Senate Meeting Minutes :: 2.28.19 :: Week 8

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting February 28th, 2019

Members Present:

Senate Chair Alex Perlman

Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri

Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews

First Year Senators:

Allie Bare

Justin Chan

Hiwad Haider

Kate Padrnos

Luke Paulson

Sophomore Senators:

Kyle Andrews

Ciara Moezidis

Nicholas Niehaus

Robbie Nunes

Sahil Sagar

Junior Senators:

Vidya Pingali

Mika Philip

David Warne

Senior Senators:

Leif Allmeroth

Claire Hultquist

Eoin Lyons

Rachel Wiggins

Kayla Williams

At-Large Senators:

Nina Molanphy

Jim O’Brien

Raul Orellana

Rory Pannkuk

Eduardo Ruano

Sophia Smith

Alejandro Sugerr

Amber Wang

Members Absent:

Shivani Gohil

Avery James


Senate Chair Alex Perlman called the February 28th, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara

University Student Senate to order at 7:00 pm in the Benson Memorial Center Williman Room .

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Sophomore Senator Nina Molanphy to recite the



Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 7:01 pm.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting.

He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the agenda. At-Large Senator Jim O’Brien motioned to approved the

agenda and At-Large Senator Eduardo Ruano seconded the motion.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting minutes and

requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the minutes. At-Large Senator Raul Orellana motioned to approve the

minutes and First-Year Senator Justin Chan seconded the motion .


Guest Speaker: Bob Owen - Vice Provost & CIO

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Bob Owen to speak to the senate. His presentation is

summarized succinctly below:

- Areas of Focus for Job:

- Academic Technology: Information technology resources specialists help to

infuse technology into curriculum and the classroom

- Cyber information technology

- Enterprise applications - Ecampus, Peoplesoft (EPRS)

- 3.5 year plan to get SCU off of peoplesoft and transition to workday

(Long-term horizon)

- Information security office

- Library

- Need on campus for a robust wireless network. This summer we are replacing the

wireless access point

Senate Chair Alex Perlman thanked Bob Owen for his presentation and opened the floor to any


Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins : Can you speak to how our emails will work once we have


The email address is switched over to an alumni address. We are trying to decide

whether students can keep the email, or use an alumni address.

Senior Senator Kayla Williams : Given that the new STEM building will be the central hub for

technology, will you have to expand your department.

Not at this time. Engineering will take care of the plans, the new stem building will be

apart of our physical network, but as of right now they are on their own.

Junior Senator David Warne: What is the student facing side of peoplesoft?

Think about how you interact with ecampus. Workday is a cloud based system.

Peoplesoft was created in 1999. It was written with the technology that existed at that time and

was not meant for mobile devices. We have modified our system 13,000 times. We spend all of

our time keeping the dinosaur alives and it is hard to get the functioning system out to you.

Workday handles updates and backups. Better served, more reliable, better quality, and its


First-year Senator Hiwad Haider: What is the justification for the order of workday roll out?

We asked other institutions and CIO Colleagues using Workday what they

recommended. Everyone recommend HR First, and then FInance and then student in that

order. We are following best practice.

Senior Senator Claire Hulquist : Why did you choose Workday?

There are not a lot of system options. We put together a group of power users and

went to their conferences. We did our do diligence and looked at research and narrowed down

to Oracle and Workday. We brought Oracle and Workday on campus for a week each and

rated them on 80 different metrics. Workday came out on top. It was robust.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar: Do you have any plans of implementing fiber options

We have fiber optics in our system currently. Fiber is faster than copper optics but we

aren't pushing the limits of copper. It's a fair question if we are going to spend money updating

because wireless networks are getting advanced. It may be that wireless can make physical

plans obsolete.

Senior Senator Eoin Lyons: Can you tell us about the creative portion of the Q & A part of your


When I got here in 2014, Information Services was not well thought of at all. You would try to

bring up a video and it wouldn't play. There was limited communication intransparency and

people were mad at the state of technology. I knew I had to fix the network first. I started

writing my emails to the campus community, they were straight forward. Who wants to read an

email from me and I thought people will stop me and ask for the brief version of the email. I

have to have the official formal part and then talk colloquially and create FAQs. At first they

were tame and then I decided to just go with it. You are more likely to read that then an

administrator telling you something.

Voting of Election Committee Member - Mark So

Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked candidate Mark So come forward and introduce himself to

the senate. He them opened the floor for questions.

First-year Senator Hiwad Haider: how can we increase voter turnout in ASG elections?

By putting Faces to who you are voting for. Make it happen in a public setting.

Hearing no further questions, Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked Mark So to step out of the

room while the Senate deliberated.

Junior Senator Mika Philip : He is very involves, especially for a senior

At-large Senator Jim O’Brien: Can you expand?

Junior Senator Mika Philip: He is a leader in a christian club that I am in and he recently started

SCU Jams.

Hearing no further questions, Senate Chair Alex Perlman called for a motion to vote. Senior

Senator Kayla Williams motioned to vote. The vote was seconded by At-large Senator

Eduardo Ruano . Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll and Mark So was confirmed and

sworn in by Judicial Pro-Tempore Matthew DeSimone.

+1000 RSO Presentations

Senate Chair Alex Perlman called up invited representatives from SCU Own it Summit,

Turning Point USA, and OMIS Student Network to present their +1000 requests to the senate.

Their presentations and corresponding questions are summarized succinctly below:

- SCU Own It Summit

Total Amount: $4.305.39

Amount Requested: $3,074.48

At-Large Senator Jim O’Brien : Given that this is your third year with the summit, have you

learned any lessons about spending that you have applied to this request.

I have seen this club grow and I have helped it grow. At some point you grow to

capacity. We reach out to the community and get small details covered, but we do need to

expand our spending at some point.

- Turning Point USA

Total $5,620.00

Requested: $5,620.00

At-Large Senator Raul Orellana: Why aren’t you doing any fundraising?

We aren’t familiar with doing fundraiser on campus and don’t feel that a

fundraiser would be substantial.

- OMIS Student Network


Requested: $11724.00

Junior Senator Vidya Pingali : Have you considered reaching out to departments to help cover

the costs?

We are still in the process of gaining sponsorship from Ethics,the Dean of Business, and

other organizations on campus.


Open Constituent Forum

At this time, the senate opened up for a constituent forum. The comments made are

summarized below:

For the safety and privacy for all of those who spoke at the forum, names will not be included in this portion of the minutes.

Each person will have 3 minutes to speak. It will be 3 minutes per person to speak. I ask that

you respect the rules that we are putting in place. I don’t want to interrupt you. Senate is

recorded and will go public to the student body. For the senators, we have 15 minutes and 25

minutes maximum with motions. You have up to 2 motions.

I am a freshman from Santa Clara, I have know of this conflict growing up. Our students

deserve to hear from all sides. This Valentine's day it was my RSOs first tabling event. The

proceeds is for a second chance of life to unhealthy children in Israel. I was approached by SJP

and we had a very productive conversation and looked forward to having further

conversations. But they took further action. Do research for yourself and allow me to provide

you with my side of the conflict. I established SII because this conflict has been going on for

too long and it is more than having only one side on campus. I ask them to take this pain, a

pain that I share as well and look forward to establishing dialogue with my fellow broncos.

Let’s prove that we can exist together. If we can’t establish it here we cant establish it abroad.

SJP and SSI had a moderated discussion with Student Leadership. We appreciate the fact that

we are able to have the mediated discussion and with further discussion we can agree to a few

points and continue to have mediated discussions. These are just some of the issues and ideas

that we discussed and hopefully we can come to a more distinctive approach.

With no further commented, Senate Chair Alex Perlman called for a motion. Junior Senator

David Warne motioned to vote. The vote was seconded by Sophomore Senator Robbie

Nunes .



President Sam Perez : Alex, Eduardo, and Myself had a mediated conversation with SSI and

SJP to see what we could do in terms of making everyone feel safe. I wanted to create a setting

where everyone could achieve that. Both clubs could do something like statements or changes

to their constitution.

1. A bylaw that says if there is a major incident between the two clubs both executive

members would meet and discuss the issues with a mediator and ask if the student

body could be there as well

2. Communication bylaw: If any off campus organizations would come to help with

tabling, there needs to be comminiations.

3. A human rights statement in the preamble of SSI’s constitution.

None of these are set and up for discussion. They are open to making these changes In their

constitution and for SSI explicitly stating that they will not be using a watch list.

Sophomore Senator Ciara Moezidis : Since these are oral agreements what are the

consequences if one side does not comply?

President Sam Perez : They have to add it to their bylaw. If they violate their bylaw, it will go to

Judicial or CSI if necessary.

How can we mandate that they don’t use a watch list?

President Sam Perez : There are something where you can’t guarantee but the point of this

meeting is to mitigate this to the highest extent. We can’t get the complete guarantee but

that's the case with a lot of things. This isn't us advocating we are having the space for each

sides to advocate for themselves and though it was import to clear the air around the issues

and allow them to both have the conversation.

Junior Senator David Warne : We should focus on the fact that people from ASG calmed down

these clubs. It’s about the fact that they had the conversation.

Senior Senator Eoin Lyons : What will the national organization say about their bylaws?

President Sam Perez : Each chapter is a grassroot organization and they can make their own


Junior Senator Vidya Pingali : To clarify last week, they wanted to appeal?

President Sam Perez : These discussions are still going to happen. If it goes well and becomes

finalized and both parties agree there will be not referendum.

President Sam Perez : A referendum is a lot of work and getting thousands of students to vote

is difficult. Jeanne can still allow for them to be on campus. A referendum may not be the best

route. This might be the best route to make their members safe. They should feel comfortable if

they don't feel completely satisfied they can go forward. The referendum would come spring


First-year Senator Hiwad Haider : Is their advisor still a point of contention?

President Sam Perez :That person was not an advisor, Lori is. But this person is a concern

because he is associated with the club. But hence the bylaw for communication.

Senior Senator Leif Allmeroth: Does the communication require details?

President Sam Perez : They will not have to give specifics, just to let the other club know that

there will be off campus people coming.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar: Shouldn't that be applied to all clubs since this is applied to

their constitution?

President Sam Perez :They still have to send in a form with CSI.

So then wouldn’t clubs like TPUSA or clubs with political affiliations have to let their

oppositions know too?

Tedd Vanadilok: They need to agree to put it in their constitutions. It’s up to the discretion to

the conservative and democratic clubs to put it in their constitution.

- Public Relations VP - bronco posi and difficult dialogues.

- Community Development VP- Monthly code enforcement meeting , welcome to finals

event , bubble soccer March 8

- Finance VP - 56% spent

- Chief Justice- Bronco pre law panel coming, tabling with comm dev.

- Vice President- Meeting with Marquita Coe was productive, proposal for until increase

March 11, figuring out a meeting with after internal senate meeting.

➢ President - Condom resolution is coming in 2 weeks


- SAC: Discussion & vote of +1000s

● Intandesh 62.68% Requested $4945, $3100

● Global Medical Brigades 100%, Requested 6500 Recommended 6500

● Korean Student Association 52.3% requested $12,703.15 Recommend $6645

● Barkada of SCU 96.3% Requested $8000, Recommended $7700

● Igwebuike- 72.7% Requested $4626, Recomened $2635

● Ka Mana’o Hawaii 88.9% Requested $2816.48 Recommended $2506

● Santa Clara University Associated General Contractors- 26.4% Requested $3180,

Recommended $840

Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked for a motion to white ballot. Senior Senator Leif Allmeroth

motioned to white ballot and Sophomore Senator Robbie Nunes seconded the motion.

Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews motioned to vote and First-year Senator Allie Bare

seconded the motion. Pro Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll and the clubs were funded.


- Week 10 - bonding

- Renee Baumgartner wants to have a meeting with ASP representatives in the spring to

change the campus culture to around student spirit.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman called for motion to adjourn the February 28th senate meeting.

Senior Senator Kayla Williams motioned to vote and At-Large Senator Rory Pannkuk

seconded the motion.


Pro Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 8:37pm

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