Senate Meeting Minutes :: 5.2.19 :: Week 5

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting May 2nd, 2019

Members Present:

Senate Chair Alex Perlman Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri

Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews

First Year Senators:

Allie Bare Justin Chan Hiwad Haider

Sophomore Senators:

Kyle Andrews Ciara Moezidis Nicholas Niehaus Robbie Nunes Sahil Sagar

Junior Senators:

Senior Senators:

Leif Allmeroth Claire Hultquist Eoin Lyons Kayla Williams

At-Large Senators:

Shivani Gohil

Nina Molanphy

Vidya Pingali

Jim O’Brien

Mika Philip

Raul Orellana

David Warne

Eduardo Ruano

Avery James

Alejandro Sugerr

Amber Wang

James Wang

Members Absent:

Kate Padrnos Luke Paulson Rory Pannkuk Rachel Wiggins


Senate Chair Alex Perlman called the May 2nd, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Student Senate to order at 7:00 pm in the Benson Memorial Center Parlors B&C.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Senior Senator Kayla Williams to recite the invocation.


Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 7:01 pm.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for amotion to approve the agenda. At-large Senator Raul Orellana motioned to approve the agenda and At-large Senator Eduardo Ruano seconded the motion.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting minutes and requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Sophomore Senator Robbie Nunes motioned to approve the minutes and At-large Senator Alejadro Sugger seconded the motion.


Guest Speaker: Jennifer Nutefall - University Librarian

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Jennifer Nutefall, University Librarian to come before the Senate and present. Her presentation is summarized succinctly below:

  • Flood in the basement of the Library on January 17th, 2019.

  • Part of the budget for the next fiscal year is going towards carpeting.

  • Designing an enclosed study space for 25 spaces.

  • Will using the space where the microfiche is stored.

  • The writing center in lower Benson is being relocated. Will be taking over part of the basement floor in the library. After operating hours the space will be an open study area.

  • The third-floor terrace is empty. New furniture arriving soon.

Senior Senator Leif Allmeroth: What will be taking over the HUB in Benson? I am not sure.

There is also the satellite space in the floor of the library. Will you be keeping that too? Yes, we are keeping that same arrangement.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar: I heard that there is a fourth floor in the library. Do you have any plans for that space?

Yes, there is a fourth floor which can only be accessed through the staff area. There is a problem, however, it was never plumbed for the elevator. It would be very costly to furnish this space because of the infrastructure.

First-year Senator Allie Bare: will there be an enclosure for the HUB in the basement of Benson?

Senior Senator Eoin Lyons: what was the financial burden of the flood and were any books affected?

Very few books were affected. Facilities covered the cost of all of the recovery, which was an unplanned cost. I guess it was around $50,000-100,000 in repairs. Because of the time, the incident happened faculties were able to come fast, which I assume had cost implications.

Senior Senator Kayla Williams: How do you get student feedback before refurbish an area? Student survey, flip charts, conversations, There is an assessment committee. The terrace is being refurbished because of the report assessment. We had been hearing that students wanted individual study spaces and then asked for feedback. We would give layout options and ask the student what they would like to see.

First-year Senator Hiwad Haider: Students have been vaping in the private conference rooms, have you heard about that?

I can follow up with my staff. I have not heard about that. Please report these things if you see them happening, because otherwise, we don’t know this is occurring.

- We started a diversity fellowship prgram. We have had a focus on diversifying because the librarian profession is 80% white. Jasminder Bains and Yessenia Magdaleno-solis are the inaugural fellows.

Senior Senator Claire Hultquist: I love the first-floor computers, could you maybe incorporate more windows computers, or change one of the computer labs to windows computers.

They are looking at the labs on the 2nd floor and they might be changing that.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar: I recently learned that the library has great resources like rosetta stone. Maybe you can make a cheat sheet of all of the library's resources.

At-large Senator Raul Orellana: In regards to reserving rooms, when you reserve a room after a reservation has expired, is there a policy surrounding who should get the room. Because people will fight over the room.

Generally, we see students working it out, but we can go back in the computer and see who initially reserved the room, which in that case it would probably go to the initial reservee. There isn’t an ideal or perfect solution for this.

Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews: Are there still talks of bringing nap pods to the lower level? We were looking to do that, but adding the individual study spaces was more of a priority. I think that once we have that and the new writing center established, we can revisit that idea.

Sophomore Senator Ciara Moezidis: For the diversity exhibits. How far in advance do you have to book that to showcase a diversity exhibit

We show a mix of projects that both our fellows are interested in and what the librarians want to showcase. We have a rolling application process for people who are interested in exhibiting.

Junior Senator Mika Philip: I think the new interface in the library is hard to use. We have problems from our end as well.

Junior Senator David Warne:Is it difficult sharing a space with Information systems and other branched, or would you prefer your own space?

We all report to Bob Owen. When the library was built, it was the first time we were all in the same place. Having the constant interaction is nice and there is a nice overlap.

Voting of Election Committee Member- Ijeoma Anyanwu

Alex Perlman invited Ijeoma Anyanwu to come to the front of the Senate to introduce herself. Hearing no further questions, he asked her to step out of the room so the Senate could discuss.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar: Does everyone on the election committee have the same role?


First-year Senator Justin Chan: whose job is it to get people to run for ASG? PR and you all.

Junior Senator Shivani Gohil: Who is on the committee currently? Devin and Mark So.

Junior Senator Vidya Pingali: is this for next year or this year? This year.

First-year Senator Allie Bare motioned to end the discussion. Junior Senator Mika Philip seconded the motion. Senate Chair Alex Perlman called for a motion. Senior Senator Kayla Williams motioned to vote and Junior Senator David Warne seconded the motion.

Pro-tempore Mary Balestreri took roll and Ijeoma Anyanwu was confirmed.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked Tedd Vanadilok to present to the Senate the 2019-2020 CSO Budget Proposal. His presentation and questions are summarized succinctly below:

  • Budgeting process: overseen by CSO advisors

  • APB $213,350 no net change

Senior Senator Kayla Williams: APB was overcharged and others were charged. How long does that refund process take?

Once it is figured out, then they have to have a deficit replacement plan. This should be done by June 1st.

  • ASG: $52,400 no net change.

Junior Senator David Warne: What is the operating budget? The $52,400 minus the stipend. It covers everything else.

Sophomore Senator Hiwad Haider: will there be any other stipend position within ASG and how many?

Now is the time to do it, you need to talk to exec, and it would have to be in this week. There are 13 paid positions and there are 8 tiers of payment.

First-year Senator Allie Bare: Are they similar among those 8 tiers?

Yes, $500 is the lowest. The highest is the head of the organization that gets closer to $5,000.

- RSOs $91,500

First-year Senator Justin Chan: The leftover money from the dissolved RSO is in a separate bank?

Yes, It has to be spent on RSOs.

  • Into the Wild: $91,600

Senate Chair Alex Perlman: Is this on top of their stipend? No, they won't get the $250 on top if they are a leader.

First-year Senator Allie Bare: Trip leader is a position? Yes, it is new this year

At-large Senator Jim O’Brien: When these allocations happen, what happens to the operating budget?

They are aware of what is happening. Last year several CSOs cut their budgets.

VP Finance Ben Rhodes: It's more important for the clubs to get the money because we cut our costs last year.

At-large Senator Alejandro Sugger: It's $250 per year? Yes

- KSCU $34,700

- MCC: $60,600

Junior Senator Avery James: When CSOs wanted to change their process? We changed that back in the fall.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar: I know the MCC tried to find the way to buy an MCC stage. IS there any progress in that?

and Alyssa said it's not sustainable to rent a stage because of its more than $3,000. Its a risk management issue, that is why they cannot buy a stage.

First-year Senator Justin Chan: Even though MCC is a large organization, RSOs have to come to us to get approved. There have been talks about moving those funds out of the ASG budget to something else.

Yes, that has been proposed before, and it would have to be approved by the board of trustees. They have granted power to ASG to allocated money to RSOs.

Senior Senator Leif Allermoth: A lot of the budgets haven't changed at all, does that adjust for inflation?


Junior Senator Shivani Gohil: A lot of organizations at Stanford raise money for Blackfest. How can we do something similar to raise money?

It could have been a donor. ITW had a lot of donors and the same with SCCAP. APB doesn't. Is there anything that we can do?

ASG alum Frankie Vestion could help access fundraise money.

First-year Senator Allie Bare: Are all of the hours covered at the same rate?

They are splitting the desk duty between some of the hourly wage people. Hourly wage is not going down in the state it's moving up.

- SCCAP $60,00

  • Santa Clara review $48,800

  • The Santa Clara: $56,200

First-year Senator Allie Bare: Would the social media manager position be within the commission pool?


First-Year Senator Justin Chan: Does the money that we allocate to RSOs rollover if we stopped it?

No. If you don't use your money you forfeit it and it goes to cover an office in deficit.

Would it be possible to analyze the emergency budget or a way to overspend so we don't lose the money?

In theory, it makes sense and but it's risky with the budget office.

Junior Senator David Warne: If we vote to make the dissolved RSO budget available, could we structure it so we spend it over time?

Yes. Talk to Matt Cameron. But there will continue to be clubs that are not active, being added to the pool.

I don't want our budget to be reduced.

Junior Senator Shivani Gohil: is ASG allowed to allocate funds for fundraisers. If we have excess funds could we give leftover funds to APB?

Just collaborate with them.

Charter Amendment Process

Senate Chair Alex Perlman brought the Charter Amendment to the Senate floor. Not hearing any questions, he called for a motion to vote. Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews motioned to vote and First-year Senator Allie Bare seconded the motion. Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll and the Charter Amendment passed.

Resolution in Support of legislation in the CA State Assembly

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited First-year Senator Hiwad Haider, President Sam Perez, and Ellie Lewis to present their resolution.


Bylaw for Discretionary Funding

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Junior Senator David Warne to present on RSO Summer Discretionary funding.

Sophomore Senator Robbie Nunes: How did you settle on the number 5? How often do these requests come through?

I don't want to open the flood gates and I don’t think that many will come through.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar: The deadline is in 3 days, how will RSOs be informed of this change?

First-year Senator Justin Chan: Could we potentially make it so that there is a budget for this? In case money is left over, we can funnel to the next year.

Sophomore Senator Robbie Nunes: weren’t we worried abbot open the flood gates Junior Senator David Warne: We can relax the money or the number.

First-year Senator Justin Chan: could that be uop the discretion of SAC?

Yes, that can be. But the question is how would you want to change the bylaw.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman: I don't want to rush something like this.

At-large Senator Jim O’Brien: Can you give me an example of when this would be necessary? Some conferences that aren’t college groups conferences. DSP has its regional conference in the middle of August. Probably no on caps events.

VP Finance Ben Rhodes: Is part A saying that reimbursement forms will have to be in by week 2 Monday. It would come in in early fall quarter.

Sophomore Senator Nick Niehaus: Would this affect how we choose to allocate money throughout the year? I am concerned that SAC would earmark this money when really this is not the point is just to empty the account.

Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews: If the reimbursement forms going in week 2 which budget would it come out of?

Anything after July 1 comes out of the next years budget.

Junior Senator David Warne: we might need to requite that the event is after July 1.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman called for a motion to vote. Senior Senator Kayla Williams motioned to vote. Sophomore Senator Robbie Nunes seconded Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll and the bylaw was passed.

Bylaw Change - Senator for Health & Wellness bylaw

Senate Chair Alex Perlman called for a motion to vote. Sophomore Senator Ciara Moezidis motioned to vote. Junior Senator Mika Philip seconded Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll and the bylaw was passed.

RSO Dissolving proposal:

First-year Senator Justin Chan: Will that money will roll over to next year. Yes, it is a separate account not in ASG budget that rolls over a year per year. We are voting on dissolving RSO, not the money.

First-year Senator Allie Bare: Do we have a list of the RSOs, just so we know?

Senate Chair Alex Perlman called for a motion to vote. Senior Senator Claire Hultquist motioned to vote. Junior Senator Avery James seconded Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll and the bylaw was passed.


PR: Flier for voting. The presidential debate is on the website, please let Julia know if you need PR help.

CommDev: Picnic in the park next Saturday

Finance: Make sure you have all asg expenses used before transit

Judicial: no updates Senate Chair: None

VP: Elections tomorrow retreat either May 18th or 19th

President: Off-campus greek life and mental health awareness month, Condom talk, SCPD relations


Comm: no new updates CUIC: May 6th Hiwads event. FOC: No updates

SAC: Bylaw Change $1000 window


Mental Health Awareness Month


Sophomore Senator Ciara Moezidis motioned to adjourn. At-large Senator Nina Molanphy

Second the motion.

  1. Roll Call

Pro-tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 8:41 pm

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