Official Senate Minutes - Spring Quarter : Week 1

Minutes of the SCU Senate Meeting April 6, 2017

Members Present:

Senate Chair Neil Datar Austin Gray Amy Monzon

Parliamentarian Phillip Barber Kayla Williams Jelly Fuentes

Pro-Tempore Rachel Wiggins* Karsten Andersen David Warne

Jaia Rovaris Jack Herstam Payton Swanson

Alex Perlman Erik Echeona Jake Day

Helen Kassa Ahmer Israr Areany Tolentino

Cormac McOsker Jahwala Johns Margo Gentile

Ye Chit Ko Mackenzie Bartz Victoria Linares Samantha Perez Mayron Mulugeta**Isaiah Everett

*Recorded minutes


Gemi Griffin

Tom Valentine


Senate Chair Neil Datar called the April 6, 2017 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to order at 7:09pm in the Williman Room.

Senate Chair Neil asked a member to read the invocation. At-Large Senator Kayla Williams recited the invocation.


Pro Tempore Rachel Wiggins took roll at 7:05pm.


Senate Chair Neil Datar asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the minutes. None were put forward, and the agenda was approved by Junior Senator Jelly Fuentes and seconded by First-Year Senator Erik Echeona.


Senate Chair Neil Datar asked the Senate to consider the minutes from the last Senate meeting. She requested questions and comments related to the minutes. None were put forward, and the minutes were approved by Junior Senator Jelly Fuentes and seconded by At-Large Senator Kayla Williams.


  1. Senate Speakers

  2. Kathy Kale, Assistant VP for Alumni Relations

‘86 graduate

It is a privilege to be back on this campus. I appreciate being here tonight. Your passion is appreciated. I have 3 things to cover:

1, Once a bronco, always a bronco-- you may have only 4 years on campus, but you have a lifetime with your Santa Clara family.

Alumni relations formed in 1881.

2. Broncos love to hire broncos-Alumnis know what they’re getting when they hire a bronco. they know the quality of the education and the caliber of the person. We are active on multiple different social media platforms connecting and introducing broncos to each other. Even if you’re just looking to network check some of them out, especially switchboard.

3. The Fight Song-I’ve heard that you guys are looking into changing the fight song and I want to create a dialogue with you about it because I love our fight song and all of you guys and want to help and hear you.


Junior Senator Mac McOsker: I love the fight song, I know it forwards and back. It’s a great fight song but students don’t connect to it. They don’t want to learn it and they don’t use it. We want to create a new song to go alongside it.

I just want to ask that you include the alum in this and I want to make sure that this effort to create more school spirit is not just a silo and includes everyone.

Sophomore Senator Alex Perlman: I’ll make sure that you get in touch with Tom Valentine because he is spearheading this initiative.

Yeah I’d love to help

Junior Senator Jack Herstam: What events are going on with Young Alumni?

We had the young alumni soiree last weekend it was our 3rd one and it went amazingly. We sold out and everyone had a great time. It was a great way to come together and I think we’ve got it down for what type of event we want to put on. Seniors your zero year reunion is in October

At-Large Senator Austin Gray: Has there been any efforts in creating a black alumni association because I know a lot of people talked about it last year but I haven’t heard anything since.

We actually do have one and have had one but the leadership was kind of poorly running, but we’ve changed that and have new leaders in charge so we should see more with that. And we’ve also just created an LGBTQ alumni reception and have heard extremely positive

B. Matt Cameron, SAFC presentation

Two things I’m reminded of sitting back there is to never follow Kathy after a presentation and that her graduation year was the first yet I started working at santa clara. SAFC started in 1993. We have four students on our committee right now. All I do is facilitate the conversation and the students who are on the committee are dedicated and committed and really do a great job. We provide proposed budgets to CSOs and stipends. In terms of stipends we pay for a lot of student leadership, last year we paid $211,700 in student stipends. This is the first time SAFC has come to senate before we begin our process and listen to recommendations and presentations. Part of the process we listen to presentations and speak to students to learn about recommendations. As you think about CSOs it’s important that we think about where you would recommend we distribute the money. Each CSO is required to generate some of their own financing themselves and all together the CSOs produce probably around $250,000 and add our budget of $552,000 that’s right around $800,000 for the budget. We have time to hear any questions or recommendations you have so even if you don’t have one tonight you can reach out to us with anything you have to say. I wanted to share the work you do and what is to come.


Parliamentarian Phillip Barber: This is for next year?

Yes the next fiscal year which starts July 1st.

Junior Senator Mac McOsker: Are there public records of the changes in the SAFC budget and allocation?

Yes we do have that and I can share that with Neil to send to you.

Sophomore Senator Jahwala Johns: The ASG office manager position is not paid and do you think that if it was paid it would increase the incentive.

Lauren: Yes there are a couple of positions that I definitely think would benefit from being paid.

Great question, a few years ago this was a paid position and if Lauren were to submit a request for the position to be paid it would most likely not be a stipend position but an hourly wage position.

First-Year Senator David Warne: This morning we received an email about a new “University Enhancement Fee”, how is SAFC different from this?

I don’t know what that fee is for, so I cannot answer for that.

Senior Senator Areany Tolentino: Is there an opportunity for CSOs to see the proposed budget from SAFCs position so they can provide further recommendation?

Yes that does happen and they do. There a few days before we present to senate and the vehicle to change it is really through senate. The CSO will be able to come to senate and talk about where they think there are issues.

There’s a lost of trust in the process and I appreciate the trust you put in your peers who make these decisions. The four students are doing the best that they can.



Bronco News:

Bronco Code

It’s on Us x VPP

Bronco Day Follow Up

Explore the Bay (bae*)

Midterm Hacks


Looking forward to elections and

Bronco Day


Will be posting ERRYDAY until

elections! Lookout and share!


Successful Walkabout

Senior Night

April 27th

Senior Ball

May 18th

Help us help you!

Wednesday @ 7:30

First Year Event suggestions?


Office Hours 10:30-12:00 T/Th

Office Manager Hired: WELCOME HENRY!

Comprehensive Budget Update Next Week!

SAFC Coming Up!



Working with administration to increase transparency

More updates soon

Getting ready for election week!

Office hours: W: 9-noon & F: 9-11am


Bronco Day - April 29

Preview Day - this weekend 12:30-2:00


Info Sessions - week 2

Campaigning - week 4

April 26 - Debate Night


Happy Week 1!

SAFC Funding

Friday - Neil = Proxy

Student Affairs UPC

Next Week

Sexual Assault Awareness Month


Title IX & Wellness Center Meetings

Go to events! Get educated!

April 26 - Denim Day

IT’S ON US!! Project


  1. Confirmation

New office manager

Senior Senator Areany Tolentino: How did you hear about the position? Would you want to continue next year and if so would it be in a finance position?

Ben Rhoades told me about it and I am interested in helping next year in a finance position.

At-Large Senator Kayla Williams: Why do you want to be office manager?

It was the only position available in the finance department and I’m a finance major and want to get involved with ASG.

Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to vote on the confirmation. The motion was made by First-Year Senator Payton Dizney Swanson and seconded by Sophomore Senator Ye Chit Ko. Pro-Tempore Rachel Wiggins took roll, and the new office manager was confirmed.

  1. Sexual Assault Awareness Month


  1. Bridging the Gap Ad Hoc Committee

At-Large Senator Sam Perez: Ever since the election there has been a big divide on campus between the left and the right. there’s a lot of talking not a lot of listening. I’m creating a committee to bring civil discourse and listening back to this campus


At-Large Senator Austin Gray: When you guys are marketing it, will you clearly specify that this will be to bridge a political gap?

Yeah when we have an event we will clearly marketing that. We are primarily focusing on the political gap between the groups and the social justice issues associated with both are going to be included but it will be mainly political.

Senior Senator Ahmer Israr: I think removing the sentence about how the political gap came after the election, I think it’s patronizing to the right because I think that there was a gap before the election too.

Yeah I can take that sentence out

Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to vote on the Ad Hoc Committee. The motion was made by Senior Senator Ahmer Israr and seconded by First-Year Senator Erik Echeona. Pro-Tempore Rachel Wiggins took roll, and the Ad Hoc Committee was approved.

  1. Civil Discourse Forum

Neil and Jack hosting civil discourse forum with Provost and Father Engh participating.

Volunteers: Ye Chit, David, Ahmer, Sam, Alex, Erik, Mac



BeHeard Tomorrow

Promote Info Sessions

Amy-ASG trip to Mission Creamery to make ice cream

Helen-Communicating with CfS on VTA pricing

Jake-Getting another Senate Speaker

Erik-Close out with SCU app

Kayla-Figure out how to store certificate


David-Political bias, contacts are Jeanne Rosenberger and Elsa Chen

Mayron-MCC Global Village being planned for Sunday, 11:00-4pm

Jaia- Working as an advocate for USAA, continuing to find ways to create a resource center for undocumented students

Mac-Jeanne will review alc survey tomorrow, will be released this weekend

Sam-Creating ad hoc committee to address campus inclusion and overall climate


Benson Office!

Move in time now 9am instead of 11am!

Art Minor Survey

New Fight Song

Campus Safety signs

Double Business Major


Benson Office!

Move in time now 9am instead of 11am!

Art Minor Survey

New Fight Song

Campus Safety signs

Double Business Major


  1. Be Heard Desk Friday

  2. Office Hours


Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Adjournment was approved by Senior Senator Ahmer Israr and seconded by At-Large Senator Sam Perez. Senate Chair Neil Datar called the April 6, 2017 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to a close at 8:46PM.

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