Run-Off Elections

There is a run-off for the President/VP tickets. Please vote again to decide who your ASG President/VP will be.   Vote on Wedndesday April 27 on eCampus 

Lidia Diaz-Fong | Fred Feyzi


Bringing Broncos together. This is what we plan on doing, if elected Student Body President and Vice President, through transparency, inclusion, and empowerment (T.I.E.). Transparency is the key to any healthy organization, and relationship! We believe in open communication between our administration and student body, especially when it comes to important decisions that affect student lives. Inclusion is necessary to build a Bronco community. We believe in collaboration between student organizations and plan to continue building a campus culture that is a welcoming environment, both on and off campus. Empowerment leads to success. We believe all Broncos have the power to make a difference, both on and off campus, and that we can set the stage for this change. As a Freshman, Lidia was a Class Senator, and served under the Public Relations Branch her sophomore year. She is a first-generation college student in the LEAD Scholars program, and spent the Fall of 2015 in Washington, D.C. interning on Capitol Hill. Fred has served on the judicial branch as an Associate Justice for two years before becoming Chief Justice. Together, they have 5 years of experience on the legislative, executive and judicial branches of ASG.



Ray Whelan | Isaiah Everett

The student body of SCU needs a leadership team that will listen to, act on, and fight for students’ needs-- YOUR needs. The leaders that represent the student body must be active on campus, must understand the diversity of voices that make up our student community, and must be prepared to stand up for each and every Bronco. With extensive leadership experience in ASG, the Orientation Leaders program, and in other student organizations on and off campus, we believe we are the team that will best serve you. Our platform is focused on accountability, inclusion, and action. We will make sure ASG accurately represents the student body. We will hold the University Administration accountable for keeping your voices at the table when making decisions affecting students. We will partner with multicultural organizations, Greek life, and other student groups to continue to make SCU a home for Broncos of any identity. We will be active leaders, taking charge and empowering student leaders across campus to improve the university’s ability to serve every one of you.So, at election time, remember: this is your school. This is your voice. And WE are your team for SCU. Vote Whelan and Everett for ASG.