USAA Vote Results

By the request of a Senator, the vote for the Bylaw change regarding minutes and the USAA Resolution Vote 2 are being made public, pursuant to his/her right to request this (from the bylaws)

Results of the USAA Vote that took place at Senate at 7:38 pm on 2/23/17 are below:

First-Year Senators:

Mackenzie Bartz: Abstain

Erik Echeona: No

Helen Kassa: Yes

Payton Swanson: Yes

David Warne: No

Sophomore Senators:

Alex Perlman: Yes

Margo Gentile: Yes

Victoria Linares: Yes

Jahwala Johns: Yes

Jake Day: No

Junior Senators:

Jack Herstam: Yes

Jelly Fuentes: Yes

Amy Monzon: Abstain

Mac McOsker: Yes

Maril Dunn: No

Senior Senators:

Karsten Anderson: No

Tom Valentine: No

Trevor MacDonald: No

Areany Tolentino: Yes

Jaia Rovaris: Yes

At-Large Senators: Sam Perez: N/a

Ye-Chit Ko: N/a

Austin Gray: Yes

Kayla Williams: Yes

Mayron Mulugeta: Yes

Ahmer Israr: No

Gemi Griffin: Yes


15 Yes

8 No

2 Abstain

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