Senate Meeting Minutes 3.9.17

Minutes of the SCU Senate Meeting March 9, 2017

Members Present:

Senate Chair Neil Datar Austin Gray Amy Monzon

Parliamentarian Phillip Barber Kayla Williams Jelly Fuentes

Pro-Tempore Rachel Wiggins* Karsten Andersen David Warne

Jaia Rovaris Mayron Mulugeta Payton Swanson

Alex Perlman Erik Echeona Jake Day

Helen Kassa Ahmer Israr Areany Tolentino

Tom Valentine Trevor MacDonald Jahwala Johns

Ye Chit Ko Mackenzie Bartz Victoria Linares Samantha Perez Cormac McOsker Jack Herstam**Isaiah Everett

*Recorded minutes


Gemi Griffin

Margo Gentile


Senate Chair Neil Datar called the March 9, 2017 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to order at 7:04pm in the Williman Room.

Senate Chair Neil asked a member to read the invocation. At-Large Senator Kayla Williams recited the invocation.


Pro Tempore Rachel Wiggins took roll at 7:05pm.


Senate Chair Neil Datar asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the minutes. None were put forward, and the agenda was approved by Junior Senator Jelly Fuentes and seconded by First-Year Senator Erik Echeona.


Senate Chair Neil Datar asked the Senate to consider the minutes from the last Senate meeting. She requested questions and comments related to the minutes. None were put forward, and the minutes were approved by Junior Senator Jelly Fuentes and seconded by At-Large Senator Kayla Williams.

5. NEW BUSINESS Resolution on the integrity of ASG Presented by Sam Perez and Jack Herstam Proxy Isaiah Everett QUESTIONS Junior Senator Marli Dunn: did the administration collaborate with neil and lydia They told gave us a little bit of advance notice but no collaboration President Lydia Diaz Fong: by advance notice we mean like 3 hours Junior Senator Jelly Fuentes: So we weren’t included in the appeal process? They just decided? Senate Parliamentarian Phillip Barber: Was anyone who made this decision at either senate or the judicial hearing? No, not that we know of. At-Large Senator Ahmer Israr: I am okay with everything but the last passage would you be open to getting rid of it? I feel like there’s reason for it but I am open to editing. At-Large Senator Austin Gray: Correct me if I’m wrong but all of this is basically saying is that if they are going to overturn something we should have a say? Be it further resolved really says that when you make this type of decision it affects our democratic process. We aren’t really allowed to say the administration can’t do anything Sophomore Senator Victoria Linares: Did you consider having something about the people making these decisions being present during the process/when we make these decisions? Yeah I’ll definitely consider that Senior Senator Jaia Rovaris: are you trying to get a response from them or are you just sending this out to say that they’re wrong? Well I don’t know what we can expect to get from them so this is Guest Sam: Is there any history of the administration doing anything like this before? No First-Year Senator Erik Echeona: Would you consider saying that their decision threatens our organization’s legitimacy? At-Large Senator Kayla Williams: Where are you sending this to? DISCUSSION Senior Senator Tom Valentine: Ahmer what is your issue with the last paragraph? At-Large Senator Ahmer Israr: It seems to suggest that the university’s authority over ASG is illegitimate and I think the be it further resolved says the university didn’t have the right to do that. Senior Senator Tom Valentine: At other schools this type of power exists. First-Year Senator David Warne: I have a lot of love for asg and school pride. I think a lot of the disagreement in is because people think that this goes against the process. I think this whole thing went through the process, senate to judicial to the vice provost. At-Large Senator Austin Gray: To me this is not saying we disagree with your ability to make decisions. It says we disagree with you making this decision without telling us. I think it’s problematic that there isn’t more transparency. And I think this resolution says that we should know that this was going on. Senior Senator Jaia Rovaris: David I agree that ASG should be process decisions. The issue is that everyone knew about senate and could come, everyone knew about judicial and senators could come, and then this happened and we didn’t even know that this was going on, for me the issue is about transparency. Tedd: Of the 23 jesuit schools santa clara is 1 of 3 that lets their student government approve student organizations. First-Year Senator David Warne:I just don’t like the line about how this is a threat to our democratic process because we aren’t a democratic process, ⅓ of us appointed. At-Large Senator Ye Chit Ko: I think it is a democratic process because ⅔ of us are not appointed and we vote and make decisions. We went through all this work and went through this whole process and they just ignored us. At-Large Senator Ahmer Israr: I feel like all the concerns are already explained before the be it further resolved. I think the be it further resolved makes it seem like this is because we don’t like the outcome. I think it should say that we would like to be more involved and this is all covered before the be it further resolved. At-Large Senator Sam Perez: The problem with taking out the last paragraph is that we lose all our definition. The last paragraph states they overturned our vote and they rejected our process. At-Large Senator Mayron Mulugeta: I think the last paragraph says what this resolution is for and if that wasn’t there I think we would lose the emphasis. Senate Parliamentarian Phillip Barber: What is incorrect in the last paragraph? In my opinion the process was followed and the issue is that they didn’t speak to us and didn’t listen to us. At-Large Senator Austin Gray: I have a question what specifically do you see as we disagree with your decisions. I see where you’re coming from, but I don’t see that. I see that it says if the administration is going to do this that’s fine, but the steps in the process should not be hidden. We shouldn’t have to wait until after the decision to find out about it. At-Large Senator Ahmer Israr: I don’t see what it specifically says any ruling that “alters” our decisions, why not all decisions. Saying that the decision violates our democratic process is wrong At-Large Senator Ye Chit Ko: The only reason you make a response is if it’s a disagreement, if they supported our decision we wouldn’t have to say anything. It does violate the process because it lacks transparency. Senior Senator Areany Tolentino: I would agree that this should be for all decisions but administration wouldn’t step in if they supported our decisions. First-Year Senator David Warne: I think we should acknowledge that this is in their power. Sophomore Senator Jahwala Johns: I think a key word change would be saying posing a potential threat instead of just a threat and saying any decision that affects an asg decisions especially those that alter a decision. At-Large Senator Ahmer Israr: I think this would strengthen the resolution for sure.

Junior Senator Mac McOsker: I think it’s still right that the administration should communicate with us if they override a decision and that yeah they should talk to us about all decisions but At-Large Senator Austin Gray: I think we should include acknowledging and including ASG on decisions At-Large Senator Sam Perez: I won’t change that, I think it makes it seem like it’s okay to override our decisions as long as they tell us. Guest Sam: I think the part of the handbook that talks about the process emphasizes the importance of student discretion First-Year Senator David Warne: But every person on judicial is appointed and that’s not democratic. At-Large Senator Kayla Williams: How do you see it as a not a threat to the process? First-Year Senator David Warne: It is part of the delineated process. At-Large Senator Austin Gray: Is the word our before the democratic process inclusive to all ASG or is it just to for senate? President Lydia Diaz Fong: I think because the resolution is from senate and about a senate vote that our is referring to just senate. First-Year Senator David Warne: I think to describe it as a democratic process is not the correct way to describe it, I think it is more of a republican process At-Large Senator Ye Chit Ko: There is no true democratic process, the process of having judicial is very democratic.

Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to vote on the Resolution. The motion was made by First-Year Senator Erik Echeona and seconded by Sophomore Senator Jahwala Johns. Pro-Tempore Rachel Wiggins took roll, and the Resolution passed.


FOC-- Campus Saftey Escort Program Signage Benson room Survey! Library Hours Data Collection Green Designs

CUIC-- David: Going to Fr. Dorian Llywelyn about campus bais panel. Looking for more faculty members Mayron : MCC Global Village being planned Holding campus conversation re: reactions to recent events Jaia:: Holding campus conversation re: reactions to recent events with Mayron. Attended protest. Mac: Jeanne will review alc survey and email back. Renee is in contact about new fight song Sam: Creating ad hoc committee to address campus inclusion and overall climate. Met with Belinda to work on policy 311. Resolution written. Jack: 117 donations $11,729 - and with the match that makes $15,638. Hours will be added back to Friday and weekends.


Session on Civil Discourse

We all have something we share.

In senate we are sharing a dialogue and it is important to listen and consider what we hear.


  1. Be Heard Desk Friday

  2. Office Hours


Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Adjournment was approved by First-Year Senator Erik Echeona and seconded by At-Large Senator Sam Perez. Senate Chair Neil Datar called the March 9, 2017 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to a close at 9:27PM.

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