Executive Cabinet Meeting Minutes 1.24.17

January 24, 2017

Executive Cabinet Meeting

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017



  1. Rose/Thorn

  2. New Business

    1. Do we need to change our exec time?

      1. Case by case basis, depends on the week that we have

    2. Primary form of Communication has always been email, with text reminders

      1. Or is there a change in communication style we need to use?

  3. Old Business

    1. Winter Retreat - Fred’s Update

  4. Updates

    1. Lidia

      1. Trustee Student Life and Athletics this week

      2. Preparing for the State of the University Address - Student Life Portion

      3. Sexual Assault Awareness Month Committee

        1. Title IX Office, April

      4. Meeting with Wellness Center on Wednesday to talk about Campus Sexual Assault Awareness Campaigns at SCU

    2. Fred  

      1. Bronco day planning going on. We know ASG’s role.

      2. Bronco Day Ad Hoc Nominees

      3. Wednesday - 3-3:30 Neil and I are meeting with Frankie from the development office. If little progress is made there, we will move on to talking to Mike Wallace

      4. Engineering IP situation more clear

        1. Not as clear.

      5. WINGs Wednesday week 8 or 9 tbd. Need to check prime location availability

      6. Winter Retreat Date Finalizing??

        1. Montague Park, need a space that’s covered if it’s raining, need to ask for the “Birthday Space”

        2. Deciding on Service Project

        3. Time: Still considering 10 AM to 4 PM time frame?

    3. Neil

      1. The team from Switchboard at SCU will be our Senate Speakers this week.

        1. Switchboard SCU (not sure what they do) has been working with different departments to present their program on campus communication

      2. We will have 11 or 12 clubs presenting to Senate for ASG approval to create a new RSO

        1. No week 2 senate caused club presentations to pile up on week 3

        2. SAC will be prepared with questions for the clubs so that they can white ballot the club approvals

        3. Senate is in Sobrato this week

      3. Interviews for the Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination task force are complete, the second round will occur with Office of Student Life

        1. Completed 20 interviews, recommendations sent to OSL

      4. Four appointees confirmed to the SAFC committee

        1. One thing that will change in the future - a winter quarter report for ASG Senate at the end of the quarter

        2. Official recommendations will be given to Student Life Vice Provost (Jeanne) by Week 3 or 4 Spring Quarter

      5. Stay tuned this week at Senate for "Senator of the Week" award

        1. For Senators who are participating outside of Senate Meetings and pursuing projects in their own time

      6. BeHeard Desk this Friday

        1. Last Week’s was cancelled b/c of lack of volunteers

      7. Autonomous Vehicle & COMM Committee partnership coming up

        1. Possibility of getting PR involved (?)

      8. NURC Meeting

        1. Developing presentation with Gemi

        2. Possibility of including Pablo and Elena from CommDev

    4. Marc

      1. No one on Senate has made any suggestions for the bylaw cheat sheet, so we will be moving forward

        1. Attendance Policy needs to be included

        2. Does Attendance Policy need to be revised?

        3. (will still make changes/additions if someone messages me before Sunday)

    5. Lauren

      1. Snacks in office - Encourage branches to use the space

        1. Connor put office hours on Calendar

        2. Working on Office hours google calendar as well

          1. Thinking of including meetings (Email LB & Connor)

        3. Wants to promote the office as a collaborative space, in order to improve working together

      2. Printer running out of ink use sparingly until we can buy more

        1. About $150 dollars per cartridge, each lasts about a year

        2. Take logos off of agendas

      3. SAFC stuff is being worked on

        1. Preparing proposal for SAFC (Lidia is responsible, but this doesn’t make sense because we have an FVP)

        2. Lidia, make sure to send the request for the report to Lauren when received

    6. Jonathan

      1. Senior Night Planning (going smoothly)

        1. February 7th

      2. Educated Partiers

        1. Interesting EPP: the presentations from EMT’s were weird and not helpful

          1. EMT’s claimed they did not get warned and could no prepare

        2. 45-50 people in attendance

      3. Off-Campus Chair Event Suggestions

        1. Neighborhood Ambassadors are going around on Feb. 13-14th to give out valentines, possible chance of collaboration with ASG

        2. Angie: contacts at Mission City Creamery (Chris) - the possibility of partnering with the store for some sort of promotion  

    7. Angie

      1. Bronco Day Collaboration

      2. Giving Ivanna a project: “Social media tool kit”

        1. Especially useful for Bronco Day

      3. Bronco News Video Ideas

        1. Collab with Rhonda from Neighborhood Ambassadors

        2. Mean Tweets Idea

      4. Drafting a survey for the Weekly Email

        1. Different categories that people could pick and choose what to comment

        2. Can we incentivize people to answer them with  a sort of gift card prize?

      5. Talking to Tedd about reformatting email

        1. Is there some sort of change in the process that would


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