admins there. It will be similar to the Town Hall but different than past years with the forum. We are having four different groups with hot seats. Each Admin sits in a different seat. It starts at 6:30 and ends at 8:30pm.

  • Abby Alvarez: So, wake up Bon Appetit is this Monday. We need volunteers. If you can sign up for 30 minutes volunteer period, that is awesome

  • We are going to Costco on Sunday and cooking them in Finn if you want to help out.

Vidya Pingali​ for ​FOC​:

  • So, the Hyundai Challenge is coming up. It is a competition between SCU, LMU, and Pepperdine. It takes place in November. Every student that uses a reusable water bottle gets a code and scans it. There are a lot of questions there. Erik and I are helping with this. We are going to a meeting on Monday. The school who wins get 100,000 towards sustainability. We need to start marketing this as soon as possible. Thanks for everyone who came out to Mountain Mike’s yesterday. Senators got residents contacts and are starting things. Ellie and I are signing the scroll at City Hall. Cam and Luke are promoting the Scavenger Haunt. There is an app to track the progress of the Haunt. More details soon. Raaghav is looking at where to put skateboard racks. If you guys skateboard, let him know where you want to put that. We are also trying to bring more Elkay water bottle filling stations to Benson.

Kyle Andrews​ for ​SAC:

  • So, Justin, Melanie, and Christian are still going through historical data.

Mika is going through the bylaws. I am setting up the express RSO form

and process.

  • Regarding the new RSOs, we recommend yes on Creative Exchange,

French Club, and Scholarship Advice Organization. We want to postpone Southeast Asian Student Association because we are waiting to hear back from the MCC and APSU. We are working with Tedd on the Developer Student Club because a contract has to be written up. For SCU Vibes, we are waiting to hear back from Fun Club.

  • Senior Senator ​Raaghav Kanodia​: The scholarship one only has 12 members, right?

  • Kyle: No, they have at least a minimum 15. The sheet I sent may not have been updated.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Any comments on what you see on the screen? Anything opposing the SAC recommendation? A motion to white ballot Creative Exchange, French Club, and Scholarship Advice Organization was given by Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​ and seconded by Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​. A motion to vote was given by At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ and seconded by Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​. A motion to postpone the other three clubs was given by At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ and seconded by At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Ok, moving onto plus 1000s.

Junior Senator ​Kyle Andrews​: We cut out entertainment of SWE because it is not something we usually do. Besides that, everything else is exactly what they wanted.

Senate Chair David Warne​: Any question? Motion to vote? A motion to vote was given by At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​ and seconded by Sophomore Senator Abby Alvarez​.


Senate Chair David Warne​: So, it’s the final week I’m going to plug the Mission Priority Examen Visiting Team. It is on Monday the 21s​ t​ at 2:15 right after the Benson Boycott. It is on the second floor of St. Josephs Hall. Hit me up if you plan to go. Mrs. McMahon asked for a head count.

At-Large Senator ​Allie Bare​: Can you forward this to us? David: Yes, I can do that right now. Also, I pulled up the website describing what it is. It is an Examen, if you’re familiar with the Jesuit education. It’s a reflection on how we can adhere to Jesuit values. We have a couple of Finn CF’s amongst us. Raul and Melanie: you reached out to me about Cura and ASG joining together?

Sophomore Senator ​Raul Orellana​: So, for CURA outreach, as a CF we are assigned a different organization to collaborate with on res life. Finn is one of the newest RLCs and I chose ASG because I love you guys. I am working with my boss on creating some events offered for our residents with David or the rest of Senate. Our focus is on all well-being so given that that is our theme we want to focus on events that have to do with this. If you guys have any ideas on how to help our residents or talk about issues, they are experiencing let me know. Many residents have expressed that they want to join ASG but don’t know how. It would be great to look for students that want to get involved. Also, we can use the space there and that can be facilitated through my boss.

Sophomore Senator ​Justin Chan​: Who is in LEAD here? Ok so LEAD wants to cohost an event with ASG. Anyone interested in teaming up on that? Is there anyone else? And the other thing, is there going to be an in and out thing again for the first-year senators?

David: Yes. Mission Priority thing is in everyone’s inbox. I talked with Jeannie about the CURA thing. She suggested hosting Senate there.


Senate Chair David Warne​ asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Adjournment was approved by Senior Senator ​Erik Echeona​ and seconded by At-Large Senator ​Mika Philip​. ​Senate Chair David Warne​ called the October 17t​h​, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to a close at 8:10pm.


Pro-Tempore Cat Bick​ took roll at 8:10pm.

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