Executive Cabinet Meeting Minutes :: Spring Quarter :: Week 6

Executive Cabinet Agenda

Executive Branch Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 8th, 2017


Highs and lows


Lidia Diaz-Fong, Lauren B, Jonathan Angulo, Fred Feyzi, Neil Datar, Marc LeJay, Angelina Marioni

New Business


Cheat Sheet: Single page document - with a timeline (what you have to worry about month to month)


  • President

  • Had a meeting with Jack on Friday

  • Working on Stoles

  • Working on It’s On Us and finishing up sexual assault awareness event

  • SAUPC Meeting - Voted on Malley Policy

  • Brough Student Conduct Code Changes to the table

  • Next one: Senior Chair to APB

  • Student Life and Athletics Committee

  • Vice President

  • Sent another email to Sam Kibbish

  • Go to back office of Mission Church

  • Jump Sky High for Transition Retreat

  • $560 Minimum for cost

  • End of the Year Banquet

  • May 21st from 6 to 8 PM

  • Nominating Committee

  • Vanadilok & Hindery Awards

  • Selection Committee

  • Senate Chair

  • Working with Aly on Transition

  • Senate in the Weigand Room

  • Father Baerwald invitation for Ed Dowling Project

  • John Ferrari working with him

  • SAFC Funding Presentation from Matt Cameron & Committee

  • Committee Chairs Transition documents and ongoing projects

  • SA UPC

  • Chief Justice

  • Update on Student Conduct Code revisions

  • Bylaws?

  • Finance Vice President

  • ASG in the $

  • We’ve got money!

  • SAC out of the $

  • Less than $1000

  • Having trouble with Committee Chair responsible for this fund

  • But what do they have left to fund (?)

  • ~$13,000 outstanding

  • SAFC this Thursday

  • Community Development Vice President

  • Bronco Brawl

  • May 23rd - Tuesday

  • Amazon GiftCards

  • Starting Marketing this week!

  • Final reviewing of questions

  • First Year Fest

  • May 26th - Friday

  • MemDay

  • Collab w/Erik E.

  • Lots of 1st Year Performers

  • Lost Hypnotik as performers

  • Public Relations Vice President

  • BeHeard forum w Areany/Comm

  • Further discussions on how BeHeard will be managed (transparency, yo!)

  • Through transition

  • Comment form for release on website/blog

  • Printing a poster for Tom. Idk what it is yet

  • PR requests:

  • First Year Fest

  • Bronco Brawl

Old Business

  • Last Week’s Events

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