Executive Cabinet Meeting Minutes - Jan. 19

  1. Rose/Thorn

  2. New Business

  3. Cross-Branch Communication Issues

  4. Old Business

  5. All-Org Retreat

  6. Date Conflict w/ Green Dot Training

  • Need more details of event & clarification.

  • Options: Change date. Excuse those that can’t go. Add it as a section of retreat (time-permitting).

  1. Planning

  • Goals? Revisit fall, refine our work, renew the energy of the org

  • Community Service - Few different options!

  1. Updates

  2. Lidia

  3. Working on State of the University Speech

  • “From a Student’s Perspective”

  1. Update for Trustee Student Life and Athletics Committee

  2. Campus Sexual Assault Awareness

  • Healthy Living Committee/Wellness Center

  • “It’s On Us” Campaign Continuation

  1. Setting up some 1-on-1’s for next week!

  2. Fred

  3. No updates this week

  4. Neil

  5. No Senate this week

  6. Committee Chairs met on Wednesday at 8:15pm, this will be our new meeting time (minutes shared)

  7. Senate speakers will be finalized by COMM shortly

  8. Task Force Interviews Complete, decisions made. Meeting Matt C next week to discuss

  9. University Operations requests support with Autonomous vehicles program, further information to come and hope to collab with CommDev, PR

  10. Marc

  11. Last chance to let me know if you want anything on the bylaw cheat sheet?

  • Should we make it digital or paper?

  1. Bylaws

  2. Lauren

  3. Senior Night Overage

  4. Working on SAFC stuff

  5. Office hours are very busy!

  6. Jonathan

  7. Senior Night

  8. Bronco Week Events

  9. Angie

  10. PR: webmaster being built, placing orders, working on graphics for website/board downstairs Benson

  11. Blog: Neil, next week: Marc & Fred

  • Please continue to encourage your teams to sign up!

  1. BNews: Latest video = huge success

  • Next video: Film unofficial pregame (redbull)?

  1. SM: BNews for IG

  2. MKTG: 1-1

  3. SHARING: Please add to agendas for each meeting

#Week2 #Exec

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