Senate Meeting Minutes :: 2.8.18 :: Week 5

Minutes of the SCU Student Senate Meeting February 8, 2018

Members Present:

Senate Chair Aly Motzel

Parliamentarian Paul Armstrong

Pro-Tempore Sam McNeal

First Year Senators:

Sahil Sagar

Mai Sinada

Robbie Nunes

Kyle Andrews

Sophomore Senators:

Avery James

Helen Kassa

David Warne

Mackenzie Bartz

Junior Senators:

Rory Pannkuk

Alex Perlman

Senior Senators:

Mayron Mulugeta

Thayne Kollmorgen

At-Large Senators:

Kristin Godfrey

Kayla Williams

Annie Martin

Rahaima Choudhry

Erik Echeona

Bjorn Thyrring

Nithya Vemireddy

Members Absent:

Duncan McDonell

Alex Baldonado

Victoria Linares

Gerome Yabut

Amy Monzon

Angelica Fuentes

Payton Dizney Swanson

Ciara Moezidis


Senate Chair Aly Motzel called the February 8th, 2018 meeting of the Santa Clara University Student Senate to order at 7:05 pm in the Williman Room of Benson.

Senate Chair Aly Motzel asked a member to read the invocation. Junior Senator Rory Pannkuk recited the invocation.


Pro-Tempore Sam McNeal took roll at 7:08 pm.


Senate Chair Aly Motzel asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. She requested questions and comments related to the agenda. None were put forward, and the agenda was approved by Sophomore Senator David Warne and seconded by First year Senator Robbie Nunes.


Senate Chair Aly Motzel asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting and requested questions and comments related to the minutes. Hearing none, she asked for a motion to approve the agenda. The motion was made by Junior Senator Rory Pannkuk and seconded by Sophomore Senator David Warne.




Public Relations VP Maggie Hurlbut: Please feel free to nominate a fellow senator for our senator spotlight. Polos are being held in Locatelli.

Community Development VP Elena Radding: Last lecture is March 6th at 7:30 with Cruz Medina. We will be placing a permanent member on the OQRA board. LTFMS is coming to this summer’s orientation. Please fill out our Campus Safety Survey!

Finance VP Ben Rhoades: Office hours are on Thursdays from 12:15-1:45. All Reimbursements Have Been Processed. Girl Scout Cookies from Tedd’s daughter are the newest snacks in the office. As always, email me with budget/reimbursement questions.

Chief Justice Rachel Brooke Herzog: Please let me know if you have any proposed bylaw changes.

Vice President Sam Perez: I am working on a Muslim outreach project with Helen and Rahaima; there are a certain amount of students who are Muslim and have been admitted but accepted. There is an issue of biased conduct guidelines regarding sexual assault in the student handbook. I am working on a solution with others and we are planning to sit down with Jeanne Rosenberger to discuss it. I am working on a resolution to get the WellNess Policy you all will see today in all syllabi. ASG Retreat is March 3rd. I am working on a bias conflict tracker to achieve a higher level of transparency when it comes to campus issues. I am working on the Contraceptive Distribution Initiative and we will present to the Student Affairs Board so that the university president can consider it. There will be a Day of Giving to work towards an Undocumented Student Support Fund. In line with SCU’s Blue Ribbon Committee, we are working to create a Faculty Diversity Working Group and put it into place this year.

President Jack Herstam: I am meeting with the Board of Trustees this week and I will give them updates on ASG activity. I am still trying to get a law building tour. One of the trustees, the Honorable Ed Panelli, will come and speak to senate on February 22nd. The trustees are in charge of approving policy measures and they also work in small groups to do more specialized projects.


COMM - Committee Member’s Projects: Kayla Williams: Working on a speedier alert system for non-emergencies. Duncan McDonell: Working on a new bylaw change and getting a Bronco waffle iron for Benson.

CUIC - Committee Member’s Projects: Ciara Moezidis: Has set up a meeting to discuss bon appetit hours and is also working on the EcoPass project. Thayne Kollmorgen: Working on a petition to ask Father Engh to be less political in his emails to all undergraduates. Robbie Nunes: Working to improve registration times for classes. Bjorn Thyrring: Working on QPR training for all professors.

FOC - We are working on: a new student involvement survey, a student housing union, nap pods are going to get a trial run, and a resolution on increasing professor diversity. We will have a presentation from Payton Dizney Swanson on his work to update the SCU wellness policy for next week. New projects: Getting a printer in Benson and working to have specialty desserts in Benson.

SAC - We will have six +1000 dollar request during week six. Erik Echeona is working on resolution to have all senate meetings recorded. David Warne: Met with Samantha Kibbish and Jeanne Rosenberger to discuss limiting the total number of RSO’s on campus.


RSO Status Voting

Senate Chair Aly Motzel reminded the senate that we are reviewing the Effective Altruism Club and the Sports Business Club.

Sophomore Senator David Warne: After reaching out to Effective Altruism, they said they will host philosophic and economic discussions on the most effective forms of changing the world. He has 19 people interested and he believes it can grow much bigger.

Senate Chair Aly Motzel: Does anyone have any more questions or concerns they would like to discuss?

At-Large Senator Kayla Williams: There are a lot of RSOs doing hard charity work adn this club overlaps with them a lot.

Senate Chair Aly Motzel: Any more questions or comments?

Sophomore Senator Helen Kassa: What were the problems with the club?

At-Large Senator Kayla Williams: We look at redundancy and this club does not need to be an RSO because it overlaps with many other clubs.

First Year Senator Sahil Sagar: I would second that.

Sophomore Senator David Warne: The other club we are discussing is Sports Business. They told us that they want to help connect people who are interested in sports and business. They will discuss all aspects of business connected with sports and would like to host guest speakers on campus. They are also interested in talking to SCU sports. He has at least 15 people interested. He has Dave Fanochio, Tedd Vanadilok, Rene Baumgartner and others interested in speaking already.

Senior Senato Thayne Kollmorgen: Do we have any sports clubs already?

Sophomore Senator David Warne: None that overlap here.

Junior Senator Rory Pannkuk: Did he meet the minimum interested requirement?

Sophomore Senator David Warne: Yes.

First Year Senator Sahil Sagar: Did he specify what he wants funding for?

Sophomore Senator David Warne: For trips, maybe pay speakers, but nothing out of the ordinary for clubs.

Senate Chair Aly Motzel: Any final thoughts?

Senate Chair Aly Motzel asked if the senate had any more questions. Hearing none, she asked for a motion to vote on the Effective Altruism Club. The motion was made by At-Large Senator Rahaima Choudhry, which was seconded by Junior Senator Rory Pannuk. Pro-Tempore Sam McNeal took roll and the Effective Altruism Club was approved.

Senate Chair Aly Motzel then asked for a motion to vote on the Sports Business Club. The motion was made by At-Large Senator Rahaima Choudhry, which was seconded by Junior Senator Rory Pannuk. Pro-Tempore Sam McNeal took roll and the Sports Business Club was approved.

Ro Khanna Invitation Discussion

CommDev Chair Elena Radding: Tess, our Off-Campus Chair for Civic Engagement, is planning to bring Ro Khanna to speak on our campus after bringing our state senator. It will be a general question and answer presentation and we will provide more information soon.

Wellness Policy Discussion

Vice President Sam Perez: The Wellness Policy (attached) is a syllabus requirement and we would like a mental health amendment to be put in all of school syllabi. It would be added to the title nine and disability page. In light of students needing to better their mental health, we want to add this form. Does anyone have any thoughts before we bring it to elsa chen?

Sophomore Senator David Warne: Is this something we will be voting on as a senate?

Vice President Sam Perez: No, this goes to the administration, but we will be bringing a resolution to senate afterwards.

Senate Chair Aly Motzel: This is an opportunity to change the wording, not discuss the whole project.

Thayne: this seems unnecessary becuase students already have this information and its 15k to 20k pages

Senate Chair Aly Motzel: Again, this is for discussion on improving the content, not critiquing the project as a whole.

At-Large Senator Rahaima Choudhry: My teachers often do not print theirs.

Vice President Sam Perez: If you have problems with it, please talk to me afterwards,

Sophomore Senator Avery James: The last paragraph could be more strongly worded.

At-Large Senator Bjorn Thyrring: The word “probably” could be better replaced with more straightforward.

Junior Senator Rory Pannkuk: It seems a little lengthy, maybe it could be made easier to absorb.

First Year Senato Mai Sinada: It can be generally condensed

Senior Senator Gerome Yabut: Can you bold some of the words to emphasize key points?

Vice President Sam Perez: Yes. We will look into all of your comments. Thank you.




CommDev Chair Elena Radding: I have a program that is looking for applicants to do hands on work in congress over the summer. Email me if you are interested!

Senate Chair Aly Motzel: SCCAP emailed me to asked if anyone would like to work on the Labor Action Committee to get the union on campus to negotiate for better wages of adjunct professors. Reach out to me if you are interested.

Sophomore Senator Helen Kassa: I am working on getting an EcoPass promotional video going and I want to release it at the end of April. Reach out to me if you are interested!

Senate Chair Aly Motzel: Jack Codiga has resigned so we have a Junior Senator opening. Please reach out to people who might be interested.


Senate Chair Aly Motzel asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Adjournment was approved by First Year Senator Sahill Sagar and seconded by Senior Senator Gerome Yabut. Senate Chair Aly Motzel called the February 8th, 2018 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to a close at 7:55 PM.


Pro-Tempore Sam McNeal took roll at 7:55 PM.

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