Senate Meeting Minutes :: 5.29.19 :: Week 9

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting May 29th, 2019

Members Present:

Senate Chair David Warne

Pro Tempore Cat Bick

Parliamentarian Eduardo Ruano

First Year Senators:

Sophomore Senators:

Justin Chan

Hiwad Haider

Luke Paulson

Abby Alvarez

Raul Orellena

Junior Senators:

Amber Wang

Kyle Andrews

Senior Senators:

Rhaaghav Kanodia

Cam Bick

Erik Echeona

Vidya Pingali

Owen Weir

At-Large Senators:

Ifyeanyi Ifediba

Jessica Streifer

Mika Philip

Emi Bellwood

Christian Phillips

Duncan McDonell

Allie Bare

Members Absent:

Melanie Sam


Senate Chair David Warne called the May 30th, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Student Senate to order at 7:06pm in the California Mission Room.

Senate Chair David Warne recited the invocation.


Pro-Tempore Cat Bick took role at 7:09pm.


Senate Chair David Warne asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the agenda. At-Large Senator Allie Bare motioned to approve the agenda and Sophomore Senator Justin Chan seconded the motion.


Senate Chair David Warne presented a Powerpoint regarding the culture of Senate and the changes that will be implemented this coming year. He discussed the four committees that the Senators will serve on which are FOC, CUIC, SAC, and COMM. However, COMM will now be called ORC, short for outreach, with a slightly different goal.

Senior Senator Erik Echeona asked if the distinction between ORC and COMM will apply only to Senate or the rest of the student body. Senate Chair David Warne answered that ORC is intended to bring students and administrative personnel to Senate in order to be more effective.

Sophomore Senator Hiwad Haider asked if ORC will bring more constituents to Senate and Senate Chair David Warne answered that yes, that is the intended purpose.

Senate Chair David Warne then moved on to explain that each committee with focus on one project per quarter as well as one meeting a quarter with an RSO. At-Large Senator Duncan McDonnell asked what happens if a committee chair were to say that someone has not satisfied their office hours or contributed to the project. Senate Chair David Warne answered that it will be similar to what happens when a senator misses office hours.

Senate Chair David Warne did stress that while the focus will be on the committee projects, senators can still pursue individual projects.

Sophomore Senator Hiwad Haider asked if those applying for the COMM committee chair will be expected to follow the old description or the new one. Senate Chair David Warne answered that the link says ORC chair, and therefore they will be held to the new description. However, the two descriptions are similar enough that it shouldn’t be a problem.


Approval and Swear-in for the At-Large Senator for LGBTQ+ Inclusion as well as the Pro-Tempore. Senate Chair David Warne calls Cat Bick and Jessica Streifer to the front of the room.

Cat Bick introduced herself as a junior political science and history major, with it being her second year on ASG, as she served last year as an associate justice on the judicial branch. She discussed the benefits of dabbling in both branches.

Jessica Streifer introduced herself as a second-year political science and ethnic studies major. She stated that she has never been involved with ASG, but will be working at the RRC next year and can serve as a connection with her role.


Senior Senator Cam Bick: Cat, what experiences do you have that makes you feel qualified for this role?

Cat Bick: Being on ASG last year, I have a good feeling for how senate meetings are. supposed to go. I had to attend every month and therefore know the general duties and layout.

Senior Senator Erik Echeona: What is your average typing speed?

Cat Bick: I don’t know.

Sophomore Senator Hiwad Haider: How do you think ASG can be more inclusive of LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff?

Jessica Streifer: I think there can be more efforts in reaching out. I do attend a lot of the meetings and will make sure that their input is being heard.

Parliamentarian Eduardo Ruano escorted the candidates out of the room.

Senate Discussion:

Sophomore Senator Luke Paulson: Raul, what do you think about Jessica and her position?

Sophomore Senator Raul Orellena: I sat in on the interview, I think she has great potential to grow into the role. There is a concern for the lack of ideas that she had, but I will guide her into that role. I can help her build upon my projects, and I think she would be a great senator with her connections.

Senate Chair David Warne: She is a transfer student from a small liberal arts college in New York, and RRC was one of the most welcoming groups towards her when she first got here.

At-Large Senator Allie Bare and Sophomore Senator Hiwad Haider called for a motion for a white ballot. Senior Senator Erick Echeona motioned to vote. and At-Large Senator Duncan McDonell seconded the motion. Previous Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll and the candidates were approved.

Pro-Tempore Cat Bick and At-Large Senator Jessica Streifer were sworn in by Chief Justice Emily Yeikikian.

Parliamentarian Bylaw Change Question and Answer:

Senior Senator Rhagaav Kanodia: If this is approved, who will be taking voting records for all of the decisions?

Senate Chair David Warne: We feel that we don’t need to be taking minutes at SAC committee meetings because there aren’t minutes taken at other committee meetings.

Senior Senator Rhagaav Kanodia: But the SAC committee concerns interactions with RSOs, shouldn’t those be recorded?

Senate Chair David Warne: There will be notes taken, but not specific minutes.

At-Large Senator Mika Phillips: Also, Lori Salazar will be sitting in on the meetings.

At-Large Senator Allie Bare: How are you planning to keep track of which committees you’re going to?

Parliamentarian Eduardo Ruano: That is between me and the heads of the committee.

At-Large Senator Allie Bare: What happens if you don’t?

Senate Chair David Warne: It will be the same as any other Senate member not fulfilling their obligations.

At-Large Senator Allie Bare: Is that in the bylaws?

Senate Chair David Warne: Yes, it is in the bylaws.

Senior Senator Vidya Pingali: I’ve never been to a SAC meeting, was Ricky just chilling>

Senate Chair David Warne: Ricky was taking part in the discussion, doing side jobs in S AC, keeping the RSO roster together.

Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews motioned to vote. At-Large Senator Emi Bellwood seconded the motion. The bylaw was approved.

6. Executive Updates

Vice President Maria Parker mentioned the upcoming meeting with the Board of Trustees and her goal to set up activities to entice the board to come on campus and interact with students.

President Sahil Sagar updated the Senate on his projects about blue lights on Bellomy, unit increase, a Lyft program, Greek life improvement, and a student events calendar.

7. Announcements

Senate Chair David Warne mentioned the opening of chair applications and stressed that communication is key for the senate going forward.

8. Adjournment

Senate Chair David Warne called for a motion to adjourn the May 29th meeting of the student senate. Senior Senator Owen Weir motioned to adjourn. At-Large Senator Mika Philip seconded the motion.

9. Roll Call

Pro-Tempore Cat Bick took roll at 7:55pm.

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