Senate Meeting Minutes :: 1.17.19 :: Week 2

February 8, 2019

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting January 17th, 2019

Members Present:

Senate Chair Alex Perlman

Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri

Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews

First Year Senators:

Allie Bare

Justin Chan

Hiwad Haider

Kate Padrnos

Luke Paulson

Sophomore Senators:

Kyle Andrews

Ciara Moezidis

Nicholas Niehaus

Robbie Nunes

Sahil Sagar

Junior Senators:

Shivani Gohil

Vidya Pingali

Mika Philip

David Warne

Senior Senators:

Leif Allmeroth

Eoin Lyons

Rachel Wiggins

Kayla Williams

At-Large Senators:

Rory Pannkuk

Sophia Smith

Amber Wang

Raul Orellana

Members Absent:

Avery James

Eduard Ruano

Alejandro Sugerr


Senate Chair Alex Perlman called the January 17th, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University

Student Senate to order at 7:00 pm in the Benson Memorial Center Williman Room.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Sophomore Senator Ciara Moezidis to recite the



Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 7:00 pm.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting.

He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the agenda. First-Year senator Allie Bare motioned to approved the

agenda and Junior Senator Mika Philip seconded the motion.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting minutes and

requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the minutes. Senior Senator Kayla Williams motioned to approve the

minutes and Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews seconded the motion .


Guest Speaker: Mike Sexton - VP Enrollment Management

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited the Guest Speaker, Mike Sexton, to the front of the senate

to give his presentation. The presentation is summary succinctly below:

- Oversees

- Undergraduate admissions

- University financial aid services

- One stop enrollment center service

- SCU Going Forward

- SCU 2020 strategic plan

- Innovating with a mission campaign

- Sobrato campus for discovery and innovation

- Undergraduate enrollment growth

- New president and provost.

- The school is evolving and so is the landscape. Most buildings you see being

built/remodeled will not come to fruition until long after your graduate.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman thanked Mr. Sexton for his presentation opened the floor for


Senior Senator Eoin Lyons : Can you speak to our yield and attendance in comparison to other


Mr.Sexton: We estimate 98% of early decision applicants will attend. The applicant pool, on

average, come from early action. The typical senior applies to seven schools. We yield 18%.

The business school has the highest admit rate and highest yield.

Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews : Is the engineering average typical for the class of 2020.

Mr. Sexton: No it is lower than average because the year before we over admitted. Our biggest

Major is Computer Science Engineering, and that is the more impacted. We asked the

applications, if space isn’t available would you be interest in other areas of eng and 64% said

yes. This is specific to computer science engineering.

Sophomore Senator Kyle Andres : As the enrollment size increases, how will Santa Clara keep

small class sizes?

Mr. Sexton: There is a formula to keep proportionality. 6,000 is the average for a school like us.

We don’t have the intend to have lecture hall. The ratio of student to faculty will stay the same.

Hearing no further questions, Senate Chair Alex Perlman , thanked Mr. Sexton for his time.

RSO Presentations

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited the representatives from the Innovator Student Union to

give their presentation to the Senate. Upon completion of their presentation, Senate Chair

Alex Perlman opened the floor to questions.

Sophomore Senator Ciara Moezidis : Will you act like the MCC, but for innovation club?

Answer: We want to be an associated student organization. We have an interested in

improving the school. Our long term goal is to become a CSO.

Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews: Have you worked with CIE on this initiative.

Answer: Yes, we have been in communication with CIE and other similar organizations. We are

working together and carrying over efforts from last year.

First-year Senator Hiwad Haider : Do you think there will be any overlap of members with the

amount of innovation clubs present?

Answer: This about how the MCC operates and the initiative that they promote.

Junior Senator Shivani Gohil: Do you envision this to be an on campus facility?

Answer:We hope that with the new innovation campus we will get a space specifically tailored

to this idea

Senate Chair Alex Perlman thanked the representatives from Innovator Student Union for

their presentation. He then called up the representative for SCUBID to present their RSO. After

their presentation Senate Chair Alex Perlman opened the floor to questions.

Senior Senator Kayla Williams : Why did you decide to create your own RSO instead of joining


Answer: We were approached by a president from another club. Other Clubs don’t do outside

projects with companies and speakers. We are hoping for people with experiences to come

present students. Not many clubs use the maker lab. Currently, there is lab being created for

this particular discipline so we will have access those specific resources with the faculty and lab

as soon as that opens.

Junior Senator David Warne : It's easy to misunderstand because there are approximately 50

other clubs related to innovation. For instance the American Society of Civil engineers. We

would most likely be working we

Junior Senator Mika Philip : Do you feel that there is anything that Bioengineering lacks that

you can bring with this club?

Answer:Bioengineering is lacking its own platform and exposure to peers and other majors.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman thanked the representatives from SCUBID for their presentation.


● Public Relations: BroncoPosi, Amazing publicity for both ASG and the PRoject, Filming

the Bronco News Video tonight.

● Community Development: Bronco Spirit Week is next week. Gonzaga game is on

thursday. Working on an initiative to get student to wear SCU gear on fridays. Educated

Partier Program.

● Finance: Budget Presentation after updates.

● Chief Justice: Bylaw edits. Student and tenant rights will be incorporated in the

Educated Partier Program. Judicial events coming soon.

● Senate Chair Reaching out the Bill Maines who runs the conscientious capitalism

program. Workin on student art fairs.

● Vice President: UPC is looking for one more person. Retreat will be February 9th from

9am-2pm. Should have date for WINGS soon.

● Presidential Search Committee: We will have students in the final interview process.

They will meet to discuss the most effective way to represent the students and to make

sure they meet constituency needs. Setting a fate to do a sexual assault program, which

will include greek life leaders. This is the first collaborative efforts.


● COMM: Tabling on odd weeks this quarter. Fill out the project tracker.

● CUIC: Red cup pick up on sunday, BroncoPosi launch party was successful. Coming out

as a queer person of color panel on January 28th, 2019.

● FOC: Working on improving pictures on the housing website. Looking in to Tapingo

Senate bonding.

● SAC: Working on software for the RSO calendar. More RSO presentation week 4.


Finance Presentation

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited VP of Finance Ben Rhodes to present the Finance Budget

Presentation. His Presentation is summarized succinctly below:

● 48% of the budget spent so far.

● Gave out more money this fall quarter because we have the resources.

● ASG operating reserves account.

○ $6000 we can spend $1000 But we don’t want to use it all this year.

● President discretionary account: 75% used.

Senior Senator Kayla Williams : Are the Reserves for ASG or RSOs?

Vp of Finance Ben Rhodes : For CSO use.

Senior Senator Kayla Williams : Have we needed to dip into the reserve for RSOs

Vp of Finance Ben Rhodes : It is an operating budget.


Voting and discussion of RSOs


First-Year Senator Justin Chan: Rory, When do you plan on having ISU become a CSO?

At-Large Senator Rory Pannkuk: It is a work in progress. I am going to try to work on

streamlining the process. Hopefully within the next year or two.

Pro≠Tempore†Mary†Balestreri∫†Are you planning on having members, or are you more of an

exec team?

At-Large Senator Rory Pannkuk: We will have members. They will help to advertise our


Senior Senator Kayla Williams: It seems like you would act as a liason, so why would you

want members.

At-Large Senator Rory Pannkuk: We want people to come to ISU to pursue their projects. A

Conduit of community.

Senior Senator Kayla Williams: How many could said they were in support of your idea given

that you will be a representative for their RSO.

At-Large Senator Rory Pannkuk: We have reached out to 30-49 clubs and they were in favor of

seeing this on campus.

Junior Senator David†Warne∫†I think in general it would make sense to have ISU once the

innovation space comes into existence. I think that it makes sense to get it running prior to that

campus coming in 2020. All CSOs stars as RSO. I imagine it being like the HUB with satellite

stations. I think it is a stepping stone as an organization.

At-Large Senator Rory†Pannkuk∫†This could be absorbed into CIE. I want to create an

organization of associate students to have centralized energy on campus and attract people on


First-year Senator Kate†Padrnos∫†I don’t know if there is a market on campus for 3 innovation


Junior Senator Shivani†Gohil∫†What problem are you trying to solve? It needs to be honed

down to a more reasonable idea. It seems broad. More specific ideas.

Sophomore Senator Sahil†Sagar∫†ISU being the MCC of innovation makes sense. There are 14

cultural clubs under the MCC. It holds them to be accountable to participation and certain

cultures. It brings awareness. Something that holds these clubs accountable to do things. They

will be a unit and have certain requirements. The ISU will host but clubs will participate. For the

other club there really isn't any innovations club like it.

Junior Senator David†Warne∫†I think a lot of us are outside the innovation world and there is a

lot that goes into it. ISU can bring authority to campus. Bringing resources and people and

students together.

First-Year Senator Allie†Bare∫†ISU makes sense because they are seeing more RSOs relating

to innovation. Starts the process of more RSOs coming for innovation especially with the new


Sophomore Senior Kyle†Andrews∫†There are a lot of students on campus who don't know

where to go, making ISU a good resource.

One Up SCU

Junior Senator Mika†Philip∫†I think that people might see repetition within these clubs, but the

definition of innovation is so fluid so that fact that we are admitting clubs with unique

perspectives might seen similar, but they are more niche.

Sophomore Senator Ciara†Moezidis∫†I remember people asking questions about what happens

to students after they graduate from the program. Can you explain this situation?

Sophomore Senator Sahil†Sagar∫†One Up is a 10 week incubator program that happens every

quarter. There is also a club portion that meets every week and is more inclusive to the

community at large. The incubator program is more competitie and the start up club is for

people with ideas, and need a place to set is out.

Sophomore Senator Ciara†Moezidis†: Would you consider having the incubator program being a

once a year program hosted through the ISU?

Sophomore Senator Sahil†Sagar∫†the incubator process is separate and it is very concentrated.

You need to be consolidated and have a core group the mentorship. We will be collaborating as

a program. There were be certain meet ups with mentors. That needs to be an intimate process.

Start up will open up the network. One up needs to be more specific.

First-year senator Hiwad†Haider∫†It can be very stressful for students when they must go

through an extensive application program for an RSO. I encourage you and other RSO to form a

common application to make they process easier for the students.

Junior Senator Vidya†Pingali†: You have to apply for the incubator program But you have

members on the side? What happens if you don’t get accepted to the incubator program.

Sophomore Senator Sahil†Sagar†: If you don’t get accepted to the incubator program, you would

be invited to join the startup portion of the club which will provide membership workshops and

fairs. Anyone can join that side and be present in that club.

Junior Senator Vidya†Pingali∫†How will you coordinate all of this?

Sophomore Senator Sahil†Sagar†: Since we are made up of two clubs that merged together, we

have a large team.

First-year Senator Kate†Padrnos†: If someone applies, but is not accepted, is there a way for

them to prepare for the next application period?

First-Year Senator Allie†Bare†: Are we approving One Up as one unit?


Agents for Change

At-large Senator Sophia†Smith†: Every program they offered resembled what we already have

with SCCAP. SCCAP does a lot, and there isn’t always a large turn out, so I don’t think adding

a new organization would be beneficial.

Sophomore Senator Kyle†Andrews†: I think it would be good if they came back to present. I

don’t feel comfortable voting now.

Junior Senator David†Warne†: I think this was before the First-years arrived.

Senior Senator Rachel†Wiggins†: Are they Still Affiliated with Ro Khanna?

Senate†Chair†Alex†Perlam†: They used to be affiliated with Ro Khanna, they disaffiliated, but

there is still traces on the internet. Dis affiliated by there are still traces on the internet

Junior Senator Vidya†Pingali†: This is a bit problematic and vague seeing that they are too

similar to SCCAP.

Sophomore Senator Robbie†Nunes†: I remember them saying that they differentiated

themselves because they worked off campus. Isn’t that what SCCAP does?

At-large Senator Rory†Pannkuk†: Since they used to be affiliated, to what extent are they

political? How were they affiliated to the campaign?

Senate†Chair†Alex†Perlman†: They are a spin off of SCCAP. Ro Khanna created this as a

philanthropy. It was a big organization and they disaffiliated from his name. Legal council

wanted us to hold off on voting until disaffiliation had been finalized. The issues is that if he runs

again, will this show a bias on campus?

Hearing no further questions, Senate†Chair†Alex†Pelman†asked for a motion to vote of

SCUBID. Senior Senator K ayla†Williams†Motioned to Vote. Sophomore Senator Robbie†Nunes

Seconded the motion. Pro≠Tempore†Mary†Balestreri†took roll. The RSO is approved.

Senate†Chair†Alex†Pelman†asked for a motion to vote of ISU. Sophomore Senator Kyle

Andrews†motioned to Vote. Senior Senator Leif†Allmeroth†Seconded the motion.

Pro≠Tempore†Mary†Balestrer†i took roll. The RSO is approved.

Senate†Chair†Alex†Pelman†asked for a motion to vote of SCU One Up. First-year Senator u

motioned to Vote. Senior Senator Eoin†Lyons†seconded the motion. Pro≠Tempore†Mary

Balestreri†took roll. The RSO is approved.

Senate†Chair†Alex†Pelman†asked for a motion to vote of Agents of Change. First-Year Senator

Justin†Chan†motioned to Vote. Sophomore Senator Sahil†Sagar†Seconded the motion.

Pro≠Tempore†Mary†Balestreri†took roll. The RSO is not approved.


- Open Position

- Senate at the basketball game next week

- Senate buddy program

Senate†Chair†Alex†Perlman†called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. First-year Senator Allie

Bare†Motioned to Adjourn and At-large Senator Raul†Orellana†seconded the motion.


Pro≠Tempore†Mary†Balestreri†took roll at 8:52pm

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