Senate Minutes 1.12.17

Minutes of the SCU Senate Meeting January 12, 2017

Members Present:

Senate Chair Neil Datar Austin Gray Amy Monzon

Parliamentarian Phillip Barber Jack Herstam Mayron Mulugeta

Pro-Tempore Rachel Wiggins * Karsten Andersen David Warne

Payton Swanson Samantha Perez Erik Echeona

Alex Perlman Gemi Griffin Kayla Williams

Helen Kassa Ahmer Israr Areany Tolentino

Tom Valentine Maureen O’Neill Cormac McOsker Trevor MacDonald Jahwala Johns Margo Gentile Mackenzie Bartz Victoria Linares Jelly Fuentes

Ye Chit Ko Jake Day Jaia Rovaris

*Recorded minutes


Senate Chair Neil Datar called the January 12, 2017 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to order at 7:02pm in the Sobrato Commons.

Senate Chair Neil asked a member to read the invocation. Junior Senator Jelly Fuentes recited the invocation.


Pro Tempore Rachel Wiggins took roll at 7:03pm.


Senate Chair Neil Datar asked the Senate to consider the agenda for the current meeting. He requested questions and comments related to the minutes. None were put forward, and the agenda was approved by Senior Senator Tom Valentine and seconded by First-Year Senator Erik Echeona.


Senate Chair Neil Datar asked the Senate to consider the minutes from the last Senate meeting. She requested questions and comments related to the minutes. None were put forward, and the minutes were approved by First-Year Senator Erik Echeona and seconded by Junior Senator Amy Monzon.


CIO Bob Owen—Senate Speaker

Thank you for having me. I was involved in student government for years. So this is near and dear to my heart. I’m going to talk to you about the 3 biggest things for Santa Clara in terms of technology: First, the new ERP--ecampus enterprise, resource, planning, student system, hr system; our current ERP was acquired in 1996, which is amazing and leaves an awful lot to be desired. We really need to get this replaced. We had to suspend that for a little bit but that’s our goal. An update for us would generally take 9-12 months, the newer one takes just a few hours. We need to get this replaced ASAP.

Second, we need cloud first solutions. We need to move to cloud-based evertech. Very few things need to live onsite, the majority of things need to be put on the cloud.

Third, an improved network and securities solution. We have state of the art network security in place and at the end of the day no one is completely safe, but we’re going to be doing some new things behind the scenes to protect us more and make issues with security like we’ve had recently not happen again. We had to get rid of Lovel which was a very antiquated system that we’ve finally phased out.

Email for life is something new that we’re going to to work on and I’ve been looking at that for a while. Now that we got rid of Lovel we’re closer. I think you’ll be able to keep your scu email for life if not by May/June than real soon, this is important to us for a variety of reasons.

Regarding partnerships with Silicone Valley, our trustees technology committee is made up of some great people with powerful connections in the Silicone Valley. I’ll be real upfront and honest with you. We had a lot of cleanup to do with our tech and I wanted to clean up the house before inviting company. Hoping to make better connections now that things are being cleaned up.


Senior Senator Karsten Anderson asked “So we will have email for life for seniors?”

Yes that’s my goal, also a better naming system for the future so less people get strange usernames.

At-Large Senator Austin Gray asked “Why is the ERP not being fixed now, why the wait?”

I was hoping to fix it this summer but because of budget I was told we had to push it back 3-4 years until probably 2019.

Senior Senator Tom Valentine asked “If we’re a current senior and we graduate before the email for life is ready can we get the email back”

I hope so, it looks like we can right now

First-Year Senator David Warne asked “You’ve prided yourself on being very transparent regarding your position how do you do that?”

I like to imagine everything if I were on the other side and I don’t like being blown off. we try to do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible with optimal communication, for security purposes we don’t reveal everything, but we try to be upfront. We focus on customer service and answering your needs, that’s what we’re all about.

Vice President Fred Fayzi asked “If I have an scu email 5 years from now does Santa Clara still have access to it?”

Google has control of all our emails and the only reason we would look is if we have a legal reason to or let’s say that there’s some freak incident where the whole internet goes down and I think it’s because of someone’s email, I’ll talk to legal counsel, but I’m going to look in the email otherwise I won’t ever look.

Senate Chair Neil Datar asked “Can we tell our constituents that the email for life is happening?”

It’s 95% for now, once it’s 100% I’ll let you know and you can tell everyone.

Vice President Fred Fayzi asked “When google fiber comes the bay will you make any effort to move to it?”

Oh my god I was salivating when I thought about google fiber coming to the bay. We have AT&T right now and to be honest I hate them, I would love google fiber.

elena radding

I hope to make the surrounding area feel safer for those long walks home from the library at 2am, maybe team up with campus safety

6. New Business

  1. Confirmation of off campus comm dev

Elena radding---I hope to make the surrounding area feel safer for those long walks home from the library at 2am, maybe team up with campus safety

Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to vote. The motion was made by Junior Senator Mac McOsker and seconded by First-Year Senator Payton Swanson. Pro-Tempore Rachel Wiggins took roll, and the commdev appointee was confirmed.

2. Update on Policy Committees and Task Forces

Student Activity Fee Committee allocate all of the budgets, time intensive

3. Discussion on Reports Back to Senate from Appointees

Neil we also want the people we appoint to these committees to come back to senate and give us reports on what’s happening.

7. Old Business

1. Discussion on When It’s Not a Great Day

Jawhala Johns: it seemed like ½ if not more of the people there were ASG. We need better outreach because most of them were people who you expect to be there or have to be there.

Amy Monzon: It seems like every when it’s not a great day is the same, with the same comments and I think we need to.

Kayla Williams: I think week 10 is a tough time for a lot of people and that moving it up would be more effective.

Austin Gray: I think there’s a lack of accountability because people are coming to leaders with problems and the leaders aren’t changing anything so it seems like someone should be held accountable.

Mayron Mulugeta: maybe check ins throughout the quarter would be better so then we’re in the process

Jaia Rovaris: I think if people volunteer to be liaisons for the people who have problems to help them out.

Mac McOsker: I think that if we had When It’s Not a Great Day before retreat we could use what we hear to talk about and work on together at retreat.

8 . Exec Updates

Covered by all-org!

Lydia sending out her video in email. Would like to thank ASG for everything they’ve done so far. I hope you take some of the struggles that we faced last year and have it remind you of why you’re in ASG and the help that you’re providing.

9. Committee Reports

1. COMM: Be Heard tomorrow 11am-1pm

MLK Jr Luncheon: tom, jaia, rachel, lydia, fred

Virtual Reality Demo

2. CUIC: Red Cup Pickup Dates Scheduled

David - Student Emails are being retained

Mayron & Jaia - Meeting with Fr. Engh and Dennis Jacobs re: campus issues

Mac - Ruff Riders is in full tilt

Sam - Meeting with Jeanne Rosenberger and Matthew Duncan next week

Maureen - Continues planning the Iggy Q

3. FOC:

Payton- Parent Letter Home, Transportation, Changing move in time

Margo-Succulents, Paper shredder Sign, & double major business school

Jelly- Matt Cameron weird room + new Benson

Tom-Intellectual property rights, Changing move in time.

Rachel- App for RSOs, sustainable recycling

Ye Chit- Changing Access Card Logo & Library hour extension for midterms

Moves on Observatory, Beach Chairs, Specfic Art Minors

4. SAC:

We are back at it

New RSO Presentations coming in hot the week after next week

We still haven’t run out of money

9. Announcements

Be Heard Desk

Office Hours

10. Adjournment

Senate Chair Neil Datar asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Adjournment was approved by First-Year Senator Payton Swanson and seconded by First Year Senator David Warne. Senate Chair Neil Datar called the January 12, 2017 meeting of the Santa Clara University Senate to a close at 7:45PM.

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