Executive Cabinet Minutes -- Spring Quarter : Week 1

Executive Cabinet Agenda

Executive Branch Meeting Minutes

April 3rd, 2017


Highs and lows

If you had to have your toes painted one color for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?


Lauren Betschart, Marc Lejay, Neil Datar, Lidia Diaz-Fong, Fred Feyzi, Jonathan Angulo, Angelina Marioni

Old Business

New Business

  • Preparing for Transition!

  • Start thinking about what yours will look like: will it be a set of meetings? A binder?

  • Binder Night - Date

  • Clues:


  • President

  • 5K - Event Cancelled on April 29th

  • New direction for ASG Involvement with SAAM - “It’s On Us” Campaign

  • Video w/Bronco News and Comm Committee

  • Can we change the constitution to not put Greek Letters in Bronco News?

  • Need to clear it with Jeanne and Tedd

  • Letter to Admin - Opened up for CSO Leaders to sign on to

  • Aiming for release in this week’s TSC

  • Possible? Yes. Probable? TBD.

  • Two Options:

  • 1. Send it from ASG Exec (Or me, personally?).

  • Make an addendum in the letter that includes ASG exec.

  • 2. Wait for discussion and send in Week 2 of Spring.

  • Vice President

  • Election Committee Meeting this week

  • Sanjay T. is joining the committee. Ari is stepping down.

  • Info Sessions Next Week

  • Monday O’Connor 104

  • Tuesday O’Connor 106

  • Wednesday O’Connor 201

  • Thursday O’Connor 106

  • Friday -- no school thus no info session

  • Option of having another info session

  • Times: Always 5:30 to 6:30 PM

  • Recreating Election Code Presentation

  • Week 3 Friday - Campaign Sheets Due

  • Week 4 Campaign Week

  • Monday MTC

  • Live Version - for President and VPs, and Senate Chairs

  • Online Version - for the Senators

  • Add a cocktail hour to have Senators mingle with people, still mandatory

  • Wednesday Debate night. Locations tbd

  • One of the Benson Rooms

  • Prez/VPs & Senate Chair

  • Moderated by Neil and Fred

  • Week 5 Monday - elections

  • They hear Tuesday if there is no run off.

  • Bronco Day - Update

  • APB Released Lineup

  • Jeanne said to submit itemized list to get departments to cover.

  • Food Trucks in the works.

  • One Thing:

  • Sam Kibbish is your BFF.

  • How much event planning the VP has to do.

  • Senate Chair

  • Student Leaders Council (4/21) plus Collaboration with Carl on bringing Senator Feinstein to Campus

  • 10 Bay Area Universities will send representatives

  • 3 Leaders from each university, it would be the first meeting of it’s kind

  • Under the auspices of SVLG

  • In Lucas 1st floor conference room

  • Civil Discourse Forum with Provost Jacobs (meeting tomorrow), Father Engh, Jeanne, Elsa Chen

  • Jack and Neil mediating the forum (possibly)

  • Need to Fill LGBTQ Inclusion and Senior Senator positions this week

  • Only 1 person applied for LGBTQ Inclusion, Need more people for Senior Senator, re-shared from PR

  • Senate in Parlors B and C- Kathy Kale plus SAFC presentation

  • SAFC Presentation - So that senators can learn more about the process when they weigh in

  • One Thing: Expect the unexpected. Know that you may have to manage internal conflict. Most important way to do this is to be compassionate

  • Chief Justice

  • Working on creating a document for Jeanne with suggestions on how to better handle club appeal/overturn process

  • Transparency - notification of when they received the appeal.

  • Timeline, timeframe (?)

  • Timing of the email: CAPS information - you can’t put resources that are not available.

  • If they overturn the decision, a link to the original decision.

  • “Christ the redeemer” quote from Neil.

  • PR Standpoint - Communication for the parents of students.

  • One Thing: Trust in the process. ASG is very process oriented. It can work in your favor or against you.

  • Finance Vice President

  • Reimbursements

  • Many!!!

  • Ben came in during spring break!

  • Turning Point has it’s own bank account under the Development Office for their donations.

  • Amount of donations unknown.

  • This is not normal - account donations usually go straight to their club funds.

  • SAFC coming up

  • Let Lauren know of any requests for events coming up - can be requested from SAFC to be permanently placed in the budget.

  • Academic affairs

  • Upset that it took an entire quarter to appoint a person

  • Option for Proposed Solution: Make the Chief Justice the permanent rep for ASG

  • Reasoning: Chief Justice is already getting paid a lot, not too much of another commitment to add

  • Important to have representation every quarter

  • Timing for the Bylaw - need to have it immediately after our transition

  • Could write this into the bylaws along w/ CommDev VP

  • Tedds cc

  • Needs to be done before the end of April (Ideally)

  • Or else it will roll over and we will incur a debt

  • Petty cash

  • Reciept needs to be turned in w/in 24 hours

  • New office manager!

  • Henry Godfrey!

  • Confirmed at Senate on Thursday

  • Bronco day

  • Suggests moving forward with it, because we already have the funds

  • One Thing:

  • Wish she had experience w/reimbursements before entering the position, having a walk-through.

  • Community Development Vice President

  • Off Campus Walkabout with Sustainability

  • Wednesday 2-4 PM

  • Walking around with people to let them know what they

  • Planning has begun for Bronco Brawl

  • No more details - April 27th Possibly

  • Senior Ball - May 18th

  • San Jose Glass House

  • Drinks can only be purchased in cash

  • Selling tickets May 2nd and 3rd

  • Senior Night is April 27th

  • Quad next to O’Connor, where Pony Express is

  • Backstacks are playing

  • 6-8 PM

  • Alyssa: Sending proposal to Jeanne for the Senior Chair position

  • One Thing: Wish he knew more about the senior chair position - VP of Comm Dev knows nothing w/Senior Chair position and it is difficult

  • Public Relations Vice President

  • Reaching out to all CSO’s this week to try and plan a time where I can come and invite people personally to run/apply/vote this year!

  • Reaching out to CSO’s during their meetings so that they are inclined or more involved in the process (running or voting)

  • Still finding a meeting time

  • One thing she wish she knew: More about the administration and their involvement in student affairs and ASG. Was only familiar w/ASG.

  • Knew more about managing a team!

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