Senate Meeting Minutes :: 9.20.18 :: Week 1

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting September 20, 2018

Members Present:

Senate Chair Alex Perlman

Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri

Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews

First Year Senators:

Sophomore Senators:

Kyle Andrews

Sahil Sagar

Ciara Moezidis

Nicholas Niehaus

Robbie Nunes

Junior Senators:

Avery James

Vidya Pingali

Mika Philip

David Warne

Senior Senators:

Eoin Lyons

Luke Martin-Resnick

Rachel Wiggins

Kayla Williams

At-Large Senators:

Rory Pannkuk

Eduardo Ruano

Sophia Smith

Alejandro Sugerr

Members Absent:

Leif Allmeroth

Stephen Fraser


Senate Chair Alex Perlman called the September 20th, 2018 meeting of the Santa Clara

University Student Senate to order at 7:00 pm in the Forbes Family Conference Center.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked Kyle Andrews to recite the invocation.


Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 7:01 pm.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting.

He requested questions and comments related to the agenda. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the agenda. The agenda was approved by Sophomore Senator Kyle

Andrews and seconded by Sophomore Senator Robbie Nunes .


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked the Senate to consider the previous meeting minutes and

requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, he asked for a

motion to approve the minutes. The motion was made by Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews

and seconded by Senior Senator Eoin Lyons .


Confirmation and Swear in of officers

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Anne, candidate for Traditions Chair, Ellie, candidate for

Civil Engagement Chair, and Kylie, candidate for Public Relations Marketing Chair to the front

of the room and asked them to introduce themselves. Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked if

there were any questions for the candidates.

At-Large Senator Rory†Pannkuk∫†What programs and initiatives do you want to bring to Santa

Clara University?

Anne: I wish to bring “Day Breakers” to campus. This program brings all-day dance parties to

campus. I also want to have a horse lead students into the Gonzaga vs. Santa Clara Game.

Additionally, I want to work on bringing lasting traditions to campus such as establishing a

school song that all students will recognize and are filled with school spirit when they hear it.

Ellie: I wish to bring polling stations to campus and find more interesting ways to decrease the

lack of candidate awareness among students. With that, I want to bring more awareness to

political candidates from other states to ensure that all SCU students to have the chance to be

informed on the people they may be voting for. I also want to expand tabling locations to

different places on campus other than Benson.

Kylie: I want to streamline the ASG brand and keep a consistent format. Additionally, I want to

encourage support and engagement between ASG and other groups on campus.

Sophomore Senator Sahil†Sagar†: What previous positions have you held that would qualify you

for these jobs?

Anne: I participated in student government in high school where I was the spirit chair and ASB

president. At my previous university, I sat on a board that talked about campus issues and

helped planned their welcome week.

Ellie: I do not have any past experiences working with voters; however, because I went to

school in Australia, where voting is mandatory, I feel I am educated on the topic. Additionally, I

was captain of my rowing team so I am capable of managing many people at once.

Kylie: I interned at a Non-Profit where I worked with the marketing department. I am also

creative and like to play with colors and designs.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman , hearing no more questions or concerns, asked the candidates to

leave the room. Following their departure, he asked the Senate for questions, comments, or

concerns regarding the candidates.

Junior Senator David Warne : How did these positions open up?

Asa Sweetser : These positions weren’t filled by the end of the year, and they reached out. I

was put in touch with Ellie who was already doing some work pertaining to this job.

Julia Green: I hired Kylie last year, but she had a conflict.

Hearing no more questions, Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked for a motion to white ballot.

The motion to white ballot was given by Sophomore Senator Kyle Andrews and seconded by

Sophomore Senator Robbie Nunes . Senate Chair Alex Perlman then asked for a motion to

vote. The motion to vote was given by Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins and seconded by

Sophomore Senator Ciara Moezidis . Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll and the

candidates were confirmed.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Anne, Ellie, and Kylie back into the front of the room to be

sworn in by Cheif Justice Jack Larkin.

Senate Culture Presentation

Senate Chair Alex Perlman invited Parlimentarian Ricky Matthews and himself, Senate

Chair Alex Perlman, to give a presentation on the Senate Culture for this year. Their

presentation is succinctly summarized below:

● The student Senate should act as a collective unit.

● Senate will have a strict starting time, and there are designated time limits for

presentations, discussions, comments, RSO approvals, and confirmations.

● Eating policies were set.

● Technology policies were set.

● Etiquette and professionalism were discussed.

● Attire was addressed.

● Leadership style was shared.

● New ASG exposure measurements were established.

● Set expectations for a familial senate atmosphere.

● Wants to incorporate more group events and bonding.

● Senate Chair leadership style was addressed.

Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar : For the exposure aspect, will we attend RSO meetings as a

committee or individuals.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman : You will attend each meeting by yourself. You will report your

attendance to your committee chair who will then report to Parliamentarian Ricky Matthews.

Junior Senator Vidya Pingali : Are we to attend two different RSO meetings.

Senate Chair Alex Perlman : Yes, you will attend a new RSO each time.

At-Large Senator Sophia Smith : Who will we attend the meetings with?

Senate Chair Alex Perlman : You attend by yourself. You will want to reach out to the club

before you attend a meeting, listen in and observe. Ask them how you can help them out as a

leader of the school.

At the end of the presentation, Senate Chair Alex Perlman, along with the committee chairs

Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins, Senior Senator Kayla Williams, Senior Senator Eoin Lyons ,

and Junior Senator David Warne passed out a quote by Henry David Thoreau and paint

brushes resembling both the theme of the presentation and the potential that the 2018-2019

ASG Senators possess to help better the university.


Julia Green for Public Relations:

● Public Relations wants to make their branch more accessible to students, allowing

them to communicate and advertise through their platform. They are open to

collaborations as well. ASG website updates are underway along with new apparel.

Asa Sweetser for Community Development:

● In the process for hiring off-campus student safety chair and neighborhood relations

chair. They will be holding a Walkabout where they will walk to off-campus houses to

provide students with information on code violations and voting registration and


Ben Rhodes for Finance:

● Working on controlling the ASG budget along with reimbursements. New RSO training

will be held on 9/22/18.

Chief Justice Jack Larkin:

● Provided senators with the 2018-2019 Constitution and Bylaws. Working with Public

Relations to send out information on tenant rights to ensure that students know their

rights. Currently collaborating with Professor Buckley and the Pre-Law Society on some

events. Will be hiring a first-year Associate Justice soon.

Vice President Jahwala Johns :

● ASG retreat will take place 10/26/18-10/28/18. Looking for suggestions on specific

sessions for retreat. First-year ASG information sessions will be held the week of


President Sam Perez :

● The involvement fair was a success. There is a Presidential Search Committee looking

for a replacement for Fr. Engh; however, there are not any students on the board. She

reached out to the committee to see if they would be interested in collaborating with

ASG. The committee was receptive to the idea and they want to sit in on a meeting.

Campus Climate survey results will be released soon and ASG members will attend

mandatory information sessions on 10/3/18 at either 12:20 pm or 5:30 pm to see results.

She would like to make sure their running platform lives on throughout the school year.

This quarter she and Jahwala will be focussing on the “engage” aspect.

Vice President Jahwala Johns added that there will be ASG forums to bring to light

some issues with the school, making use of the “Be Heard Desk” and to keep this in

mind going into retreat.


Senior Senator Kayla Williams for COMM :

● There are two home soccer games this upcoming weekend and ASG will be tabling at

these events. She will be having a meeting with Athletics during the week of 9/24/18.

Sophomore Senator Robbie Nunes and Sophomore Senator Sahil Sagar would like to


Senior Senator Eoin Lyons for CUIC :

● The Campus Climate town hall forums and Red Cup Pick Up are coming up. Currently

looking for a student to fill the position of At-Large Senator for LGBTQ inclusion.

Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins for FOC :

● Come to FOC with any questions about Benson or concerns with facilities on campus.

Looking for a representative to sit on the Benson Dining Committee.

Junior Senator David Warne for SAC :

● New RSO presentation at the next Senate 9/27/18.


Chief Justice Jack Larkin : Next week there will be a revote for a senator position. There was

some ambiguity in the Bylaws. Judicial is working to clarify Section 4.g.1.

Junior Senator David Warne : Will the new policies be implemented before the vote?

Chief Justice Jack Larkin : We will be reviewing it and having some senators help rewrite the


Senate Chair Alex Perlman: There have been two health resignations. Keiran Murphy has had

health issues; his position is on hold. Jack Leuthold has also experienced health issues, and his

position is now open. He would also like to start a Senate Groupme.


Senate Chair Alex Perlman asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Adjournment was

approved by Junior Senator David Warne and seconded by Senior Senator Rachel Wiggins .

Senate Chair Alex Perlman called the September 20th, 2018 meeting of the Santa Clara

University Senate to a close at 8:00 PM.


Pro-Tempore Mary Balestreri took roll at 8:01 PM.

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