Committee Chairs Meeting Minutes - Jan. 18

January 19, 2017


  • Committee Updates

    • FOC

      • Met with Janice- getting more Gym support, fundraising,

      • Why hasn’t ASG purchased equipment in the past

      • Rachel will go to dining services

      • Rachel sustainability, talk to David

      • Best Library award, Ye Chit

      • Janice Student Affairs Committee presentation in 3 weeks

      • Empty room in Benson

      • Payton working on not having letter sent home

    • CUIC

      • Working on the 4 ideas from retreat

      • Week 3 CUIC report with action items

      • Mental Health

    • SAC


    • COMM

      • Senate speakers

      • Kayla working on sustainability certification for RSOs

      • Helen Kassa,

      • BeHeard, no primary theme

      • MLK luncheon,

  • Pro Temp, Parliamentarian

    • Office Hour effectiveness

    • Running list of Senator projects

    • Good minutes, Rachel

  • Discussion on Petitions and Senate approval process

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • New Clubs and Club Funding

  • Discussion on Appointees reporting back to Senate (earlier in the meeting)

  • Update from Student Affairs Policy Committee

    • Considered the issue of the Facilities and Custodial fee, will be working to create a more dynamic fine process



Dress code at Senate

Pesto in benson


Senate speakers


Switchboard alumni (Wk 3)

Deputy DA (Wk 6)

Lindsey K from Sust. (Wk4)

Staff senate chair

Belinda Guthrie (Wk5)

Father Baerwald

Eddie Kelinsky

Jane Barrantes

Jim Lyons (Wk 8)


For Rachel tomorrow- Pesto, sustainable mugs for tapingo,

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