Senate Meeting Minutes :: 2.21.19 :: Week 7

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting February 21st, 2019

Members Present:

Senate Chair Alex Perlman

Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri

Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews

First Year Senators:

Allie Bare

Hiwad Haider

Kate Padrnos

Luke Paulson

Sophomore Senators:

Kyle Andrews

Ciara Moezidis

Nicholas Niehaus

Robbie Nunes

Sahil Sagar

Junior Senators:

Shivani Gohil

Avery James

Vidya Pingali

Mika Philip

David Warne

Senior Senators:

Leif Allmeroth

Eoin Lyons

Rachel Wiggins

At-Large Senators:

Jim O’Brien

Raul Orellana

Rory Pannkuk

Eduardo Ruano

Sophia Smith

Alejandro Sugerr

Amber Wang

Members Absent:

Justin Chan

Claire Hultquist

Nina Molanphy

Kayla Williams


Senate Chair Alex Perlman called the February 21st, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara

University Student Senate to order at 7:01 pm in the Casa Italiana Residence Hall Commons.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews to recite the



Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 7:02 pm.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting.

He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the agenda. At-Large Senator Amber Wang motioned to approved the

agenda and First-year Senator Allie Bare seconded the motion.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting minutes and

requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the minutes. Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews motioned to approve the

minutes and At-Large Senator Rory Pannkuk seconded the motion .


Guest Speaker: Jim Lyons VP University Relations

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited VP University Relations Jim Lyons to speak to the student

senate. His presentation is summarized succinctly below:

- Open to share what he can about the University

- Recruited to put on a comprehensive camping

- Raise 1 billion dollars for Construction (Like dowd, charney, benson, Finn….. )

- $550 million was for capital.

- Just finished first phase now we are going into the public phase.

- Next phase is about students, faculty, research, internships (real


- Recruited to reorganize the university relations areas

- Recruited to create a Greater national/international profile → used to be provincial

parochial schools

- Change a geographical mix

- Greater diversity (Color, culture, geography) Especially international students.

Small international student population

- Gives us a wider range to attract faculty and donor pool

- These next 5-10 years are the golden years for the university

- Tell the Santa Clara Story

Senate Chair Alex Perlman thanked Jim Lyons for his presentation and opened the floor up to


Senior Senator Eoin Lyons: What are the priorities of the University and where do you see it


We are shifting the money to faculty and students. We are placing a priority on financial

and scholarship money. Need to provide more financial need money so that students can

afford to go here. 1st to help people 2. Shared governance (especially with the new president)

My job to set the direction and to help people to do what they need to do. Our job is to get a

good education and move onto the next step. 3. Continued emphasis on athletics. It was taken

away from athletics and put into academics. And now we want to put money into students

experience. 3 priorities for right now

First-year Senator Hiwad Haider: Will the addition of more financial aid tuition affect the price


Yes and no. In education we are dependent on labor. The trustees are adamant about

keeping tuition increase low. About 75-80% come from tuition dollars. Helps us to keeps costs

lower. The University is committed to it. It’s always at the top when it come to budget.

First-year Senator Luke Paulson: The main goal is to increase our national and international

appeal. How do you think we can do that?

We have identified ways that we can do that. We can have one of the best english dept

in the counties. We have to identify a few programs to be recognized. We have a few centers

of recognition. We can throw money at it but it is expensive. $40k to do an add in the New

York Times. It comes back to raising money. One of the best ways is through conferences

telling the SCU story. Joint research is unique to create out national profile. The better known

the school is the more our students will get more Fullbrights and Rhodes, etc. Our profile is

changing so much. We are getting higher on the national profile. It will help all of you in the


Junior Senator Shivani Gohil: I know that this is a big project that will take a lot of funding.

What is the marketing strategy? Because these are very concrete action items.

If you are talking about the campaign, we have banners, newspaper adds, in the airport,

lyft and uber, Public to tell the story, but more quiet too. What are students and faculty are

doing. But it has to happen here on campus first, student need to know what is going on. We

need 1000s of people telling the story and why is its importing for it to be here. We ask alot of

students to come and present. We want students to be available to tell their stories.

Voting of PR Marketing Chair - Cecilia Fan

Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the candidate for PR Marketing Chair, Cecilia Fan, to

introduce herself to the senate. He then asked her to step out of the room so the senate can

discuss. Senate Chair Alex Perlman then opened the floor for questions.

Sophomore Senator Ciara Moezidis: What has she worked on in the past?

Junior Senator Avery James: She is in my sorority and hold a leadership position. She works

very well with other people.

Hearing no further questions, Senate Chair Alex Perlman called for a motion to vote on

Cecilia Fan. At-large Senator Rory Pannkuk motioned to vote. Senior Senator Leif Allmeroth

second the vote. Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll and the candidate was approved. She

was then sworn in by Chief Justice Jack Larkin.

+1000 RSO Presentations

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Intandesh, Global Medical Brigades, Korean Student

Union, Barkada, Igwebuike, Igwebuike, and Santa Clara University Associated General

Contractors to present their funding requests. Their presentations and any corresponding

questions are below:

■ Intandesh- Rangeeli Shaam 2019 Culture show May 3rd

Total expenses: $4945, Amount requested $4,600

Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews : Will your costumes be used next year?

We rent them because the theme of our show change each year.

■ Global Medical Brigades → Travel to panama to over spring break for a medical brigade/

Provide healthcare to rural communities

Total cost: $78,040

Junior Senator David Warne: Where will you get the rest of your funds?

Students will personally fund. Although we will do some fundraisers

■ Korean Student Association → May 4th KSA Culture Show

Total $10,785.32 Requested $8965.54

■ Barkada of SCU → 29th annual Pilipino cultural night (PCN) April 26th and 27th

Total: $15,700.00 Request $8,000

■ Igwebuike → 2019 Spring Retreat April 26, May 28, May 10

Total $2897.00 Requested $3626.80

At-large Senator Rory Pannkuk : Why are you asking for $700 more than your total expense?

Its because it is not including food or emergency money

■ Igwebuike→ 41st annual luau Saturday May 18th

Requested $3573.68

■ Santa Clara University Associated General Contractors → AGC convention 3/31/19

Total $6680.0 requested $3080

At-Large Senator Jim O’Brien: could you give a quick pitch of your club for new members?

We connect with industry experience, network, conventions, personal development

At this time, the Senate held an open forum. The comments made during the forum are

summarized below:

For the safety and privacy of those who spoke, names have been omitted from this section.

Open Forum:

A Natural part of Senate is to let people in the community voice their concerns. Anything

brought up will not be discussed. This is just to hear constituent concerns. Senators may ask a

question to clarify a concern. If you say more than just a concern, you will be shut down. Senate

is also recorded. There is 15 mins for this you can always motion for more time. There will be a

3 min time limit per speaker. Senate leadership determined that we aren't going to pull up

content but if you want us to share we can email it later.

How many of you could feel confident in giving an elevator pitch on the Palestinian Israeli

conflict. We are upset that this was approved without consulting us or Palestinian allies. CSI is

supposed to make sure the student body feel safe. We were not informed of this happening and

we were not asked to speak on the issue. We want to explain how this is detrimental to SCU’s

environment, how does this set a precedent. The conflict is really complex, and it is our

understanding that you do not feel confident or well education. And you didn’t want to -- Time


It took over a quarter and half for us to allow us to form on campus to make sure that we were

not a threat to students or Santa Clara’s campus. We had to fill out conflict forms. We wish we

were awarded the same respect that we had to show. SSI is the other side of the story and it is

an uniformed narrative. It is the oppressor vs marginalize; not two equal sides. It is not a two

sided narrative, it is giving an organization that supports an oppressive regime a voice. Allowing

this organization will continue to oppress the student voice. People on our campus dont feel


How many years ago were you founded

4 or 5.

SCU wants to make sure students feel safe. We were harrassed by the director of SSI. If that

doesn't point to people feeling unsafe I don’t know what would. SSI does not hold in to account

the human rights violations of the country. We are a university that prides itself in social justice.

You cannot bring an organization ignoring human rights violations. How can you allow a student

group on campus that supports an oppressor.

SSI supports the state. The political entity. SJP does not support a state or a political message.

Its rasing what is happening.

We are here to see how we can move forward. We wanted to see if you understood why we felt

threatened. We don’t mean to be attacking, but we want you to see how its a problem and can

be a problem not

Although revotes are not in the bylaws, we are asking for a revote. We think that our safety is

more important than bylaws. We want a formal apology and more transparency. We would also

like to see a change of advisor of SSI because students safety and wellbeing comes first.

Motion for more time

Was the harassment incident reported?

No, we did not feel that there would be action following the event. That was a mistake on our


Do you have any suggestions on how ASG can be more transparent.

You should have an area online that publicizes which new RSO’s will be presenting and


I know that we voted yes, the reason that we voted that way was because we saw the two

organizations having a conversation and saw this as promoting a difficult dialogue. Is there

something that we can do, what other action can we take?

Who would vote differently

You don’t have to vote differently

To address the difficult dialogue, it is hard when two groups don’t even agree on the facts. Such

an issue like this is so hard and constructive.

It would have to be more formal. More mediated.

Motion for more time

People have been mentioning the similarities to the TPUSA approval. Has anyone informed you

of the process that you would have to go through?

Yes we will go through it.

I believe that we should add a component to RSO presentations where they should introduce

their advisor. Is it common for RSOs to have off campus advisors?

Any club with an off campus organization can have advisors from the national or regional. It’s up

to the discretion of the club.

Are there any other reparations? What can ASG offer?

Real confirmation to ensure well being and safety. Make sure SSI events do not violate our


Have there been any other examples of students feeling threatened directly or indirectly?

One student was called a terrorist by Israel supporters

There are a few incidents, but nothing that the university could have done. It was outside of


All of us have a voice and a story, and the fact that we are not comfortable to speak is a

testament that out voices aren’t protected. We are scared regardless of our identity and this

puts us in a lot of danger. This is something that students stand for. Students feel that their

voices and identities can’t be shared. This is the upshot, this is the ramification of your vote.

There is a culture that has been created that voices are suppressed. When we talk about

difficult dialogues, the human violations would not even be acceptable as understood. When

you have something so horrific and tragic, that can’t be accepted as true, it can’t be accepted as


Motion for more time.

This is an examples of when we have felt threatened. I was told that my existence was a threat

to his identity. There were people taking pictures and harassing us. I have grown up in

Palestine, and I have known that my voice was going to be disproportionately

underrepresented. I know that there are serious ramifications of my voice being shared because

my voice is not the status quo. I feel very unsafe to share my voice.

This applies not only students currently on campus, but our founder, who has graduated,

doesn't feel safe visiting us. She is on canary mission, and the consequences are huge. When

community members feel unsafe coming back it is serious.

One of the consequences is that Israel uses that as threats to not let them back into their home

countries and can be forbidden from entering ever.

Motion for more time

I wanted to share an experience that happened on last thursday. They were selling roses and

the proceeds go to israel, I thought it was so hypocritical and ironic that a rose, a symbol of

peace and cooperation was being used to fund this regime that is the worst that humanity has to

offer. It is important to have voices from every walk of life heard, that is in the first amendment,

and even though this is a private institution, it is fair for people to think that two clubs can’t have

two opposing opinions. Facts matter. It’s not fair to say that once a decision is made that it can’t

be reversed and revised. Once the idea comes along and understand its contents based on

ideology, it enters into the mainstream of ideas. We call on the Senate to make the

modifications to make revotes be a thing.

With Turning Point, we were blamed for being against humanity and we were told that it is our

first amendment rights. I don’t want to get into the politics of the region, but give the rights to the

students to voice their opinions. We should believe in social justice for every students. If people

are harassed and the oppressors should be held accountable. Opportunities to have a learning

environment and have both sides of the dialog.

This was not in the nature of having the forum.

We are making this an open forum.

This is not a religious issue. You can have a pro Israeli type of stance, but you cannot support a

state that oppresses people. There cannot be debate and response.

This is for any decision student government makes:

You can submit a petition for referendum of 10% of student body and a ⅔ majority vote by

student body to approve the referendum. You need a remedy. In terms of going to Jeanne, the

deadline is today.

Is there an option for them to create a new bylaw?

Depends on what the bylaw is. It will not apply to this situation as it will bias.

Next time we call for a motion for more time, can you please ask for nays? I feel that we should

end discussion at this point.

I would caution with the analogy with TPUSA and how the decision was overturned. It may be

more difficult to use that case as a point of reference. These are distinct sets of cases, it is

difficult to readily make those analogies.

Reach out to SJP and do you do diligence.

-- End of Open Forum --



Executive Updates

- Public Relations: 5:30-7 difficult dialogue, Bronco news looking for students living off

campus in school owned homes

- Community Development VP: Bronco friday → 11-1 on fridays

- Finance VP → None

- Chief Justice → Once week from the bonafide pre law panel

- Senate Chair → Conscientious capitalism spring week 7, clean drinking event

- Vice President → Looking ahead for retreat, unit increase project

- President → This was a heavy senate and it can be hard to be questions about your

actions and still be confident. I know it is difficult but it is necessary! When they come

forward it adds texture to a process and we only learn from these experiences. It just

makes you better representatives. How you can be the best you can be. Our 2nd

interview went well. Task force placement with Elsa Chen and Fr. Engh. The constituent

demographics are different, looking to involve students. The committee will be based on

voices of the bronco community. See if you will be interested in sitting on these


Committee Updates

- COMM: No update

- CUIC: Difficult dialogues 5:30 williman room, human library, seeking some testimonials

to digitize the scholarship binder in the one stop office, reach out to Hiwad if interested.

- FOC: Campus event, art on the fences, difficult dialogues, more pictures for housing,

and student hype for athletics

- SAC: JSA 67.7% Requested 3499.39, Recommended $2235, Theta Tau 100%

Requested $2336 recommended $2336, Her life his glory 79.2% Requested $1515

recommended $1200, VSA 61% Requested $6254 $3820, Lambda Pi Eta: 72.4%

Requested $1415, Recommended $1025, Hipnotik: 88.7% Requested $1577.90

Recommended $1400

At≠large†Senator†Jim†OßBrien†: I have talked to people about frugality, but I have heard that

RSOs might try to high ball us.

Junior†Senator†David†Warne∫†This is reimbursement only, they can’t highball. They have to

turn in receipts to get the money back. It’s very organized and well documented

Junior†Senator†Vidya†Pingali∫†What about the SC discretionary fund?

Junior†Senator†David†Warne∫†There was miscommunication and the SC fund and has been

earmarked away from ASG for this fiscal year.

Senior†Senator†Rachel†Wiggins†: Have you thought about creating guidelines for what they

should request?

Junior†Senator†David†Warne∫†Sometimes 100% is necessary, it's situational. Generally


First≠year†Senator†Allie†Bare∫†Why did you choose to round down.

Junior†Senator†David†Warne∫†to keep it even.

Junior†Senator†Vidya†Pingali∫†How much money is left.

Junior†Senator†David†Warne∫†90,000 we are on track. This is the last +1000 session. At the

end of this plus 1000 session, once we have voted on everyone's allocation, i can show you

exactly what we have done.

Senate†Chair†Alex†Perlman†asked for a motion to white ballot. At-large Senator Raul†Orellana

motioned to white ballot and First-year Senator Allie†Bare†seconded the motion. Sophomore

Senator Kyle†Andrews†motioned to vote and the motion was seconded by First-year Senator

Hiwad†Haider†. Pro≠Tempore†Mary†Balesteri†took roll and the clubs were funded.


- Presidential Search interview - you will start hearing an outcome soon.

- Bronco posi, I have an expectation that you will go.

- What are some actions that we can do as a senate body. This is what will grow us as

leaders, and nothing will make you grow more than facing these challenges. You have

an obligation to become aware and reach out. The more you engage the more you will

grow. What can senate do. They can file for a referendum or take it to judicial

- One-on-ones

- Week 10 - bonding event instead of senate. Good way to end the quarter.

- Quote of the week

Tedd Vanadilok: Referendum is 10% of the entire student body. And a super majority of the

voting student body must vote to approve. They can file to attest a decision to judicial and must

be made within 5 hearing about approval. If the student court overrule and then they take it to

Jeane and she must consult ASG on her decision. We can’t amend the bylaws so that they

would apply to this case. We don’t want them to be retroactive. You can still concurrently have a

by law proposal but stamp it for a later date.

President†Sam†Perez∫†When looking into that, we need to be intentional. Maybe in this instance

its applicable but it could be problematic in the future.

Junior Senator David†Warne∫†We worry about our credibility with the administration, changing a

bylaw for this one issue would look unprofessional.

Tedd Vanadilok: If they go the referendum route it must be made at a senate meeting. We can

let them know that.

Senior Senator Eoin†Lyons†: is that before the signature?

Tedd; Not clearly stated

Sophomore Senator Sahil†Sagar†: If they reach out to a senator for help with language can they


Senate†Chair†Alex†Perlman†: You can’t speak on behalf of senate or ASG but you can help

them as an individual.

Sophomore Senator Ciara†Moezidis∫†Can referendums have co sponsors?

Tedd Vanadilok: The bylaws do not specify, so yes

Senate†Chair†Alex†Perlman†: Resolution can also be brought to the floor or let them take care

of it outside of senate. That is the list of what can be done. And acting on it late.

Vice†President†Jahwala†Johns†: In terms of ASG being more proactive and reaching out on

contentious clubs. Is there any action for that so we can have people be more informed to

ensure that what we published is more widely reached?

First-year Senator Allie†Bare†: ASG newsletter has the link to the minutes not the agenda.

At-large Senator Alejandro†Sugerr∫†People don’t look at all the emails, but they never went out

of their way to get informed

At-Large Senator Sophia†Smith∫†I think that regardless about how SJP is moving forward, I

think that we should issue an apology. But I think that we should have a senator or CUIC to

reach out or investigate contentious clubs.

Vice President Jahawa†Johns∫†Caution against using the justification that they should do the do

diligence in looking at their emails.


Senate†Chair†Alex†Perlman†called for a motion to adjourn. Sophomore Senator Kyle†Andrews

motioned to adjourn and At-large Senator Raul†Orellana†second the motion.


Pro≠tempore†Mary†Balestreri†took roll at 9:36pm

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