Senate Meeting Minutes :: 3.7.19 :: Week 9

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting March 7th, 2019

Members Present:

Senate Chair Alex Perlman Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews

First Year Senators:

Allie Bare Justin Chan Hiwad Haider Kate Padrnos Luke Paulson

Sophomore Senators:

Kyle Andrews

Ciara Moezidis Nicholas Niehaus Robbie Nunes Sahil Sagar

Junior Senators:

Shivani Gohil Vidya Pingali Mika Philip David Warne

Senior Senators:

Claire Hultquist Rachel Wiggins Kayla Williams

At-Large Senators:

Nina Molanphy Raul Orellana Rory Pannkuk Eduardo Ruano Sophia Smith Alejandro Sugerr Amber Wang

Members Absent:

Leif Allmeroth Eoin Lyons

Avery James

Jim O’Brien

1. CALL TO ORDER Senate Chair Alex Perlman​ called the March 7th, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University Student Senate to order at 7:01 pm in the Benson Memorial Center Williman Room.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman​ invited At-large Senator ​Raul Orellana​ to recite the invocation. 2. ROLL CALL

Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri ​took roll at 7:01 pm.

3. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA Senate Chair Alex Perlman ​asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the agenda. First-year Senator ​Allie Bare ​motioned to approve the agenda and First-year Senator ​Justin Chan​ ​seconded the motion.

4. APPROVAL OF THE PREVIOUS MINUTES Senate Chair Alex Perlman ​asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting minutes and requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Sophomore Senator​ Sahil Sagar ​motioned to approve the minutes and Senior Senator ​Kayla Williams ​seconded the motion​.


Guest Speaker: ​Michael Crowley - Vice President of Finance and Administration Senate Chair Alex Perlman ​invited Michael Crowley to speak to the Senate. His presentation

is summarized succinctly below:

  • - Formerly the President of the Oakland A and the San Jose Earthquakes

  • - At SCU, oversees Auxiliary services, Finance, University Operations, Investments, Risk

Management and compliance, Human resources.

  • - Stakeholders: Students, faculty, staff, president, the board of trustees, outstanding

bonds (Holder), Alumni to maintain the values of their degrees, and future students,

faculty, and staff. Senate Chair Alex Perlman thanked Michael Crowley for his presentation and opened the floor to any questions

Junior Senator ​David Warne:​ Was Brad Pitt a good choice for Billy Bean? Brad Pitt helped the brand. He was nice to the staff and security. Michael Lewis

approached us in the early 2000s to write an article, he joined at spring training and realized that there was more to include. So he wrote a book. At the time we had a competitive advantage so I was a bit apprehensive to write the book, but it then started to evaporate. The amount of A’s merchandise sold because of the movie was incredible.

At-large Senator ​Eduardo Ruano​: What do the earthquakes have to do to attract all-stars? Money mostly. We have 3 players right now. The player have to fit the system, the

coach has to want the player, and it depends on the contract status. The player also has to want to come here and we have to be cognizant of what the contract wants. I’d rather have a younger player on the way up. We like the challenge and the opportunity, the values to live here, this is was a situation that could help him win.

Sophomore Senator ​Ciara Moezidis:​ In regards to the VTA smart pass not being included in next years fees, how do you suggest we do more research and get more engagement for the student body to get the best data?

Many thought it was a great idea but didn’t think they would use the VTA pass, therefore, they didn’t want to include it. Some sentiment on how do we understand that the majority of students really want this. I don’t know how you would go about it. Jeane talked to people from SJSU, they have more commuters from further distances, but it is something that we haven’t shut off. It could be something with sustainability.

Junior Senator ​Mika Philip:​ Do you deal with tuition and tuition expansion? The university budget is under my department.

Junior Senator ​Mika Philip: ​What is the enhancement fee? It goes to different services on campus and the infrastructure. I can send the

information to Alex. Junior Senator ​Mika Philip: ​Why isn’t it included with tuition.

I’m not sure why it came in. We didn't raise it.

First-year Senator ​Kate Padernos​: What do you like most about SCU and why did u come here? My wife was an alum, we got married here, I had the association with the school when

the earthquakes played on campus. Alot the the enhancements came when were were here. I sat on the Sports Ethics Board and Fr. Engh’s Blue Ribbon Commission. That was very limited term task. The values at Santa Clara University matched mine at this point in my career. Lots of activity. The university does great things.

Guest Speaker: Bridget Colbert - Interim General Counsel

  • - Been here almost 8 years

  • - Deals with Issues around registering student organizations.

- How the admin works in that process: They have delegated authority to ASG for RSO certification. As long as the group meets the minimum requirement they are to be certified. We are not held to the same standards as public schools to the constitution.

- Lenard’s law: can’t be penalized for free speech. Senate Chair Alex Perlman thanked Bridget Colbert for her presentation and opened the floor to questions.

Senior Senator ​Kayla Williams​: Although RSOs have to meet certain thresholds, we also have to address students concerns, especially since there are students who have an issue with the nature of certain clubs.

There are restriction on freedom of speech. Imminent violence and harm. We would have to look at the concerns of the students. If there mission is to insight violence or threats of harm, then we have to look at whose rights are more valued. If they are causing harm, then you can choose not to, but if its ideological it is not a reason to not certify.

Junior Senator ​David Warne​: What constitutes harm and violence? What about mental harm?

Physical harm and violence only based on 1st amendments rights.

Junior Senator ​Shivani Gohil:​ A member in SJP was posted on a terrorism website that the Israeli group knew about. This was a threat to a person’s safety. How is that perceived?

Threat of harm and violence and an exception of free speech. If you can’t show that that is their mission, then you can certified. Chapters are not held responsible for what the national organizations do.

Sophomore Senator ​Sahil Sagar​: Are RSOs automatically supposed to be certified or considered to be certified?

They would be automatically considered. If there is strong reason to not automatically certify, then you can reconsider. If they meet the minimum requirements and their mission isn’t to impose harm, then you should pass them.

First-year Senator ​Hiwad Haider: ​Do you think that there is still value of allowing students and constituent input?

It is helpful for other student to know. But based on their viewpoint of whether they should become an organization is too far. Not the most appropriate. You can uncover stuff, but you have to assess it first.


Senate Chair agenda bylaw proposal:

This bylaw is In response to better communicate what is going to be happening at each senate meetings. It’s a way for SCU students to have more awareness of what is happening during senate.

Senior Senator Kayla Williams: we don’t approve the agenda until we are in senate, so specify that it is the proposed agenda.

Junior Senator ​Mika Philip:​ Why does the Senate Chair need to reserve the right to change agenda items? Senate Chair Alex Perlman​: This is for emergency cases. For example the first open forum was a last minute addition after I had already sent out the agenda.

Sophomore Senator ​Ciara Moezidis:​ is there a way to make this a google doc? Tedd Vanadilok: I think the way it is presented its fine, we would have to work with the technology.

Senior Senator ​Kayla Williams​: What part of the Bylaw is this in? If this is in the Senate Chair’s description it should also be in VP of PR’s.

7. EXECUTIVE UPDATES Senate Chair: ​Clean drinking event will happen. Working on finding a date. Business of beer → attracts attention from upperclassmen. True Food kitchen will educate you to make a healthy drink, and then wellness will teach you how to do it.

8. COMMITTEE UPDATES COMM: Last tabling this friday, global engagement, Jim is having a meeting with Fr. engh to discuss Jesuit Values. CUIC: Delivering letter to SJP. FOC: APB campus wide event, Art on fences, positivity board, housing, Bellomy resolution, art in Heafey, ASG contributing an outfit to eco fashion show. SAC: Discussion & vote of +1000s ● OMIS Student Network: 50.9% Requested: $11,482.95 Recommended: $5850 At-Large Senator ​Raul Orellana:​ What kind of prises? Junior Senator ​David Warne​: Cash Prizes Senior Senator ​Kayla Williams:​ did they ask more than previous Junior Senator ​David Warne​: no ● SCU Own It Summit: 82.9% Requested: $3074.48, Recommended $2550 ● Turning Point USA: 62.1% Requested: $5635, Recommended $3500

Hearing no further questions, ​Senate Chair Alex Perlman​ called for a motion to white ballot. At-large Senator ​Raul Orellana​ motioned to white ballot. Senior Senator ​Rachel Wiggins seconded the motion. First-year Senator ​Allie Bare ​motioned to vote. Sophomore Senator ​Kyle Andrews​ second the motion. ​Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri​ took roll and the RSOs were funded.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman: ​Admin asked that someone from the General Inurum Council speak to us to clear up the legal stance for both the University and ASG in regards to RSOs.

Sophomore Senator ​Nick Niehaus:​ If they meet the minimum requirement they should automatically be confirmed. So what about Pokemon Go? At-large Senator ​Rory Pannkuk:​ She did say that it was up to discretion of Reason of ASG. The number of club they want to fund.

Junior Senator ​David Warne​: A requirement is that you have a broad enough spectrum of material. First-year Senator ​Allie Bare:​ Does it have to do with free speech. We can't limit them bc of free speech.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman​: It applies to everything. If we have an obligation to approve RSOs unless there is an crazy reason they shouldn't be on campus. She said our arguments for not approving pokemon go and book club were not valid.

Senior Senator ​Rachel Wiggins​: If a club meets the min requirements, why do they have to present to ASG? Tedd Vanadilok: a valid reason could be that they are overlapping w other club

At-large Senator ​Rory Pannkuk​: Why was agents of change approved to present? Tedd Vanadilok: If it has to deal with risk management we will look at it. If they met the minimum requirements of CSI ASG has the right to approve, we do not.

Junior Senator ​Mika Philip​: Why doesn’t CSI make sure there isn't any reduction measures? Tedd Vanadilok: We do. If the two RSOs can work together, then we pass them along to ASG.

Sophomore Senator ​Sahil Sagar​: SAC was thinking about restructuring the RSOs. It is a good time to bring up the three levels when we are talking about our obligations. Do you think that is relevant.

Junior Senator ​David Warne:​ I don't think that anything bought out by Bridgit changed the levels. First-year Senator ​Justin Chan:​ Yes it does. Senate Chair Alex Perlman​: SAC can discuss this and work with Tedd on this as well.

Junior Senator ​Vidya Pingali​: What discretion do we have? Senate Chair Alex Perlman​: If they aren’t posing direct harm or overlap, then we have an obligation to approve them. Moving forward that this will be communicated to senate at the beginning of the year to make sure Bridgit comes to present.

At-large Senator ​Eduardo Ruano​: What would happen in the case of a cultural club overlap? Senior Senator ​Rachel Wiggins:​ Wouldn't that depend on if they can differentiate themselves? At-large Senator ​Eduardo Ruano​: What if they say they are separate cultural entities?

First-year Senator ​Hiwad Haider​: Can we bring more transparency of the presentation ahead of time? We could have more prospective members talk to us.

Senior Senator ​Rachel Wiggins​: Is there a point in having discussion on clubsa Senate Chair Alex Perlman​: I guess not. Tedd Vanadilok: You have an obligation to follow your bylaws, and university’s, state and federal laws. If their program doesn’t causes a concern, you still have to talk about it. You should still debate it.

Senior Senator ​Rachel Wiggins​: What about clubs like book club. So that discussion wouldn’t be relevant? Senate Chair Alex Perlman:​ That is correct

First- year Senator Justin Chan: What if we had a conversation to talk about the potential clubs before hand to see if there is a controversy?

Junior Senator David Warne: We have done that before and it results in prejudice of the club.

First-year Senator Kate Padrnos: At one point we talked about longevity or inactivity of a club. Tedd Vanadilok: There are some clubs that don’t last as long, but you left them fizzle out. If they stayed alive then we would have 1000s of RSOs by now.

Senior Senator Claire Hultquist: Is this something that if we still liked the way presentations were going, is that a resolution or is it set in stone.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman​: she was relaying the law, and how the university follows it. Unless we want to petition to state legislatures, we will comply.

Senior Senator ​Kayla Williams​: Is it okay if she goes through our bylaws? Tedd Vanadilok: She looked through it already. Senior Senator ​Kayla Williams: ​Did she want to make any changes to it? Tedd Vanadilok: No

First-year Senator​ Luke Paulson:​ Does that mean we can’t limit the number of RSOs we can have? At-large Senator ​Eduardo Ruano: ​Has there ever been a plan to expand the budget if we gotta to that place

Junior Senator ​David Warne: ​The budget is approved each year depending on the number of RSOs.

Junior Senator ​Mika Philip​: Are we allowed to ask her why SJP had to fill out controversy forms and SSI did not? Tedd Vanadilok: SSI would have to do the same thing.

Sophomore Senator ​Sahil Sagar​: when SJP was trying to become an RSO, the university put them through different struggles. Senate Chair Alex Perlman​: that should not have be the case.

Junior Senator ​David Warne:​ They became a club in 2011, and that is was an unjust way to go through the hoops. Their senate did not have the info we have now. Hopefully they won't have to jump thru those hoops again.

- Senator & nickname of the week - SJP & SSI update: SSI no longer wanted to continue conversations with SJP and

Senate. SJP is coming forward with a referendum next quarter.

Junior Senator ​Rory Pannkuk​: would that referendum be anything considering the information we go today. Senate Chair Alex Perlman​: Unless there is a safety concerns, they would look into it.

At-large Senator ​Sophia Smith​: SJP is looking into safety concerns

Sophomore Senator ​Ciara Moezidis​: Since nothing was codified, are they really at a stand still If the administration could overturn and there isn't conversation? Senior Senator ​Kayla Williams​: What's the point of the referendum if the administration is going to over turn it.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman:​ Regardless of whether the safety concerns are valid, the school would step in. Tedd Vanadilok: It depends on the language of the referendum. A referendum says that you disagree with ASG’s actions and you have to propose a remedy.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman:​ Remedy was a revote and if that case there would be another discussion.

Tedd Vanadilok: SSI didn’t agree upon the terms. Is it right for one RSO to tell another how to operate? Admins thought it was not a good precedent.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman:​ There was a lot of agreeing during the meeting, but Valerie wanted to take some time to think about it. But there was mutual agreement.

  • - Week 10 - bonding dinner/potluck

  • - Quote of the week

10. ADJOURNMENT Senate Chair Alex Perlman​ called for motion to adjourn the February 28th senate meeting. At-large Senator ​Rory Pannkuk​ motioned to vote and First-year Senator ​Hiwad Haider seconded the motion.

11. ROLL CALL Pro Tempore Mary Balestreri​ took roll at 8:28pm

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