Mission Statement

We, the Associated Student Government of SCU, strive to better the Santa Clara Community through advocacy for and representation of the undergraduate student body’s diverse issues, concerns, and needs.We work to facilitate change and provide awareness through active outreach to the student body and cohesiveness with university administration.

In order to strengthen the Santa Clara community we encourage student involvement and leadership development through registered student organizations, university committees, positions, and active engagement within the Santa Clara community. We achieve these goals while upholding the by-laws and the constitution of ASGSCU in order to work towards the greater mission of Santa Clara University.

The Latest

Hey Broncos!


ASG elections are quickly approaching and we have a ton of students hoping to run for elected positions! They need your help collecting signatures in order to be eligible to run.


You may sign petitions for the President/VP, Senate Chair, and only the Class Senator from your graduating class. Keep in mind that current first year students are running for the "Sophomore Senator" position, sophomores for "Junior Senator," and juniors for "Senior Senator." Signing each form does not indicate that you're voting for a candidate, just giving them the ability to run their campaigns and share their platforms.


Official elections will take place on April 27th. You'll be reminded of election day as the date approaches. 


Here are the links for this year's petitions for candidacy:


President and VP:

Ciara Moezidis and Ann Codiga - https://forms.gle/AwNDk9PTZGeGBNDx5


Senate Chair:

Luke Paulson - https://forms.gle/4svsYzpxo2ViAzTJ9

Nicholas Niehaus - https://forms.gle/kFgEpXx5wjndJCNT6

Robbie Nunes - https://forms.gle/g9iXNomQ926aPXJp6

Justin Chan - https://forms.gle/eo4NcotwZC5w9Y2z8

Raúl Orellana - https://forms.gle/AhWPYN8aLMrb7mzL7


Class Senators:

Sophomore Class Senator:

Ariel Perlman - https://forms.gle/vL5GV2gRsPSZtgMW8

Omar Medina - https://forms.gle/fceuxSgCrj51MuYC6

Cole Brunelli - https://forms.gle/joCCfSxQTT9LfKye8

Theo Lassen - https://forms.gle/sv3Rf6TyYSvLsR2y8

Jordan Yaldaei - https://forms.gle/HE6QVAS3nL4wu25h7

Shivani Kharbanda - https://forms.gle/NiQRF8vVDDTkJTng9

Angel Lin - https://forms.gle/2UpdQDbEE35KHz4k6

Izzy Dachs - https://forms.gle/tWKmoUyawxdWBCUK8

Meg Wu - https://forms.gle/iVhNs4Wiqpi19Qc3A

Reha Shah - https://forms.gle/3D5h5ySgDeoiUzsP8

Nnenna Uche - https://forms.gle/uhUDJex37bDk995E8

Kaylen Chase - https://forms.gle/b27B1ry4qZGbKZZ27

Elizabeth Chimalpopoca - https://forms.gle/Ard7Wb2iFC8Jhage8


Junior Class Senator:

Abby Alvarez - https://forms.gle/2YFHPSN9eXNGnECUA

Angel Macias - https://forms.gle/MJWbttc8U4cBa5cY6

Carmen Ocazionez - https://forms.gle/fqjVd959xA6PSFiq6

Andrew Johnson - https://forms.gle/BPnPxwAPZEEFBGbm8

Benjamin Terry - https://forms.gle/4wY2Ha6utwhBKSjm7

Ifeanyi Ifediba - https://forms.gle/tyW1qUqRTcaeYStT7

Vanessa Metti - https://forms.gle/j3aoCEYgsx7zGd2J9

Diego Ardila - https://forms.gle/A3jw4b6HrmSwYwxQ8


Senior Class Senator:

KJ Lee - https://forms.gle/W3ehvmHk3zCmJL3CA

Emma Laurits - https://forms.gle/qPSxs2NJ71L4ib2x5


We want to hear from you! 

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