PR Meeting Minutes 2.8.17


PR Meeting Minutes



Highs and lows PIZZA!


Angie Marioni, Crystal Batshon, Maggie Hurlbut, Julia Green, Ivanna Quiceno Absent: Guests: Niel Datar, Rhonda Teeny, Areany Tolentino

Old Business

  • Internal sharing system for SM

  • Maggie finalizing rotation system

  • Send Maggie roster

  • Make blank doc for next year

New Business

  • Neil Datar – PR collaboration senate response

  • Goal is to assemble contacts that are favorable to us/willing to publish

  • Reads written response and asks for opinions/feedback

  • Use PR to circulate fair media

  • “Now This” video B-News

  • Blog & FB post

  • PR for ASG

  • Speak about consulting PR before talking to press, making claims that reflect the entire organization.

  • Look out for statement from administration (articulating a case for why this should be a joint statement)

  • Friday = wear ASG gear

  • Comm Committee Collaboration (w/ Areany)

  • Collaboration with Comm:

  • Bulletin board

  • List branches/committees with their updates

  • Include campus climate imitative

  • IG stories

  • Highlight different things that members of ASG are doing

  • Rewriting comm/pr collaboration procedural guidelines

  • Comm: events, communicate what senate is doing, “senate skimm”

  • PR: digital space, communicate the whole org perspective

  • Campus Climate Initiative (w/ Rhonda)

  • VIDEO:

  • 24-hour access to Communication (dept) film equipment

  • Logistics:

  • Space to film: start in studio and move to natural habitat

  • Draft email tonight, make schedule for filming

Updates (projected 10 mins)

  • PR VP

  • Integrate sharing system in all-org calendar

  • SM

  • N/a

  • BNews

  • N/a

  • MKTG

  • N/a


  • Any closing remarks/reminders

  • ​N/a

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