Executive Cabinet Minutes - Spring Quarter : Week 3

Executive Cabinet Agenda

Executive Branch Meeting Minutes



Peaks and Valleys


[Attendee names]

New Business

  • Community Development’s Role

  • Does it need to change?

  • Lauren, as Neighborhood Ambassador: Showed it to Kim Gilke-Wall and Neighborhood Ambassadors

  • Need someone to run EPP entirely, Kim would help support this financially

  • Kim would be willing to have a weekly(biweekly) Off Campus Housing Office Meeting

  • Harsh Criticism for: no off-campus overlap with NA’s… already have 4 NA’s for that reason

  • NA’s Essence: Uniting Students and Neighbors

  • Off-Campus Chairs: do not have the resources or connections

  • ASG’s role in class cohesion (i.e. First Year Feast)

  • Administration: EPP is huge, needs to be executed better

  • List - misleading?

  • The big things are focused on community outreach (NA stuff)

  • Comm Dev, The Branch

  • Very receptive

  • Doesn’t make sense that we program alongside another programming board

  • If this is something that happens, it needs to happen all at once

  • Community Development’s mission has become lost

  • Shift away from programming, but do not renounce

  • Name change?

  • Would make sense.


  • President

  • It’s On US!

  • We are ready to film!

  • After the script is finished :P

  • Waiting for updates on shirts from Wellness Center

  • Bronco News - getting ready to film

  • Faculty Invitation - 5 out of 15 email confirmed

  • Senior Gift Committee

  • CSO SAFC Allocation of $20,000

  • Message form Into the Wild:

  • If each organization can add up the amount they need and what the money would be used for and put it in this thread we can begin to create a proposal. We all want the best for all of our organizations, and a cooperative effort could yield us more autonomy in the allocation process.

  • After doing the calculation for Into the Wild-- we came up with $7375, all allocated to new positions. Let me know if anyone has comments, questions. or concerns about how this process might proceed.

  • Stipend budget - so rigid, at least $10,000 should go to stipends (?)

  • Creating new positions increases programming and in turn, they create more money

  • IgnatianQ Endorsement

  • Remind your respective teams! I WILL PAY!

  • Vice President

  • The peak: Coachella

  • The trough: Missed my flight today, so been stuck in LA and flying out at 9pm tonight.

  • Updates:

  • Info sessions went well, curious to know how Neil's went as well.

  • 21 in attendance at Neil’s

  • What is the final number? Mid-50’s before day 4.

  • Election committee shake up ( seems like a lot is unclear to everyone on the committee. )

  • There was a mix up.

  • Sending an email out to everyone from info sessions clarifying the rules.

  • We need to pull the trigger on bronco day. PR - feel free to order the banner and flag whenever possible. I'll reach out to Angie in a few hrs too to make this happen. No more Rock Climbing wall. Instead two bounce houses (apb only getting one, and this way more people will have things to do.) Also just got a contact from apb with fast turnaround time on tanks being ordered.

  • Senate Chair

  • Senate 4/20 in the Williman Room

  • Senate Speaker: Neil

  • Comm could not find a senate speaker

  • BeHeard Desk, It’s On Us Filming

  • Question: How to reach out to ASG people? There will be a sign up sheet

  • Student Leaders Council, Friday 4/21-Post Dianne Feinstein

  • Moved to where the Dianne Feinstein event is

  • Off Campus (?)

  • Hindery & Vanadilok Award: put on radar

  • Left Bylaw Changes off the agenda

  • Should be sent in 24 hours in advance

  • Chief Justice

  • High- I went home this weekend and it was wonderful

  • Low- I’m sick and today has not been wonderful

  • Old news

  • Chief Justice→ academic affairs committee (I can announce it at any Senate based on our schedules)

  • New news

  • Judicial didn’t get to meet this weekend (because Easter) so…

  • Hoping to meet this week and discuss our document for Jeanne

  • Discussed the idea of club behavior bylaws with Tedd and he explained that something like this comes up every few years and that its OSL’s job to handle it, so Judicial will not be doing it.

  • The Judicial squad is pumped for election week

  • If you have any questions/comments/concerns feel free to shoot me a text or an email and I’ll try to get back to you tonight or first thing tomorrow.

  • Finance Vice President

  • SAFC

  • Budget $30,000 that is being broken up into $1000 increments

  • Hard to manage w/senior ball charges

  • Bylaws!!

  • Working on Finance

  • There needs to be a process

  • Conduct Code only under CSI - should be a joint

  • 862 next monday or tuesday?

  • Monday, 7-8:30 PM

  • Space being booked for 6:30 to 9 PM

  • NURC Meeting

  • Monday May 1st, 7 PM (ish)

  • When is transition stuff? Monday tuesday week 7?

  • Mission Church Reservation

  • NAs want EPP representative not off campus overlap - City Governance okay.

  • Class cohesion in our charter

  • Community Development Vice President

  • Increased lighting on off campus streets

  • Moving forward on adding lighting

  • All of Bellomy, especially the corner of Lafayette & Bellomy

  • Off Campus Chairs aiding in hiring new Off Campus Life position

  • Student voice!

  • Bronco Brawl has been approved to continue

  • Have received approval from Alumni!

  • Do not have prize money - could get some from Lauren! Finance!

  • May 23rd

  • Team dinner this week

  • Public Relations Vice President

  • Met with Amy about ice cream

  • Wants to finish by the end of the year!

  • Doable by Bronco Day?

  • Wants to work with athletics to have them help pay for it

  • Need to solidify a flavor

  • Available at different events, not just Bronco Day

  • Meeting with Jude for transitional stuff

  • Facilitating the dialogue between new PR team, go to him as a resource

  • Sent email to CSO’s for election stuff

  • Posted Senior Night FB event

  • Going to be posting everyday

  • Asked Ivanna to do this

  • Posted Bronco Day FB event

  • Haven't heard back from MCC

  • Supposed to meet around the time of When it’s Not a Great Day, and about #WeAreBroncos, about elections

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