Senate Meeting Minutes :: 4.4.19 :: Week 1

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting April 4th, 2019

Members Present:

Senate Chair Alex Perlman

Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri

Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews

First Year Senators:

Allie Bare

Justin Chan

Hiwad Haider

Kate Padrnos

Luke Paulson

Sophomore Senators:

Kyle Andrews

Ciara Moezidis

Nicholas Niehaus

Robbie Nunes

Sahil Sagar

Junior Senators:

Vidya Pingali

Mika Philip

David Warne

Avery James

Senior Senators:

Rachel Wiggins

Kayla Williams

Eoin Lyons

At-Large Senators:

Nina Molanphy

Raul Orellana

Rory Pannkuk

Sophia Smith

Alejandro Sugerr

Amber Wang

Jim O’Brien

Members Absent:

Leif Allmeroth

Claire Hultquist

Shivani Gohil

Eduardo Ruano


Senate Chair Alex Perlman called the April 4th, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University

Student Senate to order at 7:00 pm in the Benson Memorial Center California Mission Room.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited At-large Senator Ciara Moezidis to recite the invocation.


Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 7:01 pm.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting.

He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the agenda. Sophomore Senate Senator Robbie Nunes motioned to

approve the agenda and Senior Senator Kayla Williams seconded the motion.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting minutes and

requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the minutes. First-year Senator Allie Bare motioned to approve the minutes

and At-large Senator Amber Wang seconded the motion .


Guest Speaker: Rose Nakamoto - Director of the Career Center

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Rose Nakamoto to speak to the Senate. Her presentation

is summarized succinctly below:

- The inspiration for changes to the career center: This upcoming generation will not have

linear career paths, and will be pivoting careers frequently.

- Employees are expecting you to have an internship so that you can hit the ground

running. Most jobs that many people will be filling even been created yet.

- Tools and resources:

- Career coaching

- Create a 4-year plan

- Job prep toolkit

- Micro-internships

Senate Chair Alex Perlman thanked Rose Nakamoto for her presentation and opened the

floor to any questions

Junior Senator David Warne : Has there been any talk about integrating career center services

into the curriculum?

Yes. We know that students want this and that this is why they are pursuing higher

education for these resources. Many institutions are doing this and I would love for us to move

into that direction. Our current model has been used for the past 25 years.

At-large Senator Nina Molanphy : I suggest tabling in student areas so that you are more

visible to the student body.

In Winter, we started to table in Benson and the Library.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar : A way to integrate this into the curriculum is to present at


We present to the parents but not the students.

Sophomore Senator Nick Niehaus : Many employers hire students through major departments

rather than the career center. Like the accounting department for example.

There are a lot of hiring programs run through the school of business, but we run a huge

accounting program in collaboration with Levy. We work very closely with the firms.


Contraception Resolution

Presented by Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins and President Sam Perez .

Questions and comments are summarized succinctly below:

Senior Senator Eoin Lyons : Do you think that “education” is the right word to use?

President Sam Perez : I feel like we could add the word access, but education is appropriate.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar : This should also be shared with the new president as well.

Junior Senator David Warne : Maybe you can include a section about the Catholic Church’s

stance on condoms.

Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins : Other Jesuit institutions do this.

President Sam Perez : It does not conflict with your Jesuit values, but it does with the Catholic


Blue Lights on Bellomy Resolution

Presented by President Sam Perez , Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins , and First-year Senator

Luke Paulson

At-large Senator Jim O’Brien : Is this both logistically and financially possible?

President Sam Perez : Campus safety advised me that it is.

Junior Senator Mika Philip : Why did you choose these specific areas?

Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins : It is University property.

President Sam Perez : The last location is not on the University’s property so it will take longer

to place.

Vice President Jahwala Johns : Did they talk about the response time for the blue lights since

they are not on campus.

Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins : It is equidistant to the Villas and school.

President Sam Perez : I can ask campus safety, but I would assume there isn’t a difference.

First-year Senator Hiwad Haide r: Who is the first line of response? Campus safety of the


Junior Senator David Warne : Is it redundant to say “endeavor to work”?

President Sam Perez: It adds flair.

Parlimentarian Ricky Matthews : Did you look into bringing blue lights to the dark side?

President Sam Perez : This is a starting point and since the school is expanding, we can place

more blue lights in the future.

At-large Senator Alejandro Sugerr : Maybe you can propose adding more lights around


President Sam Perez : Yes.

Talking Point Presentation by Tedd Vanadilok

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Tedd Vanadilok to give a Talking Points presentation. His

presentation is summarized succinctly below:

- Funds of Inactive RSOs:

- Current Inactive RSOs → 93 (Inactive for at least 4 years)

- In 93 account there is approx $25,939.94

-Inactive: they didn't renew during a current academic year. // An RSO may renew at any time

but must renew in the spring quarter for the following academic years

-Dissolved: RSO Is formally shut down and all assets are rolled back to the university and to

their members.

Dissolving an RSO: Section IV B. 11a-c

Dissolving an RSO: Section IV B. 11d

Proposal : Assuming that CSI collaborates with ASG to formally dissolves some or all of the 93

RSOs in accordance with relevant bylaws:

- CSI proposed that these unused funds are made available for active RSOs to use

- Unused funds would roll into a supplemental funding pool that the student senate

allocated to RSOs.


Junior Senator David Warne : Why wouldn’t these funds be added to the discretionary funds?

That can happen.

Sophomore Senator Nick Niehaus : Does the 93 number include the clubs that have been

inactive for a year?

No, 4 or more years.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar : You were talking about the dissolution process. If they have

money donated by an outside source, the members get to split it and keep the money? This

seems like a club could raise money and then dissolve to collect the money in their account. Do

you think that it is an okay policy?

We can add regulation to the bylaws.

Sophomore Senator Ciara Moezidi s: Does the dissolution stop them from becoming an RSO in

the future?

No, but if you think an RSO will come back again, I advise that you do not go through

the dissolution process.

Junior Senator Mika Philip : Why would they be inactive?

Mostly because it was a club that was popular back in the day, but is no longer present

on campus.

First-year Senator Kate Padrnos : There are about 160 RSOs, does that include the 93?

No, these are only active. 3 classification: active, inactive 1 year and inactive 4

First-year Senator Justin Chan : More clarification on funds that SAC oversees. Is there a

separate fund?

Junior Senator David Warne : There was poor engagement with the Santa Clara Fund.

First-year Senator Justin Chan : Would the extra $6,000 effect the budget?

No, We should just lump it in.

Junior Senator David Warne : if it appears as a surplus, they might give us less money for next


I would be 2 separate line items.

At-large Senator Jim O’Brien : We shouldn't deserve a club that may come back. What if we

can't come to an agreement on what we are going to dissolve? What gives them the right to

assume the money?

It's subjective

Junior Senator David Warne : How often would they re-establish after 4 years?

At-large Senator Rory Pannkuk: How much of the $26,000 is in a clubs RSO balance? Are

there any restrains for a random person to step in and dissolve?

It's in their account balance because ASG funds are rolled back to ASG.

Junior Senator Mika Philip : What defines an inactive RSO?

They don't renew.

First-year Senator Hiwad Haider : Diverting to a new fund under a new name would be good

for ASG because it would show efficient and transparent.

First-year Senator Justin Chan : Does the $26,000 have to be used for RSOs or could it be used

for ASG?

Junior Senator David Warne : 2 years ago SAC went 6,000 over. Maybe $15,000 goes to

emergency and the remainder goes to SAC?

Up to you. Full disclosure, there was a formula error in the excel spreadsheet was off

that year.

Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins : Could ASG get any of this money?

No, because ASG is not an RSO.

RSO Renewal process

Presented by Tedd Vanadilok

- Have at least two undergraduate students to serves as club officers, particularly

president and treasurer.

- Have at least 15 self-electing members which may include club officers

- Constitution

- Online form for officer and advisor

Phase 1: CSI Phase 2: ASG

Reasons for approval concerns:

Lack of sufficient insurance

Demonstrated explicit risk to students safety and well being

Duplication of existing RSO and CSO

A veto by university school or department

Inability to follow directions by CSI and ASG

Formation out of spite.

Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews : If the club meets the minimum requirements, senators are

required to vote yes

No. You can use your discretion.

Junior Senator David Warne : Can you give more specifics on bullet point 2?

Consultation with Lori and risk management. Don't think of it as related to freedom of


Junior Senator Vidya Pingali : With Pokemon Go, most people voted no for long jevity reasons.

You make a collective choice on the merits of an RSO and if they meet requirements.

That is for you to discuss. The board of trustees delegated power to approve RSO to the

Senate. It's not just a formality.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman : As senators, we have an obligation to vote based on fitting

criteria, but our constituents feel a way. Should they rep their constituents or follow policy.

At-large Senator Jim O’Brien : Can I vote no based on my constituents?

Senate Chair Alex Perlman : So if the people I represent want me to vote a situation, must I

follow Lenards Law?

Vote and support your constituencies.

First-Year Senator Allie Bare : is there an exhaustive list?

No, then it becomes a checklist.

Junior Senator David Warne : How do we mesh always voting with our constituents and the

presentation on Lenards law

I would have to consult with her. Use critical thinking and have a legitamte reason to

say no.



➢ Public Relations VP

Marketing for Sam & Amber’s sexual assault awareness w greek leaders, Collaborating with

APB to plan marketing for Comm for Bronco Olympics weeks, Design graduation stoles for

ASG seniors.

➢ Community Development VP: Bronco Friday this Friday, EPP program next week, RLC

week 4

➢ Finance VP: Spent about 75% of the budget, Budget price next week, Working on FY 20,

➢ Chief Justice: Working on some exciting new bylaws, new office hours, meshers

Finalizing the clean drinking event

➢ Vice President: Unit increase meeting, email back, Career center student feedback, info

session week 3, Tabling for PVD

➢ President: Sexual Assault Awareness summit, talking with John Sobrato, Contraceptive

distribution policy


➢ COMM: Greek life event for health and safety set, Draft for the senior calendar, turning the

tables on tabling

➢ CUIC: First red cup pick up on April 14

➢ FOC: No Update

➢ SAC: No Update


➢ Survey Feedback Survey Review:

➢ Quote of the week


Senate Chair Alex Perlman called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Sophomore Senator

Robbie Nunes motioned to adjourn. Senior Senator Kayla Williams seconed the motion.


Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 8:44 pm

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