Form an ESO or RSO

In partnership with Center for Student Involvement, ASG is proud to offer two different types of student organizations on campus; Express Student Organzation (ESO) and Registered Student Organization (RSO). Please use the below table as a guide for deciding how to structure your student organization.

Ready to Form an ESO?

Before applying to form an ESO, please make sure that you meet the below requirements:

  • Have at least 2 undergraduate students serve as club officers, particularly president and treasurer

  • Have at least 15 self-selecting members, which may include club officers

  • Have all club officers by undergraduate students

  • Have a majority of members be undergraduate students

Having an advisor is also required. However, your club is automatically assined an advisor through the Center for Student Involvement.

Although not required, you may have an additioanl faculty/staff advisor. Regardless, you will at least have a Center for Student Involvement advisor who counts as your required advisor.

Ready to Form a RSO?

Please refer to this page for applying to form a RSO.