Fall 2019 First-Year Senator Election

Meet the Candidates

Hi! My name is Christina Abudayeh and I’m running for the position of FROSH Senator on ASG. I’m a Business major from Walnut Creek, CA (s/o to all my Bay Area locals) and I’m loving my time at Santa Clara so far! I love to travel, go on spontaneous adventures, and learn new languages. I’m also an adrenaline junkie and hope to bring my energy and enthusiasm to the student body. Go Broncos!

My name is Cole Brunelli and I am running for the Senator position. I’m from Massachusetts and I love Ben and Jerrys, running, and listening to podcasts. I’m running for a Senator position so that I can take part in making a positive impact on our Santa Clara community.

I am running for Senate in order to ensure that a variety of different RSO’s are accessible to First Year students. While on the Senate I will be fair, passionate, reliable, and moderate to my approach of Senate legislation, budgeting, and the overseeing of SCU’s Registered Student Organizations.

Hi, my name is Theo Lassen, I’m from Salem, Oregon and I’m running to be your first year senator! Back home in Oregon I was constantly focused on living as sustainably as I could, which is why my plans for this upcoming year are centered around sustainability at SCU

Since starting college, I realized that being a student is not easy. Thus, I want to make college life easier for students in any way I can. By becoming a part of ASG Senate, I hope to make that goal a reality, by speaking for my peers and reaching compromises.

My name is Elena Middlemass and I am from Burlingame, California. I am undecided in the school of Arts and Science. I am very open minded and always looking to learn and grow. I am running for First-Year Senator position to get involved in the SCU community and represent my classmates.

My name is Ariel Perlman and I am from Washington DC. I am excited to continue to meet and get to know my fellow Broncos! I am running for First-Year Senator and I am committed to increasing student involvement. As your Senator, I will work to establish a stronger community and motivate others.

Although SCU has programs to help transition easier, I do recognize that the process may not be easy and there are always faults. My hope as a first-year senator is to help find those faults and put an end to these in order to create a more united community.

Hey guys, my name is Eric Staniek and running for freshman senate. I'm running because my passion is public service and politics. ASG will provide great experience and I want to represent you while also continuing to improve our campus. I’m hoping I can count on your vote!

My name is Meg Wu and I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m running for senator because I believe that everyone deserves to have their voices represented. If elected, I hope to be someone with whom people feel comfortable sharing their hopes, concerns, and ideas for the future.