Senate Meeting Minutes :: 1.10.19 :: Week 1

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting January 10th, 2019

Members Present:

Senate Chair Alex Perlman

Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri

Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews

First Year Senators:

Allie Bare

Justin Chan

Hiwad Haider

Kate Padrnos

Luke Paulson

Sophomore Senators:

Kyle Andrews

Ciara Moezidis

Nicholas Niehaus

Robbie Nunes

Sahil Sagar

Junior Senators:

Shivani Gohil

Avery James

Vidya Pingali

Mika Philip

David Warne

Senior Senators:

Leif Allmeroth

Eoin Lyons

Kayla Williams

At-Large Senators:

Rory Pannkuk

Eduardo Ruano

Sophia Smith

Alejandro Sugerr

Amber Wang

Raul Orellana

Members Absent:

Rachel Wiggins


Senate Chair Alex Perlman called the January 10th, 2019 meeting of the Santa Clara University

Student Senate to order at 7:00 pm in the Benson Memorial Center Williman Room.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Sophomore Senator Robbie Nunes to recite the



Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 7:00 pm.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting.

He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the agenda. At-Large Senator Raul Orellana motioned to approved the

agenda and First-year Senator Allie Bare seconded the motion.



Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting minutes and

requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the minutes. Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews motioned to approve the

minutes and At-Large Senator Eduardo Ruano seconded the motion .



Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited the candidate, Devon Graneri, to the front of the senate to

introduce himself. He asked the senate if there were any questions for Devon.

Sophomore Senator Ciara Moezidis : What does this committee ential?

Devon Graneri: Making sure the election committee process runs correctly and smoothly.

Junior Senator David Warne : What experience do you have qualifying you for this position?

Devon Graneri: I was a retreat minister which allowed me to talk with other students to ensure

that they were mentally, spiritually, and physically okay. I would like to bring what I have

learned from this experience to the election committee process.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar : Why do you want to get involved with this position?

Devon Graneri: I want to help out the SCU community.

Hearing no further questions, Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the candidate to leave the

room so the senate could discuss. Senate Chair Alex Perlman then opened the floor to


Junior Senator David Warne : Who chooses the candidates?

Senate Chair Alex Perlman : Jahwala.

Junior Senator David Warne : Are there any restrictions?

Senate Chair Alex Perlman : There aren’t any restrictions.

Vice President Jahwala Johns: There are more candidate to come. The bylaws state that is

someone files an election violation the committee must meet. If violations aren't filed than the

committee never fully comes to fruition.

Hearing no further questions, Senate Chair Alex Perlman called for a motion to vote. Junior

Senator Kayla Williams motioned to vote and First-year senator Allie Bare second the

motion. Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll and the candidate was approved. Senate

Chair Alex Perlman called Devon Graneri back into the room to be confirmed by Judicial

Pro-Tempore Matthew DeSimone .

Senate Survey Results and Senate Winter Quarter Discussion

Senate Chair Alex Perlman and Committee Chairs Senior Senator Eoin Lyons , Senior Senator

Kayla Williams , Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins , Junior Senator David Warne , and


Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews presented on the senate survey results and ways to

improve for winter quarter. The following are questions and answers form this discussion:

First-year Senator Justin Chan : In regards to the ASG Buddies system, do we pick an

administrator from a list?

Senate Chair Alex Perlman : Yes, there is a list of administrators who have yet to be paired

with senators.

Junior Senator Kayla Williams : Because we have a senate made up of many new ASG

members, there is going to be some distance between senators and the administrators. Many

of the administrators are open to talk to students.

Junior Senator Mika Philip : What will be on the ASG project document?

Junior Senator David Warne : I imaging that in the archive of the past attempted projects, it

won’t be very extensive.

Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews : When you put your name on the RSO sign up sheet, that

means that you are going to be sending them an email.

Sophomore Senator Ciara Moezidis : If we email an RSO and have a conflict with there meeting

time can we specify somewhere on the form that we emailed them to let other RSO members

reach out?

Senior Senator Kayla Williams : Yes, you can put that in the comments in the section.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman : You can also write the time.

First-year Senator Justin Chan : What is supposed to be done in office hours?

Senate Chair Alex Perlman : You will go to the meeting and introduce yourself. Let them know

that you are available to answer any questions and observe how they operate.

First-year Hiwad Haider : Will the spreadsheet address clubs that don’t usually meet?

Senate Chair Alex Perlman : Ricky made a list of clubs that senators went to last quarter to

avoid repeats.

Enrich Presentation

President Sam Perez : We started without Engage platform. Our organization has

accomplished much more than was expected of us. The trustees were impressed.

Vice President Jahwala Johns : Sam has a list of this quarters initiatives on the Google


President Sam Perez : Engage was about looking at ourselves as an organization, and Enrich

will be about focusing on what the students need to enrich their experiences.

OneUp RSO Presentation

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited representatives from OneUp to present their RSO to the



OneUp is a 10 week startup incubator and entrepreneurial club which is backed through

the Leavey School of Business and the community for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Approximately 400 people are on their email list and 40 people have registered for the

club with 15 mentors.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman thanked the representatives from OneUp for their presentation

and opened the floor to questions.

At-Large Alejandro Sugerr : How will this club work with CIE

Answer: Have been working with them for the past 3 quarters. We have obtained discretionary

funding from the Leavey School of Business along with grants. As an RSO we are eligible for

donations and more networking opportunities. Our goal is to be in constant communication

with CIE.

At-Large Alejandro Sugerr: What is the long term goal for this RSO?

Answer: our platform is for students by students. We want to collaborate with CIE rather than


First-year Senator Allie Bare : Are you developing the educational program yourselves?

Answer: Yes.

Junior Senator David Warne : what do you mean by 15+ certified faculty members?

Answer: certified means that they are qualified mentors and have industry connections.

Junior Senator Shivani Gohil : What are the qualification to advance into the incubator process?

Answer: We work on an as is basis. People with different skill sets who can expand through our

cohort. We currently have a length application and interview process.

First-year Senator Kate Padrnos : What about retention? What will happen to members once

they finish the program?

Answer: once they finish the program, they are considered alumni but they can still be included

included in the RSO. We will rely upon them for mentorship and feedback.

Junior Senator Vidya Pingali : Is this a competition? Why is there an initial vetting process? Can

you not accommodate everyone?

Answer: We have 15 mentors and tailored workshops. We want to dedicate resources to a few

teams who can advance and complete this program without dropping out. At the request of CIE

and the dean of the Business school, we are to cater to people who want to learn more about

the program and encourage them to apply. Then spread the word.


Public Relations : We have been working with the BroncoPosi team which launches next week.

Working on the Educated Partier Program, Bronco week, and our Promotional Video.

Community Development : Working on Bronco Spirit Week, Educated Partier Program, and

Bronco Brawl.

Finance : We reorganized the budget to create funding for BroncoPosi. There will be a budget

presentation next week.


Chief Justice : No Updates

Senate Chair : Working on a responsible dinner forums and hosting a student art sale during

welcome weekend.

Vice President : Winter retreat coming up. Changing the quarterly town hall forum.

President : Presidential Search Committee investigation update.


COMM : Tabling weeks 3,5,7,9. Working on the online maps and senior guide for spring


CUIC : BroncoPosi kickoff next week.

FOC : No Update

SAC : Working on RSO event calendar.



Senate Chair Alex Perlman distributed gratitude journals


- Open senator positions

- Fill out project sheet

- Basketball game after senate


Senate Chair Alex Perlman called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Junior Senator David

Warne motioned to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Senior Senator Kayla

Williams .


Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 8:15pm


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