Senate Minutes 1.26.17

Minutes of the SCU Senate Meeting January 26, 2017

Members Present:

Senate Chair Neil Datar Austin Gray

Parliamentarian Phillip Barber Jack Herstam Mayron Mulugeta

Pro-Tempore Rachel Wiggins * Karsten Andersen David Warne

Payton Swanson Samantha Perez Erik Echeona

Alex Perlman Kayla Williams Jaia Rovaris

Helen Kassa Ahmer Israr Areany Tolentino

Tom Valentine Maureen O’Neill Cormac McOsker Trevor MacDonald Jahwala Johns Margo Gentile Mackenzie Bartz Victoria Linares Jake Day

Ye Chit Ko

*Recorded minutes


Jelly Fuentes

Amy Monzon

Gemi Griffin


Senate Chair Neil Datar called the January 26, 2017 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to order at 7:06pm in Benson Parlors Room B and C.

Senate Chair Neil asked a member to read the invocation. Senior Senator Tom Valentine recited the invocation.


Pro Tempore Rachel Wiggins took roll at 7:07pm.


Senate Chair Neil Datar asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the minutes. None were put forward, and the agenda was approved by Senior Senator Tom Valentine and seconded by First-Year Senator Erik Echeona.


Senate Chair Neil Datar asked the Senate to consider the minutes from the last Senate meeting. She requested questions and comments related to the minutes. None were put forward, and the minutes were approved by First-Year Senator Erik Echeona and seconded by At-Large Senator Ahmer Israr.


Switchboard—Senate Speaker

Hello, we are from the Alumni Office and we are also both Santa Clara graduates. Switchboard is a brand new engagement platform for the entire Santa Clara community; students, parents, alumni, and faculty. There are a lot of different ways to stay connected to different things going on at Santa Clara. We like switchboard a lot because it connects you to more than just the niche things you like and opens it up for a lot more people to stay connected. We’re not going to take away other ways to connect things we’re going to enhance them. It’s kind of like LinkedIn meets Craigslist. We’re going to watch a quick video. [Video: shows a student who finds a internship, job, and place to stay through switchboard and years later provides the same to other students]

Fills that gap. Brings all broncos of all affiliations together and it’s very simple and easy to use. This allows people to interact in numerous ways. It can act as a braintrust to allow people to see past conversations and connections. Users can either ask for what they need or offer what they have to give. Switchboard can be categorized and time will tell how we will need to alter these categories based on how people use the site and what’s being posted. Every post can be liked, commented on, and allows you to direct message the poster. Here is an example of a student who graduated in 2016 and recently moved to a new city. She is looking for job interviews, to grow a network, and to make friends in a new city. This post has been commented on by the Alumni association which connected her with the alumni chapter there and by countless broncos providing her with informational interviews and helping her expand her network. Quick context for where we’ve been and where we’re going, we’ve realized that switchboard fills a gap that we have at santa clara and after speaking with other universities we’ve seen that this really works. We’ve strategically meet with faculty and staff so that they understand the app. We’ve had a soft launch but we’re really trying to push for it now and get people on it. We ask that you all check it out, sign up, use it, and spread the word!


At-Large Senator Austin Gray: How many active users do you have that are students and how many are alumni?

We have a total of 655 people signed up, 80 are students, 27%. This makes sense because we have more alumni than current students. Our goal is 1000 and it looks like we’ll reach that soon.

Sophomore Senator Alex Perlman: How are you going to reach out to alumni?

Our primary way with alumni is emailing and tabling at alumni events. We’re also running facebook ads and have put it in some alumni newsletters.

Senior Senator Areany Tolentino: Are you tabling on campus too?

We have 2 students that work for us and they will be tabling starting next monday.

6. New Business

  1. RSO presentations

Clara Craft Club-

The mission of Clara Craft Club (CCC) is to provide an inclusive, stress free-environment for the community of Santa Clara University and to encourage creativity through Do-It-Yourself (DIY) arts and crafts projects. CCC will cater to member craft requests to foster an inclusive and communicative atmosphere.


Senior Senator Jaia Rovaris: How will you fund your crafts?

We have a budget of $200, and will hope for senate funding. We want these to all be low budget crafts that you can do at home but you’ll do with a club for fun. If money becomes an issue we will do fundraising events to raise money on campus.

Senior Senator Tom Valentine: You only have 2 officer positions right now, will that not change?

That will most likely change once we get more members and have a consistent group of attendees.

Alpha Phi Omega-

This prospective chapter shall be a Service Fraternity under the policies, principles, and provisions set forth in the National Articles of Incorporation, National Bylaws, Standard Chapter Articles of Association, and other policies of Alpha Phi Omega (referred to as “the Fraternity”).


Junior Senator Jack Herstam: You’re going to be rechartering. Is there a difference between chartering and rechartering and have you filled out the inquiry form for rechartering?

Yes we have filled out the form and have not been informed of any difference between chartering and rechartering.

First-Year Senator Payton Swanson: Will you have a limit on the number of students that you will take in?

Maybe in the first year but we want to open this up to all students eventually

At-Large Senator Austin Gray: Will you think about changing the election process because right now it is off balance and the people in charge are only there for a short period of time?


Senate Parliamentarian Phillip Barber: What will your rush process be like?

We’re not sure about that right now but we are in contact with other chapters who are willing to help us.


Classical Antiquity Engaging Students and Residents

Our mission is to raise awareness of ancient Greek and Roman culture, by engaging in campus-based activities that educate, entertain, and explore the ancient world and its influence on our lives.


At-Senator Kayla Williams: How many students and faculty do you think will be interested in this club and why don’t you plan to charge a membership fee?

All the classics faculty will be interested so that’s about 10-12 students and we have 30 classics students who are interested and more that aren’t in that department. We don’t want to charge a fee because we don’t want to exclude anyone

Senior Senator Karsten Anderson: Are you only meeting once per quarter?

We are at first to set the tone for what we’re going to do for the rest of the quarter.

At-Large Senator Ye Chit Ko: If someone is removed as an officer will they be able to run again?

Most likely, we haven’t discussed that but depending on the situation most likely.

Sophomore Senator Jahwala Johns: What’s an example of a possible event that you’ll put on?

Reenactments are big and going on field trips to various locations are also likely.

Senior Senator Tom Valentine: you said you only need 5% of the club to meet quorum will that stay that way?

Right now we’re saying that because we don’t know what we’re going to reach once those number stabilize

Solar Operations Legion (Club SOL)-

Our goal is to gain knowledge of solar energy, while helping low-income families join the solar movement. We will work towards improving students’ competence of solar energy, compassion towards those who struggle to pay their energy bill, and consciousness of our environment.


At-Large Senator Ahmer Israr: How many people do you have ready to go now?

I led a group of 11 people to volunteer who want to be part of the club and I’m sure we would have a lot of people.

At-Large Senator Ahmer Israr: Do you have your officer positions filled?

I don’t have the social media position filled and the break leader position will be filled once we’ve established a consistent group.

Junior Senator Marli Dunn: how are you planning on financing

We’re working with a nonprofit organization that is government funded and we’re planning to table and receive department assistant for funding

He for She-

HeForShe promotes gender equality at Santa Clara University and motivates all students to stand together because women’s rights are human rights.


At-Large Senator Austin Gray: What will your meetings look like and how will you align with the movement as a whole?

We will have a presentation each meeting to educate members and try to plan events on campus to educate others and integrate gender equality into our lives

At-Large Senator Maureen O’Neil: How do you plan to differentiate yourself from feminists for justice?

Our plan hopes to encompass all aspects of life and to bring different organizations together.


The mission of the Santa Clara University Collegiate DECA Chapter is to nurture competent, confident, self-reliant, and cooperative leadership and entrepreneurship in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.


Sophomore Senator Alex Perlman: Some of your decisions are made through voting and are an interview how will you decide how these two ways will be weighted.

We will have a rubric for our interviews and depending on the position the weight for interview and voting will change

Volunteers Around the World -

Our focus is for students to gain experiences in the medical field by assisting doctors, performing triage, distributing medications, teaching classes on hygiene, nutrition, and first aid. We want to emphasize the importance of health education--specifically having the knowledge of addressing the common cold, fever, etc.--for the volunteers in order for them to educate the children attending local schools to make them more aware. Volunteers will be traveling to a Latin-American, Eastern-European, or Asian country on a fifteen-day trip and will be treating patients, deepening their own understanding of the medical field, and broadening their global view. We really want to emphasize medical training throughout the academic year in our meetings. We want to make sure that our club members have more exposure to medical techniques as well as insight on first-hand experiences through doctors. Besides training for the fifteen-day trip, we want to emphasize other medical techniques that focuses on the STEM fields. After the trip, volunteers and executives will reflect upon the quality of healthcare that we witnessed and implement changes in our approach for future trips. We will also discuss with local doctors about how the overall healthcare can be improved in the country. This is a great opportunity for SCU students, especially students interested in STEM fields since it is an equivalent to an internship.


First-Year Senator David Warren: How do you plan to fund these trips?

We will try to receive sponsoring in addition to fundraising.

At-Large Senator Ahmer Israr: You seem very similar to Global Medical Brigades, can you give us a concrete reason why you two are different?

Our trips are two weeks long and that length of time is significant for learning , we will also emphasize reflecting back on the trip, and we are partnering with pre health club.

At-Large Senator Austin Gray: I know you mentioned partnering with hospitals but one trip a year costs you $50,000 and two trips could cost $100,000 do you really think you’ll be able to fundraise that amount?

We plan to start fundraising at least a year in advance and we would search for sponsorships and the difference we would expect students to pay for.

Junior Senator Marli Dunn: These trips will be 2 weeks how do you plan to have reflections on them when they will presumably take place in the summer or winter break?

We would have them after we return to school.

Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to white ballot Craft Club, Alpha Phi Omega, SOL, and DECA. The motion was made by First-Year Senator Erik Echeona and seconded by Sophomore Senator Jawhala Johns. Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to vote. The motion was made by Senior Senator Trevor MacDonald and seconded by Senior Senator Tom Valentine. Pro-Tempore Rachel Wiggins took roll, and the RSOs were approved.


Need further discussion on Volunteers Around the World, CAESAR,


Austin Gray: I just don’t see how successful this could be.

Ye Chit Ko: The classics majors are all EXTREMELY invested and interested in the topic

Ahmer Israr: it just seemed like the professor was steamrolling it and really overtaking everything. To me it was more the classics department wanted funding for their events

Kayla Williams: Yeah I agree with that and think that it was concerning that they’re only meeting once per quarter.

Areany Tolentino: I was under the impression that the meetings were to establish what events they were going to hold and prepare for that.

Neil Datar: Ye Chit as a classics major do you believe this RSO would be primarily student or faculty run?

Ye Chit Ko: I definitely think it would be more student led.

Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to vote on C.A.E.S.A.R.. The motion was made by First-Year Senator Erik Echeona and seconded by Senior Senator Tom Valentine. Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to vote. The motion was made by Sophomore Senator Jahwala Johns and seconded by Senior Senator Trevor MacDonald. Pro-Tempore Rachel Wiggins took roll, and the requests were approved.


Volunteers Around the World

Ahmer Israr: I am a premed student and I am very familiar with GMB and things like this and I think the only difference is trip length, it seems like because GMB doesn’t accept everyone for their trips they’re looking for other ways to go.

Tom Valentine: They said they’re not going to request funding so why not accept them.

Austin Gray: I don’t think that’s a realistic plan to not ask for funding

Sam Perez: GBM doesn’t accept everyone and why not create this to let people go

Ahmer Israr: They’re eventually going to ask for money, it’s not realistic that they’re not. If GMB can’t accept more people that’s their problem.

Lauren Betschart: GBM can’t accept everyone because of funding, why not work with them and help an already existing successful club instead of trying to create and fund another.

He for She

Margo Gentile: I didn’t like that it seemed like they had no plan for action, it’s a nice idea but they didn’t talk about any set plan.

Jaia Rovaris: I wasn’t convinced about the interest on campus, they just showed us a facebook post people liked.

Austin Gray: They just didn’t seem that informed about the topic.

Sam Perez: I think it’s similar to feminists for justice but feminists for justice has kind of a stigma against it and I think that we shouldn’t deny this type of club at a time like this

Lauren Betschart: Maybe we could ask them to meet with feminists for justice.

Maureen O’Neil: I would feel more comfortable if they had concrete ideas and plans.

Rachel Wiggins: I agree, Ahmer asked them a very hot button topic relevant towards women about being pro-choice or pro-life and about microaggressions and they appeared very flustered by the questions and I just think that a question like that which is very relevant in regards to feminism, they shouldn’t have appeared so caught off guard after being asked about it. How can they have relevant discussions and educate people about these topics when they could barely handle these questions?

3. Voting on RSOs

PASSED: DECA, CCC, C.A.E.S.A.R., SOL, Alpha Phi Omega

Tabling Volunteers Around the World (fundraising, prove that they will be capable in leading and fundraising) and He for She (concrete examples, if they have any male officers, meet with feminists for justice and have a clear reason for why they are different)

7. Old Business

Discussion on ongoing Campus incidents

[Presentation by Tedd Vanadilok]

Ye Chit Ko: We have to consider if this RSO [Turning Point USA] would actively segregate or offend any group on campus.

Ahmer Israr: This is a college campus any person can be offended by things. I’ve worked with Turning Point and they do not support racism or nazism.

Austin Gray: I have an issue with them actively supporting a person that I think is clearly not aligned with our school’s values.

Maureen O’Neil: What is the proper protocol with approaching people who are putting up these identity evropa posters.

Tedd Vanadilok: If you feel harassed it’s your right to contact campus safety. If you see it happening or you hear them speaking on campus call campus safety.

Jaia Rovaris: How many people have to vote to pass a club? Can we say no on a vote if the topic is something that we’re not comfortable with?

Neil Datar: At the end of the day you’re representing your whole class not just your own personal beliefs so you have to take that into account. The vote must be 50%+1.

Rachel Wiggins: Do we know if the people who put up the identity evropa posters are students or not?

Tedd Vanadilok: That’s still being investigated.

Kayla Williams: Results of blue ribbon commission won’t be available and I think

David Warren: I don’t know what people want we can’t make a barrier on campus, this is an open campus and these people probably weren’t students. I don’t know what people want, to build a gate?

Ye Chit Ko: I don’t think the issue is that we want a gate, I think we just want to see results.

Rachel Wiggins: I agree I feel like there have been a lot of concerning events happening on campus and after it happens we just get an I’m sorry and no change really happens and I just feel like I don’t see how we’ve been able to make any changes when we continuously hit roadblocks.

8. Exec Updates


Exec Team Retreat!

State of the University

Wednesday, February 15, 2017, at 4:00 p.m. in Mayer Theatre

Trustee Student Life & Athletics Committee

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Committee

Senior Gift Committee

ASG Buddies -

Reach out to them!

Keep them in the loop!

Build relationships!

Vice President--

Winter Retreat - Feb 4

Bronco Day - April 29

Bronco Day Ad-Hoc Committee


Bronco Week

Senior Night

February 7th

9-11 PM


Pint Glasses


Office Hours 10:30-12:00 Tues/Thurs

49% of Budget Spent!

Debt Repayment Proposal Completed! Accepted by Matt Cameron!

Let me know when you’re spending money! I can help!

Public Relations


Bylaws cheat sheet coming soon


9.Committee Reports

1. COMM--

Trevor: Pizza with the Police Week 5/6

Gemi: Benson directions for demo

Jake: BIC BeHeard

Erik: Coordinating with Deputy DA for Senate Speaker

Helen: Researching through Sustainability about VTA student eco-pass; looking into implementing an ASG scholarship

Kayla: Emailing Sustainability and Belinda Guthrie for Speakers

Amy: BeHeard boxes

2. CUIC--

David: Working on fixing weekend Benson.

Mayron: Making a list of needs for creating a space for undocumented students. Planning global village.

Jaia: Went to USAA meeting to offer support/serve as liaison. Went to meeting w/ Fr. Engh and presented on Sanctuary Campus petition, Did RCPU this week.

Mac: Meeting with Jeanne re: Bronco

Sam: Meeting Feb. 3 w/ Provost Dennis to add WGST to the core. Met w Matthew Duncan about getting rid of Can’t Thread. Matthew is creating taskforce dedicated to replacing Can’t Thread.

Maureen: Logo was designed for Iggy Q conference, finally! Trying to get back in touch w/ housing re: concerns for all communities.

3. FOC--


Extending Library Hours

Benson room renovation ideas

Moving move in Hours

Succulents around campus

Gym Resolution

Double Business Major

4. SAC--

Seven potential RSOs presented tonight. Great job everyone!

We have four more next week.

+1000 Presentations will start up week six so get excited!

10. Announcements

Be Heard Desk 11-1

Office Hours

When It’s Not a Great Day Week 8 or 9

11. Adjournment

Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Adjournment was approved by Senior Senator Trevor MacDonald and seconded by Sophomore Senator Ye Chit Ko. Senate Chair Neil Datar called the January 26, 2017 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to a close at 9:57PM.

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