What is Bronco News?

Bronco News (BNews for short) is a small, but mighty, team of two, housed within the Associated Student Government Public Relations Branch. Our job is to both capture major events on campus and help promote individual club activities through video!


Who is BNews?

Judith Li, ‘23

Editor & Producer

Sociology and Economics Major


Caroline Banker, '21

Assistant Editor & Producer

“I joined the BNews team to challenge myself; I’ve never done anything with video before, so what better way to learn than to dive in head first? Creatively, I’d say my style is quite subtle. I enjoy film that captures the eye for its attention to detail, things like lighting and movement add so much for being so little. The small things can make or break any video and it’s our responsibility to ensure that our product is the best it can be.”  

When To Use BNews:

For promotion of any kind. We’ve done everything from filming APB’s fall concert with Quinn XCII to posting “Rock the Vote” snapshots on Instagram for midterm elections. We value creativity in any form and look forward to any challenge thrown our way!